Warm Toes, Happy Camper - Blue Flame Thermal Socks Review


Ah socks...something we don't think about too much when it comes to "adventure gear". We worry about the tent, the pack, the hiking boots, and everything in between. But what about when you're hiking in freezing temperatures...or even worse, trying to camp and you can't sleep because your toes are frozen! I am no extreme winter aficionado, but I do know when my feet are cold, it feels impossible for anything else to warm up. So, camping at 8'000 feet in Yosemite National Park, I was happy to test out the "Worlds Warmest Socks". IMG_3213

I live in Los Angeles and when I got my first pair in the mail it was a scorching 90 degree August day...not the ideal time to try out my new thermals but I was so pumped to see what they felt like. When I was a kid and we took family ski trips my parents always put us in the thickest, scratchiest wool socks they could find. My biggest fear when I hear "warmest socks" was those dreaded itchy fibers that left my feet sweating and scratched. So, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Blue Flame socks were fuzzy and comfortable. And while they seemed to keep my feet warm, they were not too hot to wear around the house. In fact, I ended up wearing them the rest of the night because they were so cozy. The true test would be in the cold.

I headed to Yosemite to shoot two episodes for my web series and camped at White Wolf Campground. This campground is amazingly rugged and about 90 minutes away from the valley...straight up. We camped at 8,000 feet and while the days were beautiful and warm, the nights dropped into the 30's. To me, the Blue Flame Thermals were like wearing Ugg boots but more comfy. At night I slept like a rock and my toes were never cold. The only downside was that because they are bulky, wearing them with shoes required a lot of shoelace loosening.

IMG_3703    IMG_3210

My last night at camp I decided to compare my thermals by sleeping in regular socks. I woke up cold and when we packed up camp and went to watch the sunrise I had to put my other hiking socks on top of the regular ones to keep my feet warm.

IMG_2998    IMG_4350

While the Blue Flame Socks are meant for cold temperatures and rugged work use, they are also so cozy that I will be wearing them around the house. I was pleasantly surprised to find that while they will be excellent for trips to colder places, I can also enjoy wearing them for everyday comfort.

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Price:                      $12.99

Material:                 Heavy duty Brushed Acrylic

Inside:                    Brushed Acrylic to trap heat and provide comfort

Colors:                   Women: Pink, Black Men: Khaki, Black

Thickness:             1/2 inch

Use:                        Outdoor, Work, Hiking, everyday comfort

Warranty:              30-day money-back guarantee. 1-year replacement warranty