Adventure Chat #27 - Adventure Budgeting



  1. How do you budget for your travel and adventures?
  2. What do you find you spend the most money on? Gear? Getting there? Food?
  3. What are your favorite money-saving tips?
  4. Are there any websites or apps you use to help find cheaper travel?
  5. Any apps or social media that help you budget to take the stress away from budgeting?
  6. Do you like to save up for one giant trip or do you take lots of smaller more affordable trips?
  7. Have you found any ways to make money from your adventures?
  8. What is the most expensive dream trip you want to take?
  9. How do you keep getting your adventure in when money doesn't allow for any big trips?
  10. If you had all the money in the world, what adventure would you take?