Adventure Chat #42 - On-The-Go Adventures



  1. What is the longest trip you've ever taken?
  2. How do you keep up with everything back home when you're traveling?
  3. How do you stay connected on social media when you're on the go? Or don't you?
  4. How do you stay connected when there's no wifi? Do you even care?
  5. Let's talk packing. How long of a trip do you need to unpack your bags? Do you?
  6. Carry on only? Or do you find ways to pack it all in a checked bag? Tips?
  7. Flights get delayed, busses get missed, hotels and campground fill up. How do you keep calm?
  8. How do you stay healthy on the go? Or do you?
  9. What's one daily practice you do at one that you take with you on the go?
  10. Top 3 on the go tips!