Adventure Chat #18 - Water Adventures


When I began participating in Twitter chats I loved the amount of interacting and great information I was seeing. I also noticed that most chats were about travel. While I love traveling, I am more of an adventure junkie and enjoy local activities like camping and hiking and the occasional road trip. So, I started my own Twitter chat called #adventurechat on Monday’s at 10 am pst. It’s a fun and informative way for me to learn from everyone else’s adventures. I’ve had more than one person ask me for a blog transcript so here we go. I’ve taken out all retweets and responses that are confusing as well as putting all Q and A’s in order. While the pictures were beautiful I do not have the right to include them here but they are all a part of the full transcript on For the 18th chat I went back to my Michigan roots to talk Water Adventures! Here are the questions and transcripts from the chat and a special thank you again to Jens Notroff for jumping in to host this week!


1. What is your favorite type of water adventure?

2. Do you seek out water adventures or do they end up as a wanted or unwanted surprise?

3. What type of water adventure scares you the most? Cave Diving, White Water Rafting, Parasailing?

4. Are your more of a water or land person? 

5. What water adventure is on your bucket list to try?

6. Oceans? Lakes? Rivers? Puddles? What's your preferred water location?

7. Anywhere in particular you'd want to visit to try some water adventures?

8. Photo brag! Share some of your favorite water moments! 

• @monicagoesshow Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to #adventurechat! Where’s everyone tweeting from today?

@LoversExplorers Hooray! We're here in gloomy, windy Idaho. Working away & dreaming of adventure #adventurechat

@GlobalBrunch  Happy Monday to you too! Tweeting from Germany today! #adventurechat

@vagabondslog Hi there #adventurechat-ters. Looking forward to discussing water adventures (quite fitting, just returned from a week of kayaking).

@mcnuttsc Bakersfield, CA!

@gracebaldwin21 I'm doing the same from Colorado (but it's not gloomy here!) #adventurechat

@tripcipe Sunny California! Good to be joining #adventurechat again!

@comusetravels Happy Monday Indeed! Tweeting from sunny Redding in northern California #adventurechat

@nikkistewart85 From rainy Glasgow, could probably have a water adventure here! #adventurechat

@GlobalBrunch it was gloomy here all day & now just in time for #adventurechat the sun is coming out!

• @BenOnAdventures I made it! It may be a little bit late but I made it! #AdventureChat

@yourwanderlust Hi @monicagoesshow only just joined! Hope I'm not too late! #adventurechat

@AuroraHolidays Hi everyone, sorry I'm late. Northernmostnprt of Finland joining you :) #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Alright let’s get this show on the road! Q1. What is your favorite type of water adventure? 

• @nikkistewart85 Q1: Canoeing is my favourite so far, was tempted to try white water rafting in Oz but not brave enough

@VacationSellout A1: We love kayaking & paddle boarding! Both are a great way to get out on the water and enjoy yourself!

• @comusetravels A1: Recently, kayaking! @Whiskeytown Lake. And we'll kayak in B.C. next week! Though I'd love to go submarining too :) #adventurechat

@tripcipe White water rafting is fun and exciting! #adventurechat

@caliparksorg A1. Ocean kayaking #adventurechat

@GlobalBrunch A1 All of them! I love everything connected to water: kayaking, swimming, boat tours, snorkelling - I blame my star sign ;) #adventurechat

• @nikkistewart85 A1 also like surfing but it's really hard #adventurechat

@Flightsdotcom A1: Cliff diving has become a new favorite of ours! #adventurechat

@HeyLetsApp A1 White-Water Rafting!!! So exciting... #adventurechat #Travel

• @EllaMallorca A1 Hi everyone! I love swimming in the beautiful beaches of Mallorca, Spain! #adventurechat

@LoversExplorers A1: Scuba, snorkel, kayaking, rafting, cliff jumping & waterfall finding. #adventurechat @monicagoesshow

@GlobalBrunch Love kayaking, but I bet submarining would be one hell of an adventure too :) #adventurechat

@MyClearwater A1) Paddleboarding and kayaking is a great way to explore Clearwater's beautiful waters! #adventurechat

• @EllaMallorca I love cliff jumping! So scary and exhilarating! #adventurechat

@gracebaldwin21 Kayaked in Sydney and had amazing views of the city. loved it. #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures I've always wanted to scuba dive! But kayaking is a lot of fun! #AdventureChat

• @vagabondslog A1: Ah, torn between #sailing & #kayaking (doing more of the latter lately).

• @mcnuttsc A1: Besides cruising? :D I'd have to go with kayaing. So fun and peaceful

@gracebaldwin21 definitely kayaking. It's amazing to power your own boat. #adventurechat

@vagabondslog A1: If we also include *under-* water adventures, there's always fun in scuba divingg of course:… ;-)

@Cruisewriter A1 I love cruising, but also kayaking, snorkeling, sailing and want to try SUP. #adventurechat

• @NomadayTravel A1:#Diving in Indian Ocean #Rafting on the Holy #Ganges river is cool indeed :) #adventurechat

@RooLoves A1 Nothing quite beats snorkeling. I was very nervous but was very worrh it at Great Barrier Reef #adventurechat…

• @iTraqTag A1: I love leisurely water adventures. My favorite in #ATX is renting a boat from @CapitalCruises #adventurechat

@The_LuckyCouple A1 Our favourite is kayaking to a new islands! #adventurechat

@AuroraHolidays A1: absolutely diving, then snorkeling and sailing :) #adventurechat…

• @monicagoesshow Q2. Do you seek out water adventures or do they end up as a wanted or unwanted surprise? #adventurechat

@mcnuttsc A2: I seek them out. Need to prepare for things like keeping my cell phone/camera dry.

@nikkistewart85 A2 always sought after, need to talk myself into doing them #adventurechat

• @caliparksorg A2. Both! And I love having both as a challenge #adventurechat

@Flightsdotcom A2: Definitely seek out water adventures! It's a great way to explore a different side of your favorite cities/countries! #adventurechat

@GlobalBrunch Mallorca really is perfect for a water adventure! #adventurechat

• @VacationSellout A2:It's fun to plan them, but when you go somewhere & find out there are water adventures, it's exciting! #adventurechat @monicagoesshow

@gracebaldwin21 A2: sometimes seek them out, sometimes they just happen. Some of my best beach memories were spontaneous stops on the road!

• @HeyLetsApp A2 The element of surprise is so underrated in #travel. Discovering something unexpected is the point, right? #Adventurechat

• @tripcipe It's always fun to discover hidden and natural water adventures free of crowds. #adventurechat

@LoversExplorers A2:We seek them out! Love water. Minus when John pushed Sarah under a waterfall. #adventurechat @monicagoesshow

@comusetravels A2: We seek them. Sometimes, it's as simple as gazing at the river. Or having a fresh baptism in the new city of discovery #adventurechat

@LoversExplorers We kayak up to a Falls where you have to portage so that no one's there. Then take a swim breakt!

@GlobalBrunch A2 When ever I travel to destination that is near water I try some sort of water sport/adventure. Gives you a new perspective #adventurechat

@Cruisewriter A2 I seek them out as well, but sometimes, a hike can become a water adventure when it involves stream crossings. #adventurechat

• @MyClearwater A2) In Clearwater, there are plenty of activities & water-sports for vacation-goers seeking water adventures!

@BenOnAdventures sometimes I seek them out and usually they're wanted. #AdventureChat

@RooLoves A2 I had a list of things I wanted to try someday but opportunity decides when they happen #travel

@AuroraHolidays A2: We try to dive always when on holiday. It's so cold here and I don't have my own dry suit :) #adventurechat…

• @monicagoesshow Q3. What type of water adventure scares you the most? Cave Diving, White Water Rafting, Parasailing?

@nikkistewart85 A3 : a few up there. probably jet skiing or shark cage diving! #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow HAHA I love how you put jet skiing and shark cage diving in the same category! #adventurechat

@tripcipe Cave Diving! There's nothing like the thrill you get from facing your fears though! #adventurechat

@LoversExplorers A3: Oh! Cave Diving. It seems so easy to get stuck. Other than that I think we'd try most anything.

@mcnuttsc A3: I love the ocean from above but anything inside it makes me uneasy. #sharks #riptide #jellyfish

@gracebaldwin21 A3: I'm going cage diving with sharks in June. That's going to be terrifying.

@BenOnAdventures none! I love em all and embrace the fear! #AdventureChat

@iTraqTag A3: Scared of pretty much anything *under* the water but love most everything *on* the water. #adventurechat…

• @GlobalBrunch A3 Definitely cliff jumping! I have so much respect for the brave souls that have tried it! (i'm scared of heights) #adventurechat

@VacationSellout A3: Definitely cliff diving! Ah! So scared to take the plunge but I know it will be such an amazing rush! #adventurechat @monicagoesshow

@vagabondslog A3: Never really saw it as being 'scared'. Only means trying something unknown. Hesitating and exciting maybe.

@comusetravels A3: Hmmm. All exhilarating (I haven't done them, I'd love to). I'd say diving - seems to be the most physically challenging #adventurechat

@TripsAgency A3) Cave diving is scary but you have to at least enjoy it once! #adventurechat

@EllaMallorca A3 Cave diving. *chills* #adventurechat

@caliparksorg A3. Cave diving - but not so much in a well lit cave - #adventurechat #yoiks

@TripsAgency Cave diving for #adventure seekers #adventurechat…

• @NomadayTravel A3:Tried cave diving-beautiful, scary only if you dive irresponsibly.White water rafting-awesome adrenaline!#adventurechat

@NomadayTravel A3:water sports are scary only when done by irresponsible reckless people #adventurechat always have #respect for #water

@HeyLetsApp A3 #adventurechat parasailing for sure! I like an element of control

@Cruisewriter It's scary to watch the cliff divers like those in Acapulco. #adventurechat

• @RooLoves A3 Cave Diving. Although I did swim through a cave river with eels & it was such fun! #travel #adventurechat

@PasationTravel A3: Cave diving for sure. Love the image though! @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@AuroraHolidays A3: don't want to be "flying" or inside of the tunnels or caves... #adventurechat…

@monicagoesshow Q4. Are your more of a water or land person? #adventurechat

@nikkistewart85 A4 I like both and to mix it up, but land is my fave #adventurechat

• @LukeTravels A4) I'm afraid that I'm more of a land person. Seasickness has always been a problem for me.

@ankit1989 A4 Land Person or better say 'Mountain Person' #adventurechat

@vagabondslog A4: I'm not choosing one over the other. Adventure waits where you seek it. ;-)

@monicagoesshow I’m the same way! LOVE hiking and waterfalls and being from Michigan give me a good lake any day! #adventurechat

@caliparksorg A4. More water - I spend most of my time in it, if I can - #adventurechat

@VacationSellout A4: Definitely a water bug when the weather is warm! It feels refreshing and there's so many fun activities

@BlBrTravel A4 I'm more of a water person - love to sail, snorkel, swim and just did my "maiden voyage" scuba dive! #adventurechat

@mcnuttsc A4:Water guy for sure.It's not only relaxing, but being out on the vast ocean makes me realize how small I am

• @tripcipe Hmm....tough choice! We love to hike on land, and end up at a water destination like a waterfall! ;) #adventurechat

@The_LuckyCouple A4 Definitely water people! Thats why Phuket is the perfect place for us! #adventurechat

@Cruisewriter A4 I am equal opportunity and enjoy both land and water activities. #adventurechat

@GlobalBrunch A4 Water, always water! I love looking at it, being in it & the incredible wildlife it has! Fascinating! (oh and mountains) #adventurechat

@MyClearwater A4) Clearwater has extensive beach activities on land & sea including biking trails, fishing, & water-sports! #adventurechat

• @gracebaldwin21 A4: I grew up in the mountains. More of a land/lake person than open water.

@TripsAgency A4) #Land with water in our view Cozumel, Mexico. It's peaceful and calming. #adventurechat

@Pinkzenjoy I would choose water. Most of our vacations involve beaches islands sea. #adventurechat

@TourLifeDave A4. Land all the way! I like the beach but not going out in the ocean ocean #adventurechat

@Flightsdotcom A4: We're water people all the way! There's so much to do or not to do :) #adventurechat

@GlobalBrunch mountains & water are the perfect combination :) #adventurechat

• @BenOnAdventures land! But love taking water to land spots to explore! #AdventureChat

@NomadayTravel A4:Water person that is sure. But going on land sometimes doesn't harm either ;) #adventurechat

@RooLoves A4 I love to be near water- rivers, canals, ocean, lakes. Can be on dry ground to appreciate it or on it.

• @yourwanderlust A4. Definitely more of a water person. But let's be clear... warm water! #adventurechat

@vagabondslog A4: Really, couldn't say which to prefer. Can I have both please? ;-)

@iTraqTag A4: I'm a mix of both: I'm a land person who loves to be staring out at the water. #adventurechat

@TourLifeDave A4. Climbing > Diving for me..... Land > Sea #adventurechat

• @NomadayTravel A4:but yeah...even on land still searching for water! #Himalayas #waterfalls @monicagoesshow

@comusetravels A4: Water. It births a new me every time by gazing into it or submerging myself in it. Land is the ultimate diving board #adventurechat

@LoversExplorers A4: Water! We're constantly trying to find new adventures & lakes to explore #adventurechat @monicagoesshow

@AuroraHolidays A4: water. I could be at the sea all the time. Dreaming about liveaboard holiday... #adventurechat…

@CruiseNiagara A4. We absolutely #love the water! #niagaracruises #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow I know we’ve touched on it a bit already but Q5. What water adventure is on your bucket list to try? 

@nikkistewart85 A5 after today's chat white water rafting :D #adventurechat

@TourLifeDave creek walking is fun #adventurechat

@yourwanderlust A5. What water adventure is on your bucket list to try? The Blue Lagoon in Iceland! #adventurechat

@VacationSellout A5: Besides cliff diving, I'd say scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef! Pictures look incredible! #adventurechat @monicagoesshow

• @gracebaldwin21 glacial lakes are fantastic #adventurechat

@The_LuckyCouple A5 Learning to surf (and stay up)! Its always been a dream a dream of mine. #adventurechat

@vagabondslog A5: More diving. Much more. Really thinking about research diver's certificate. And I honestly need to go sailing again.

@mcnuttsc A5: I might try parasailing, the idea of flying through the air with something soft to land on is appealing

@Flightsdotcom A5: Scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef is on our bucket list. There's so much to explore! #adventurechat

@caliparksorg A5.Kiteboarding! I have friends who have taken it up and they love it #adventurechat

@GlobalBrunch A5 Stand Up Paddling looks so cool! Would also love to go diving properly & a multi-day sailing tour!

@yourwanderlust A5. The other one was Galapagos but I went earlier this year. Can it still be on your bucket list if you've been before?? :P #adventurechat

@EllaMallorca Ahhh, surfing! Seems like it would be such a fun sport! Just need strong muscles! #adventurechat

• @BenOnAdventures go to a remote island near Indonesia! #AdventureChat

@RooLoves A5 Shark Cage South Africa. Would be scary but amazing (if retain all limbs)! #travel #adventurechat…

• @nikkistewart85 I'd love to try the paddling too #adventurechat

@yourwanderlust A5 And Cod Hole in the Great Barrier Reef. Last time I was in Far North Queensland (1997) I was too poor for a liveaboard! #adventurechat

@BlBrTravel A5 Going to Antarctica with @QuarkExpedition to see humpback whales and penguins! #adventurechat

@gracebaldwin21 I want to try yoga on a SUP. I've seen people do it and it looks HARD! #adventurechat

@nikkistewart85 no better thrill than skydiving #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow You’ve done skydiving but are afraid of jet skiing?!? #adventurechat

• @yourwanderlust Oh me too! Cage diving's also on my list. Seems I have too long of a list... #adventurechat

@LoversExplorers A5: Surfing (we tried on kayaks but it just wasn't the same) & cage diving-gotta conquer those fears

@Pinkzenjoy All those surfing movies I watch. Would love to try someday but getting too old now. 😁 #adventurechat

• @BlBrTravel I know! I think @QuarkExpedition really combines all the elements for a wonderful, safe, educational trip! #adventurechat

@BlBrTravel That's on mine too but I will probably just snorkel - my ears didn't like scuba diving! #adventurechat

@NomadayTravel A5:hot springs in Iceland, diving in Komodo National Park, under ice diving #adventurechat

@comusetravels A5: Water dreams = surfing, scuba, & doing an Ironman in Cozumel, Ecuador or a triathlon in the Galapagos or the Himalayas #adventurechat

• @NomadayTravel A5:if someone is searching for inspiration -bathing in holy Ganges recommended

@Cruisewriter A5 SUP is on my list - water conditions caused cancellations of previous attempts. #adventurechat

• @AuroraHolidays A5: liveaboard holiday. The Red sea, Maledives, Thailand... #adventurechat…

@monicagoesshow Q6. Oceans? Lakes? Rivers? Puddles? What's your preferred water location? #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow I am a @PureMichigan girl so give me a great lake any day! #adventurechat

@nikkistewart85 A6 I love a good lake or a gorge. Always wanted to visit Wisconsin! #adventurechat

@VacationSellout A6: Grew up boating on the Chain O Lakes and have a deep love for lakes! Also love the ocean, though!

@BlBrTravel A6 I'm very excited to be going on a Douro River cruise in Portugal with @VikingRiver next month so, rivers! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures All!! A good mix is great. #AdventureChat

@vagabondslog A6: While open sea can be definitely more 'adventurous' (wind & waves), I enjoy exploring rivers when it comes to kayaking.

• @LoversExplorers A6:We fall in love w/the ocean, but love playing in lakes since they're closer & can be more forgiving. Rivers-for speed! #adventurechat

@comusetravels I grew up near Chicago, so Lake Michigan was the sea-like fixture in our weekend trips! #adventurechat

@BlBrTravel I will - I lived in Boston for a long time but a couple years in Florida have made me a sissy! #adventurechat

• @LoversExplorers Under ice diving sounds incredible! Pictures? #adventurechat @NomadayTravel @monicagoesshow

@nikkistewart85 you are so lucky to live there. I also love lochs :) #adventurechat

@Flightsdotcom A6: Do waterfalls count? #adventurechat

• @Pinkzenjoy A6 Oceans and lakes. #adventurechat

@The_LuckyCouple A6 Lakes and oceans. #adventurechat

@caliparksorg A6. Top two: oceans and lakes #adventurechat

@Cruisewriter A6 - I like to mix it up. #adventurechat

@SGSwritereditor A6: I carry a #duck so I must vote for ponds. #adventurechat

@GlobalBrunch A6 This one's hard! I'd have to say the ocean, but lakes are a very close second! #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog Dunno, more to discover, I guess (the sea's rather ... monotonous). #adventurechat

@VacationSellout Any type of water is great! So much adventure to be done in lakes and oceans! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Wanna co-host an #adventurechat? DM me and let’s do this!

@GlobalBrunch A6 You just can't beat sea kayaking #adventurechat

• @iTraqTag A6: My favorite water location is Seattle where you get oceans, rivers, lakes & puddles galore! #adventurechat

@yourwanderlust A6 Oceans! Just last week I was here cruising around Shiretoko Peninsula off the north coast of Japan #adventurechat

• @comusetravels A6: a pond was my childhood fave. rivers remind me of cities, & we love cities. lakes are friendly. oceans are awe-inspiring #adventurechat

@TripsAgency A6 Love cruising so I have to say oceans!! #adventurechat

@RooLoves A6 all of the above! Ocean wildlife, peaceful lakes, water sports on rivers. #adventurechat

• @NomadayTravel A6:Oceans and rivers! looots of action:) #adventurechat

• @AuroraHolidays A6: Oceans. #adventurechat…

@Go_hunt_game A6: for now it has to be the ocean. #ExploreHawaii #BeautifulHawaii #Adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow Q7. Anywhere in particular you'd want to visit to try some water adventures? #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow 1So many awesome suggestions here! For me @BanffNP lakes, #Iceland #Alaska @GlacierNPS. So many! #adventurechat

@SGSwritereditor I want to *be* a baby sea lion in the Galapagos. They have it made. #adventurechat

• @mcnuttsc A7: The Caribbean looks like a great place to try some aquatic adventures.Hoping to visit next year.

• @nikkistewart85 A7 probably Iceland, Greece and Bora Bora! #adventurechat

@The_LuckyCouple A7 The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is high on the list! #adventurechat

@VacationSellout A7: Definitely Australia! Seems like a beautiful place with so many water adventures and land ones, too! #adventurechat @monicagoesshow

@BlBrTravel A7 Back to my current Lust List of going to Antarctica! It would be a trip truly like no other. #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A7: While I'd return to Greenland anytime, in particular Yukon made it high up onto my list yet.

@gracebaldwin21 A7: Hoping to get some time on the canals of Amsterdam while I'm there!

• @nikkistewart85 A7 would recommend kayaking in Katherine Gorge, Oz #adventurechat

@Flightsdotcom A7: Love to go back to #Hawaii and snorkel! #adventurechat

@GlobalBrunch A7 Whale watching in Iceland, sea kayaking near Vancouver Island & sailing in Croatia! #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A7: I've heard wonderful things about the Scandinavian river cruises - that sounds about my speed. #adventurechat…

@philatravelgirl a7: whatever water adventures are available in the Maldives - sign me up! #adventurechat

@LoversExplorers A7: We're scuba diving in Cozumel in December. Australia & Thailand are high on our lists! #adventurechat @monicagoesshow

@SGSwritereditor Book passage on a tall ship! I think Tall Ships Week is in April. #adventurechat

• @BlBrTravel Some of the best snorkeling I've ever done was in the Maldives - amazing and right off shore! #adventurechat

@travelflat Hi Monica, A 7: #Andamans for sure - Neil Island, Havelock, Ross and Smith Islands, Hutbay #adventurechat

@RooLoves A7 Don't think could go to wrong with Hawaii! Anywhere with warm waters though (too cold here in UK). #adventurechat

@NomadayTravel A7: Andaman Islands for all #DIVING lovers.undiscovered&unspoiled

@AuroraHolidays A7: I've heard a lot of good about Egypt and the Red sea. And I'd like to dive somewhere with turtles #adventurechat…

• @monicagoesshow Q8: Photo brag! Share some of your favorite water moments! #adventurechat

• @nikkistewart85 A8 Best beach in the world #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Some of my favs! #adventurechat

@MyClearwater A top year round location, Clearwater beach has countless water adventures to enjoy! #adventurechat

@mcnuttsc A8: From Dickey Lake in Montana

@SGSwritereditor A8: Sailing down the #Amazon watching the Wedding of the Waters. #adventurechat

• @BlBrTravel A8 Learning to scuba drive at the Cousteau Resort in Fiji in May #adventurechat

• @tripcipe Cancun Beaches! #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog If you go sailing in Croatia, make sure to check out the Kornati Islands! Beautiful! #adventurechat

• @The_LuckyCouple A8 Phuket, Krabi, and Cuba #adventurechat

@philatravelgirl My favorite water moment this summer was swimming and relaxing at Rambla Bay in #Gozo #adventurechat

@nikkistewart85 A8 Canoeing in whitsundays #adventurechat

@Cruisewriter A8 My most recent kayak experience in Sitka Alaska. #adventurechat

• @gracebaldwin21 A8: @ColbyCollege Hume Center in Waterville, ME

@GlobalBrunch A8 The time I felt free & alive in NZ… #adventurechat

@NomadayTravel near Reykjavik?hmm not really my region.but u should stop by our Springs in #India :) #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A8. Oh. Pardon me, doing this all the chat already it seems. ;-)

@LoversExplorers A8: Getting engaged, olympic park in summer, & slipping our way to the falls #adventurechat @monicagoesshow

@SGSwritereditor It's where the Rio Negro meets the Amazon River, near Manaus, #Brazil. #adventurechat

• @yourwanderlust Cool! I went to @BowdoinCollege! But not been back to Maine in a while! Gorgeous place! #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A8: Resting at my friend's cabin on the Hood Canal weeks before embarking on the ultimate 'adventure'. #adventurechat

• @yourwanderlust A8 And loving life in the #Seychelles! At the Constance Lemuria @constancehotels #adventurechat

@yourwanderlust A8 Snorkeling with my penguin friend in the #Galapagos! #adventurechat

@gracebaldwin21 Thanks @monicagoesshow for a great chat! I had so much fun! #adventurechat

• @LoversExplorers Thank you for such a fun chat--I needed this adventure on Monday #adventurechat #splashon @monicagoesshow

@monicagoesshow Thank you everyone for joining! What a fun #adventurechat today! The recap will be soon and DM me to co-host!

@comusetravels Well, gotta jet [ski], everyone! Thank for the chat, @monicagoesshow Excellent water-inspiring pondering and sharing. #adventurechat

@nikkistewart85 thanks for a great chat, loved it :) #adventurechat

@vagabondslog Amazing & inspiring #adventurechat again! Thanks so much everybody - and, of course, in particular to @monicagoesshow for hosting the chat!