Adventure Chat #43 - Transportation Adventures



  1. What is your go-to mode of transportation? Fly? Drive? Hike?
  2. What is the longest period of time you've been in that form of transportation?
  3. What is the most unique form of transportation you've ever take? Elephant? Bull? Let's hear some stories!
  4. Best/Worst parts of traveling and the form of transportation you've used?
  5. What's one form of transportation you've not done but would love to try? Train? Helicopter? Wing Suit?
  6. Dream destination for transportation?
  7. Do you stop along the way or is it all about just using transportation as a means to a destination?
  8. Best unexpected thing you've found while traveling?
  9. What are some tips of the transportation of your choice?
  10. Share some fun photos! Traveling, transportation, or simply bragging rights!