Adventure Chat #15 - Adventures & Social Media


When I began participating in Twitter chats I loved the amount of interacting and great information I was seeing. I also noticed that most chats were about travel. While I love traveling, I am more of an adventure junkie and enjoy local activities like camping and hiking and the occasional road trip. So, I started my own Twitter chat called #adventurechat on Monday’s at 10 am pst. It’s a fun and informative way for me to learn from everyone else’s adventures. I’ve had more than one person ask me for a blog transcript so here we go. I’ve taken out all retweets and responses that are confusing as well as putting all Q and A’s in order. While the pictures were beautiful I do not have the right to include them here but they are all a part of the full transcript on For my fifteenth chat, my cohost was @caliparksorg with the topic "Social Media Adventures".  I also asked those who participated to provide any links to sites they wanted to be followed at. They are included within the transcript as well as at the bottom. Please follow and support one another and let's build up our fellow adventurers!  Here are the questions and transcripts from the chat.


1. How do you research your next outdoor adventure? Do you read blogs? Use apps? or do you “wing it?”

2. Do you share your adventures via social media? Which apps do you use? What do you like to share?

3. What other types of tech do you use that add to your outdoor experience?

4. If you use maps, do you use paper, mobile, or both?

5. Do you gravitate to the popular parks or the more obscure parks?

6. Do you like your outdoor experience solo or in groups?

7. Is there one park that you keep going to, year after year. Why?

8. Are there times and places you think technology should just be left behind or turned off? When and where?

• @monicagoesshow What’s up everyone! Welcome to another aweomse #adventurechat with my guest cohost @caliparksorg Who’s with us today?

@momfari I'm in for a bit. I've missed these chats lately, so glad to pop in for a bit. #adventurechat

@tig_see Hey #AdventureChat first time here - wonderful to meet you guys -

@BenOnAdventures I'm here and ready! #AdventureChat

@TheHikingGeek I'm here, but busy with work. Will chime in as much as I can. #adventurechat #CaseOfTheMondays…

@K8eBG Hello! Katie from #Toronto I love #adventurechat

@ankit1989 Hello Everyone! #adventurechat

@HiketheHolyLand Happy Monday everybody! Looking forward to #adventurechat

@BRBearBait Here and ready! Busy at work, chiming in when I can! #adventurechat

@exchangeinLA Happy Monday everybody! Looking forward to #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow So today we’re chatting all about social media and adventuring! Who’s ready? #adventurechat

@ankit1989 Ready for it #adventurechat

@JHochstat Listo/Ready here in Costa Rica #adventurechat

• @ABVGirl I would love to! But I'm about to go #adventure! 2-Day #roadtrip to the #OregonCoast! #adventurechat Have fun!

@Visit50 ready for a great #adventurechat - looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

@iTraqTag Sorry to miss #adventurechat but having a little @CapitalCruises adventure today. Have a great week! #atx

• @caliparksorg Q1. How do you research your next outdoor adventure? Do you read blogs? Use apps? or do you “wing it?” #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow A1: The research is half the fun for me! But I usually get my inspiration from @instagram!

• @momfari A1 A little of everything! #adventurechat…

• @BenOnAdventures Blogs, apps, articles, everything! #AdventureChat

@RWM1980 a1: lots of reading on @TripAdvisor and Twitter pages for the area I'm visiting #adventurechat

@K8eBG I am actually a big fan of Pinterest these days for planning my adventures. #adventurechat

@TheHikingGeek A1. Blogs and forums seem to the be most useful. Will use books if no other choice. #adventurechat…

@ankit1989 A1 Reading Blogs and from 'Words of Mouth' I do not believe in App #adventurechat

@JHochstat A1 A lot of my friends here in Playa Jacó Costa Rica work in adventure tourism so I ask around. Some ppl here can be sketchy #adventurechat

@BRBearBait A1: Google, reach out to my Twitter peeps, guide books, blogs... I read a lot #adventurechat

@K8eBG So much information available, from blogs to pictures. #adventurechat

• @caliparksorg blogs are great, they are so current. How about instagram? #adventurechat

@tig_see done them all, but increasingly feel DIY is not cutting it - it's good for tourist traps, not for experiences

@oxford_seminars Love an adventure? Sign up to be the first to know about our free travel and teach course sweepstakes.… #adventurechat

@JHochstat A1 Go somewhere, study the customs & culture. Interact with locals on THEIR turf. Start everything w/ eye contact & a smile #adventurechat

@thegirlandglobe I read too - love personal recommendations more than books. Blogs & social media #adventurechat

@K8eBG My mind is very open :) Prevents disappointment! #adventurechat

@DiscParkRide A1: Blogs & Apps! There are so many easily accessible resources to help you plan & find exciting things to do #adventurechat

@Visit50 A1 #travel blogs can invaluable to add perspective from other travelers. @caliparksorg @monicagoesshow #visit50 #adventurechat

@JHochstat A1 Doing everything in my previous tweet will open doors to adventures you never knew existed #Smile #EnjoyTheRide #adventurechat

@tig_see We curate local boutique tour operator experts to help travelers plan awesome #adventurechat

@JHochstat A1 My 3G phone here in Costa Rica only has Gmail. I have NO apps on it. Only used for phone/text/email #Unplugged #OffGrid #adventurechat

@DreamItReel A1: When we see that clients have been to fun/interesting places, we add it to our list of places to go! #adventurechat

@_BexRuns_ A1: Sometimes it's something I see someone else talking about, something I read about online or wing it #adventurechat

@alsb73 Q1 Blogs, guides, magazines and Twitter of course!! How things have changed since the advent of the internet!

@CRMonkeyTours A1: Usually wing it! Ocasionaly do some beforehand internet search, & use waze to get there! #adventurechat

• @caliparksorg Q.2 Do you share your adventures via social media? Which apps do you use? What do you like to share? #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A2: Yes and all of them!!! Twitter, Instagram, and FB are the ones I use the most…it’s been huge for my show! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures I share tips, stories, reviews, everything all via Twitter, Instagram and my blog! I love talking adventure! #adventurechat

@K8eBG A2. I love twitter (clearly) I also use @ZomatoCA for my #foodadventures and blog at #adventurechat

@BRBearBait A2: I keep a blog, post photos on Instagram and Facebook, and of course tweet about it #adventurechat

• @caliparksorg Social media can be a great way to share experiences! I love seeing some things from "fresh eyes" #adventurechat

@RWM1980 yes! FB, Twitter, & just started Instagram. Love sharing adventures w/others who luv 2 travel 2 #adventurechat

@GetFitwithWitt I used Costa Rican Trails few years back for a group trip I was running from LA. They were good #adventurechat

@momfari A2 Sharing my adventures on SM is part of my writing job, including shots like this from Sat. #vail #adventurechat

@TheHikingGeek A2. Links to pics, reviews and trip reports ( are posted on twitter, & FB #adventurechat…

@BRBearBait I found so many cool spots just from recommendations on blogs and social media #adventurechat

@HiketheHolyLand A2. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr mainly. Getting more familiar with Periscope now. #adventurechat

@_BexRuns_ A2: ALL. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook! #adventurechat

@TheHikingGeek A2,part 2. on my last hike, I met a hiker that used my blog to plan their hike #adventurechat…

@BRBearBait Pretty much on a daily basis! It's also helped me learn about local spots! #adventurechat

@Visit50 A2 yes, all! is about sharing travel adventures, and inspiring @monicagoesshow @caliparksorg #visit50 #adventurechat

@thegirlandglobe I share on a combo of Twitter & Instagram in the moment and my blog when I get home. Love crazy, unique stories #adventurechat

@BRBearBait I got a job at a backpacking store because the manager knew my blog #adventurechat

@tig_see  Experiences matter for us - so we like to blog about unique ones and also tips to discover destinations - #Adventurechat

@ShannonCroom Besides Twitter and IG I use @YonderApp to post adventure pics and to get inspired #adventurechat

@BRBearBait I'm a planner. I like to learn from as many sources as possible #adventurechat

@tig_see A2: There is a difference between a 3 hour walking food tour and a 7-day organized culinary tour with your loved one - #Adventurechat

• @DreamItReel A2: We share tons of adventures on our DreamItReel social media pages. Check them out for exciting videos of places to go! #adventurechat

@VacationSellout We research by looking at blogs! Bloggers have relevant opinions and are easier to relate with #Adventurechat @caliparksorg

@DiscParkRide A2: Pictures are great to share! Instagram and Twitter are great for sharing #adventurechat

@VacationSellout Q2: Sharing adventures on Instagram (especially with trending places) is a great way to share with followers #AdventureChat @caliparksorg

@vagabondslog A2: Turned leather-bound journal into kind of online travelogue:; besides that: @twitter. A lot. ;-)

@CRMonkeyTours A2: Usually facebook & twitter. But also love instagram for the pics & for live feed snapchat! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Let’s do something fun!!! Everyone put their @instgram @fb website or #blog site on here and let’s all support one another #adventurechat

• @caliparksorg Great idea!! #adventurechat @monicagoesshow has some great pictures on her blog! #adventurechat

• @caliparksorg Thanks Monica! For now we are at!

@K8eBG Your awesome!! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@CharlesMcCool Hard to type w/ gash from rafting but: IG: CharlesMcCool FB: McCools & McCoolTravel #adventurechat

@JHochstat Website: Testimonials from industry folk:… Last Writing #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures… #adventurechat #socialmedia

@TheHikingGeek || || || #adventurechat…

• @caliparksorg Q.3 What other types of tech do you use that add to your outdoor experience? #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Even tho I recently got it, my Galaxy S6 has phenomenal camera abilities whether it be pics or video so...#adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures it'll be perfect for starting up my YouTube channel as well as continue my postings on I.G, here and my blog #adventurechat

@_BexRuns_ My Sony Xperia Z3 has a 20mpx camera that is pretty amazing. And I always have my @GoPro #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A3: I don’t use a whole lot of tech…maybe maps and gps? I use it beforehand to be inspired #adventurechat

@RWM1980 A3: GPS. My son loves to geocache #adventurechat

@TheHikingGeek A3.My last trip (, I had a Delorme from @lowergear. Great tool & rental co. #adventurechat…

@DreamItReel A3: We love to always have a camera ready!!! It makes the memories last forever #adventurechat

• @CharlesMcCool A3 hot showers :D RT @caliparksorg Q.3 What other types of tech do you use that add to your outdoor experience? #adventurechat

@HiketheHolyLand A3. GeoSpot Apps are fun while adventuring in the outdoors #adventurechat

@JHochstat A3 I am now officially #LowTech or #NoTech #adventurechat

• @BRBearBait A3: Mostly just a camera. I try to leave the technology at home #adventurechat

@DiscParkRide A3: A GPS can come in handy if you can't use your smartphone, but its good to just take in the scenery! #adventurechat

• @caliparksorg Q.4 If you use maps, do you use paper, mobile, or both? #adventurechat

@K8eBG I'm old school still, I have binder's with trail maps ;) But I do want a GoPro. #adventurechat

@_BexRuns_ Mobile. But don't get it twisted, I was in @girlscouts for 11 years. I know how to read an actual map ;) #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Both, one can be the back up for the other if one goes bad, also it can allow you to see the trails differently #adventurechat

@K8eBG A4. I still use paper. I am afraid my mobile will lose it's signal and I'll be lost forever. #adventurechat

• @caliparksorg @K8eBG Yes, there are some places, you need good old fashioned crumpled, maps #adventurechat

@RWM1980 A4: some I print, but use mobile mostly #adventurechat

@followourblog A4 Bit of both but more so mobile these days #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A4: I use paper maps. I’m too afraid of my phone dying and never have service anyway! #adventurechat

@CharlesMcCool A4. Maps? We don't need no stinkin' maps. :D IRL: paper! RT @caliparksorg Q.4 If you use maps, paper, mobile, or both? #adventurechat

@BRBearBait A4: I mostly use mobile maps, but lately I've found myself preferring paper maps. #adventurechat

@TheHikingGeek A4.I print one out, but also have one on my phone as a backup.@caliparksorg #adventurechat

@VacationSellout We use mobile & paper. Mobile is great for seeing what traffic is ahead, but paper maps can be helpful, too! #AdventureChat @caliparksorg

@K8eBG even my car's GPS has steered me the wrong way before. #adventurechat

@DiscParkRide A4: Mobile maps! It's good to have paper backups though #adventurechat

@followourblog Normally we pre download the map from Google though we've heard there's some better options out there.Any tips? #adventurechat

@alsb73  I love Google Maps and cant beat a good #LonelyPlanet or #RoughGuide. Also love getting lost though!

@vagabondslog  A4: Preferring paper (not depending on battery); unfolding map is half the fun. Maps have somehting deeply adventurous to me.

@CRMonkeyTours A4: Usually mobile but I do love paper maps! #adventurechat

@vagabondslog My kind of #hiking #maps. Handdrawn and w/ of the lesser known details and trails. ;-)

@Visit50 GPS/phones are a game changer for directions, where it works, but paper maps still rule for everywhere else #adventurecha

• @caliparksorg Q.5 Do you gravitate to the popular parks or the more obscure parks? #adventurechat

@_BexRuns_ A litle of this, a little of that. I just go wherever the mountains or water is. #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A5: Locally I do the more obscure parks but when traveling I hit up the popular ones, especially for my show #adventurechat

@BRBearBait A5: I find the obscure areas in popular parks #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Both! Big, small, popular, unpopular. Adventure is what you make it so its all based on preference. #adventurechat

@JHochstat A5 I live closest to Manuel Antonio National Park, which is Costa Rica's 2nd most popular. Great place to bring visitors #adventurechat

@K8eBG A5. A bit of both! Last one was very obscure! #adventurechat

@VacationSellout Q5: Obscure! They are more fun to explore because you are usually more unfamiliar with them. #AdventureChat @caliparksorg

@TheHikingGeek A5 I'm hitting up my CA bucketlist right now, so it's a mix. High Sierra Trail, Yosemite, Eastern Sierra, etc #adventurechat

@RWM1980 A5: both! Some are popular for a reason, but always love off the beaten path #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A5: The more obscure the more fun, I'd say. ;-)

@CharlesMcCool A5. obscure sections of popular parks RT @VacationSellout @caliparksorg Q.5 popular parks or more obscure parks? #adventurechat

@tig_see A5: Sometimes the fun is in getting lost - #Adventurechat - you discover places, great food and amazing people

@followourblog Both.A great obsure one we did in Pucon we followed a handmap map to end up at waterfall #adventurechat

@DiscParkRide A5: Popular parks are a must-see but obscure parks often have hidden gems that most people don't know about #adventurechat

• @caliparksorg Q6 Do you like your outdoor experience solo or in groups? #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow A6: I used to like them solo until I ran into mountain lions. Now I like to go with one or two others #adventurechat

@thegirlandglobe A6: I like solo hikes and group adventure activities #adventurechat

@TheHikingGeek A6. I did solo stuff this winter, but now trying to see friends as much as possible before moving #adventurechat…

@VacationSellout Q6: The more the merrier! Being with other people makes the experience more memorable #AdventureChat@caliparksorg

@_BexRuns_ A6: My adventure buddy is usually @JamesKibbe. He's pretty cool! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Mainly groups: you share the memories/experiences, you are much safer, its just a lot of fun having more people #adventurechat

@backpackdetour A6 #adventurechat Usually solo but I've met a lot fun people hiking volcanoes in groups in Nicaragua and El Salvador.

@tig_see A6: Solo and group - depends on the terrain and trail - #Adventurechat - also who is coming :-)

@vagabondslog A6: While both can add to the experience, I always was a "joy shared is joy doubled" kind of guy.

@K8eBG A6. I enjoy company, you get different perspectives from others. Plus I can scare myself easily when alone. #adventurechat

@Go_hunt_game A6: definitely solo but it's safer in a group. #Adventurechat

@tig_see A6: Hope you guys like this blog post - "Hike to Nature's Hospitality" -… #Adventurechat

• @DiscParkRide A6: Small groups are great, just choose people who enjoy the same things you do #adventurechat

@tig_see A6: Hike in a group with expert and never get lost - #AdventureChat

• @BRBearBait A6: I like going solo, but for bigger trips I like to have company, smaller group = better #adventurechat

@DreamItReel A6: When traveling in groups, the experience can be shared/remembered by so many people! Always fun to reminisce after a trip #adventurechat

@tig_see A6: #Alaska - #AdventureChat - cool and warm during May when we visited - won't believe it

@RWM1980 A6: with my family! #adventurechat

• @caliparksorg Q7 Is there one park that you keep going to, year after year. Why? #adventurechat

@_BexRuns_ A7:Yosemite the most.Otherwise its the @SantaMonicaMtns because they are literally RIGHT HERE. #adventurechat

@JHochstat still LOTS of T's to cross and I's to dot but they WILL happen #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures I got to WV, go off trail in the mountains every 4th of July. It's fun, no people and relatives live there #adventurechat

@VacationSellout Q7: We like to go different places every year. Travel around and see more parks rather than just a favorite #AdventureChat @caliparksorg

@BRBearBait A7: I honestly visit Pisgah National Forest on a weekly basis. Not a park, but it's beautiful! #adventurechat

@Go_hunt_game A7: Lost maple State Park, Texas The beauty of the Park. When I leave in Texas. #Adventurechat

@LukeTravels A7) I love going to Redwood National Park. So majestic. #adventurechat

• @K8eBG A7. Well here in Canada #Algonquin is my go to every year. #adventurechat

@momfari A7 We return to #RockyMtnNP bc it's an hour from our home. #adventurechat

• @TheHikingGeek A7. Not a park, but a mtn(Whitney). It got me back into hiking. @caliparksorg #adventurechat

@alsb73 Definitely #DerwentWater in the #PeakDistrict. Beautiful in all seasons and less than 30 mins drive! #adventurechat

@RWM1980 A7: White Mt. National forest. Beautiful & local #adventurechat

@DiscParkRide A7: FL national parks are definitely places you want to return to each year! Versatility, beauty, & adventure! #adventurechat

• @caliparksorg Q8 Are there times and places you think technology should just be left behind or turned off? When and where? #adventurechat

• @_BexRuns_ A8:On vacation. I say that,but I am ALWAYS taking pictures so perhaps I need to take my own advice. #adventurechat

@JHochstat A8 Since I moved to beach here in Costa Rica 2 yrs ago, I've been backing further & further away from technology #NoRegrets #adventurechat

@followourblog Mealtimes! #adventurechat

@RWM1980 A8: when I hiking with my family, I only use a camera. Want to enjoy family time #adventurechat

@VacationSellout A8: We like to leave technology behind when hiking, especially. It let's us focus on the true outdoor beauty #AdventureChat @caliparksorg

@K8eBG A8. Hmm I don't normally have my phone but always a camera.Unless I'm in water, yes leave it behind in water. #adventurechat

@CRMonkeyTours A8: I try to disconect from internet & social as much as possible & just live in the moment #adventurechat

@BRBearBait A8: when I'm backpacking I like the technology gone. It's my time to reconnect with nature #adventurechat

@tig_see A8: Leave technology behind - it's useful, but distracting too - when you are traveling just enjoy #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Wanna co-host an #adventurechat? DM me!

@DiscParkRide A8: Any time you take a vacation, you should dedicate time for being tech-free #adventurechat

• @JHochstat I am out. This was a GREAT chat, as all of @monicagoesshow's are :-) All of my contact info has been posted. #PuraVida #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures What an excellent talk today everybody, I always enjoy it!! #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow Alright awesome chat everyone!! Thanks to my guest co-host @caliparksorg #adventurechat

• @VacationSellout Thanks for the wonderful #adventurechat today! Great questions and responses from everyone!


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