Adventure Chat #1 - Favorite Adventures


When I began participating in Twitter chats I loved the amount of interacting and great information I was seeing. I also noticed that most chats were about travel. While I love traveling, I am more of an adventure junkie and enjoy local activities like camping and hiking and the occasional road trip. So, about a month ago I started my own Twitter chat called #adventurechat on Monday's at 10 am pst. It's a fun and informative way for me to learn from everyone else's adventures. I've had more than one person ask me for a blog transcript so here we go. I've taken out all retweets and responses that are confusing as well as putting all Q and A's in order. While the pictures were beautiful I do not have the right to include them here but they are all a part of the full transcript on I've listed the 7 questions I asked and these are the highlights from the first #adventurechat about Favorite Adventures. Q1: What is your favorite adventure you've ever taken or been on?

Q2: What/where is your dream adventure?


Where do you get adventure ideas? Pictures? Research? Word of Mouth?

Q4: What was the last adventure you went on or took?

Q5: What/Where is your next adventure?

Q6: How do you prepare for your adventures? Or do you like to be surprised?

Q7: Share a picture of your favorite adventurous moment #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow: WhooHoo! Welcome to #adventurechat! Who's here and ready to talk adventure?

• @jessisawanderer: Hello from Cairo, Egypt! Ready for my first #adventurechat :)

• @AdventureHan: this looks new. I'll join! #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow: Welcome! It's the first one so you haven't missed anything ;) #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer: ooh that's exciting!! Love the idea!! #adventurechat

• @AdrianTrvlTales: Checking in from Seattle! #adventureChat

•  @monicagoesshow: Yeah I see lots of travel chats but I wanted to hear about people's adventurous side! #adventurechat

• @PowerCoupleLife: Checking in from Seattle! #adventureChat

• @AdrianTrvlTales: Excited. :) I'm an adventure traveler blogger so can't wait to connect with more people like me.

• @monicagoesshow: Alright! Let's do this! Q1: What is your favorite adventure you've ever taken or been on? #adventurechat

• @mcnuttsc A1:Hiking the Highline Trail in @GlacierNPS. Not for the faint of heart,but worth it

• @AdrianTrvlTales A1) That's a hard one but I'll say jungle trek in Cambodia.… #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A1: tough question! Hiking the Inca Trail or whitewater rafting in Thailand defo two of my faves! #adventurechat

• @LetThereBTravel A1. Horse back riding with Zip-lining in Punta Cana, DR. Very exciting! #adventureChat

• @monicagoesshow 

@AdrianTrvlTales awesome! I will check it out! All of my episodes and blogs are at #adventurechat

• @AdrianTrvlTales: @monicagoesshow is me! #Adventurechat


A1: In Punta Cana a day full of cattle herding, river horseback ride and zipline #adventurechat

• @adventurehan A1: Has to be trekking in the Himalayas and reaching an altitude of 5500m! #adventurechat

• @AdventureHan Although, machu picchu, zip wiring, bunjee jumping and scuba are all up there #adventurechat

• @mcnuttsc @GlacierNPS #adventurechat It's worth it, but quite challenging. Bring water, food, & a camera!

• @_girlwhotravels A1: Traveling solo through South & SE Asia! I took bucket showers,slept on the desert,swam in the ocean at midnight, loved it!

• @powercouplelife A1 the zipline through Dominican Republic forests was pretty incredible #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer 

A1: or camping out in the Amazon Rainforest! #adventurechat

• @PowerCoupleLife A1 : Here is a pic of the Mr. on the river ride in Punta Cana #adventurechat

@Jessisawanderer I took a cargo ship down the amazon river - THAT was pretty cool #adventurechat

• @HotelTeatro A1: A hike through the #Colorado mountains on a beautiful day! #adventurechat

• @UnveilApertures A1 I would say working with sea turtles in Costa Rica or spelunking in California 😊 Good question! #adventurechat

• @worldsetfree A1: Hiking 800+ miles of the west coast, USA. #adventurechat

• @RTWBarefoot A1: All my travels are an adventure :) #adventurechat

• @PTWanderlust 

A1: Sailing in North Spitzbergen in Svalbard - a great Arctic Adventure - we saw polar bears in the wild! #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow Q2: What/Where is your dream adventure? #adventurechat

• @mcnuttsc A2: Cruising to the Fjords of Norway and kayaking there. Hopefully I will make it there next year!

• @Jessisawanderer I have more on my site!snow/c208f *shameless plug* #adventurechat

• @PowerCoupleLife A2: An African Safari and trekking through Africa, always been my dream #adventurechat

•  @LetThereBTravel A2. Our dream trip would have to be a culinary experience in Italy. May need at least a month or two to really enjoy it :) #adventurechat

• @_girlwhotravels 

A2 A hot air baloon ride in #Cappadocia #Turkey! got really close to doing it last summer! #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A2: my dream adventure is to canoe, hike and experience Antarctica. Booked last week, my trip starts in 284 days!! #adventurechat

• @worldsetfree 

A2: Dream trip? Non-stop travelling around the world, seeing as many places as possible while I'm here to see it :) #adventurechat

• @ankit1989 A2 Hiking in Mt Kailash #Himalayas #Tibet #adventurechat

• @HotelTeatro Q2: Sightseeing in the #Alps! #adventurechat

• @CharlesMcCool A2. #roadtrip on unpaved roads from Prudhoe Bay to Patagonia

• @driveonleft A2: @Jessisawanderer My dream trip is the same as yours. Or hiking the Inca trail. Or all of S. America doing both! #adventurechat

• @chasingsunsets1 A2 Probably not what everyone thinks! But #Jordan is our dream adventure now! #adventurechat

• @PTWanderlust A2: Returning to Asia for sure - exploring Cambodia and Vietnam are top on my list #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow 

Q3: Where do you get adventure ideas? Pictures? Research? Word of Mouth? #adventurechat

• @ankit1989 A3 Word of Mouth and Pictures #adventurechat

• @mcnuttsc A3: My favorite place to get ideas are the several Twitter travel chats throughout the week!

• @AdventureHan A3: pictures! It's all "how do I do/see that" then planning to do it #adventurechat

• @HotelTeatro Q3: We love #Pinterest – searching travel boards is a great idea! #adventurechat

• @LetThereBTravel 

A3. definitely @TripAdvisor and mostly word of mouth from clients, family and friends. Pictures and reviews are key! #adventurechat

• @_girlwhotravels A3 Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, @lonelyplanet and talking to other travellers are the best sources of inspiration for me! #adventurechat

• @worldsetfree A3: Locals. Making new friends while travelling is always a great way to find adventures and learn about new lands. #adventurechat

• @driveonleft A3: Inspired by blogs normally, tons of research, and a long list in Excel that I keep for this purpose! #adventurechat

• @PowerCoupleLife A3 From our travel agent @lettherebtravel and awesome FB travel group… #adventurechat

• @PowerCoupleLife @TripAdvisor true! picturs really do speak a thousand words! #adventurechat

• @RTWBarefootah i forgot about maps! I love maps, they're fascinating. I love old maps too #adventurechat

• @LetThereBTravel definitely! @TripAdvisor offers just about everything we need to know about a destination. #adventurechat

• @VadoViaApp Q3: Where do you get adventure ideas? #adventurechat

• @chasingsunsets1 @lonelyplanet Agree! I don't feel I have planned well unless I have read every page in LP! #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A3: my ideas come from diff places @ST_TravelMag travel chats, blogs and my imagination! #adventurechat

• @UnveilApertures 1 A3: Everywhere, natgeo, social media, these chats now, where the animals are, anywhere I just like to #travel #adventurechat

• @PTWanderlust A3: Old school style at the library - they have tons of travel books and guide books. Also it's a free service woohoo! #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A3: 3 weeks from now I'll be on Easter Island! Going on safari in the summer and I won't mention Antarctica again ;) #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow Q4: What was the last adventure you went on or took? #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer  Easter Island in three weeks, some more itch for your wanderlust :) :) #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer I've been so busy chatting I forgot to answer the questions!! Loving #adventurechat

• @PowerCoupleLife 

A4: We just got back from Maui a week ago! Before that, Germany for two week in January! #adventurechat

• @driveonleft A4: I'm in the middle of my first trip to the Middle East (UAE). Such an adventure to go anywhere new! #adventurechat

• @mcnuttsc A4: A week ago I went on a short hike up Black Hill in Morro Bay. Incredible views!

• @HotelTeatro A4: #LasVegas! A whirlwind trip full of bright lights. #adventurechat

• @RTWBarefoot A4: 5 weeks in West Africa in Nov/Dec, going to places where I saw virtually no other travellers :) #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak 

A4: I went on a mini adventure hike to Tahquitz Peak this weekend #adventurechat

•  @PowerCoupleLife 

A4 We spent 2 weeks of winter in Germany!… … + a week volunteer teaching… … #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A4: my last adventure - World Cup in Brazil, camping in Amazon Rainforest&hiking Inca Trail #funtimes #adventurechat

• @LetThereBTravel 

A4. Snorkeling/whale watching in Maui, HI. #adventurechat

• @JessisawandererFirst chat and we're trending! Love it! You guys are awesome! #adventurechat

• @chasingsunsets1 Oh Barbados is coming up as a cricket destination now! #adventurechat #ICCWorldCup2015

•  @ankit1989 A4 Daily Office Work is adventure for me #adventurechat

•  @xoxoxenophile 

A4. #Bolivia--hiking up to a waterfall and machete-ing our way through the jungle! #adventurechat

• @VadoViaApp 

A4: Tubing down the Guadalupe River. Great fun! Q4: What was the last adventure you went on or took? #adventurechat

• @ItsFullofMemori A4: Hiking the woods of Northern California. #adventurechat

•@worldsetfree A4: Hiking the woods of Northern California. #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow 

Q5: What/Where is your next adventure? #adventurechat

• @mcnuttsc A5: I'm headed back to @GlacierNPS in early July and we are planning to hike the St. Mary's Pass.

•  @JLA_UK 

Riding on white sandy beaches in Mexico - #AdventureChat

•  @ankit1989 A5 I am planning to go for SCUBA Diving in Andaman in India #adventurechat

• @PowerCoupleLife 

A5: Next up is Denver, Austin, Spain and Italy and hopefully Costa Rica - all this year #adventurechat

• @LetThereBTravel A5. two weeks back in Punta Cana, DR this summer. Was suppose to leave today but work came up so June is the new date! #adventurechat

•  @worldsetfree 

A5: Hiking San Francisco to Los Angeles (440+ miles) starting in April. #adventurechat

• @driveontheleft 

A5: Seychelles next, and looking forward to Sweden in April. And working sometime in there between trips as well. #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak 

A5: A mini adventure to San Gorgonio peak this weekend, and John Muir Trail this summer #adventurechat

• @xoxoxenophile A5. Next adventure: a month in #Havana #Cuba! #adventurechat

• @PTWanderlust A5: Touring around Croatia - need to start planning an itinerary soon, excited! Plitvice lakes national park looks amazing #adventurechat

• @_girlwhotravels A5 #adventurechat Spain for #TBEX and Bosnia and Herzegovina plus numerous small trips across Italy in between! Can't wait!

• @backpackdetour A5 A couple of weeks in Turkey! #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow 

Q6: How do you prepare for your adventures? Or do you like to be surprised? #adventurechat

• @hovelstay A6: Usually we figure out where to go and let nature take its course. #adventurechat

• @LetThereBTravel A6. Another point for @TripAdvisor. Honestly, never been on a trip or booked a client w/o strongly suggesting reviews/photos #adventurechat

•  @worldsetfree A6: I only plan the first step, and let every step that follows be the adventure. #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak A6: Almost all of mine involve trekking and hiking, so I like to train a lot #adventurechat

•  @hovelstay @trailtopeak San Gorgonio is an awesome mini adventure, in fact the San Bernardino Mountains are awesome #adventurechat

• @ankit1989 A6 After getting all basic info about information. and Yeah I like to be surprised #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer 

A6: I like experiencing the unexpected and discovering the unknown - surprise is all part of the adventure for me! #adventurechat

• @mcnuttsc A6:I'm usually organized but am willing to take opportunities when they arise. Sometimes you have to adapt!

• @PowerCoupleLife 

A6: I like planning based on reviews and talking to fellow travelers to get great tips. A little spontanaity never hurt too! #adventurechat

•  @VadoViaApp A6: a 50-50 proposition. 50% planning the basics- travel, accomodations. 50% go with the flow #adventurechat

• @driveonleft A6: Always know where I'm sleeping, and like to research restaurants/food too. Those are my fave parts! #adventurechat

• @PTWanderlust A6: Research via blogs, watch youtube vloggers, read travel guides..weirdly I love this part plus keeps me busy on the plane #adventurechat

•  @monicagoesshow 

Q7: Share a picture of your favorite adventurous moment #adventurechat

• @hovelstay if I could only find a pic of me jumping off this cliff #adventurechat

• @mcnuttsc A7: Another from the Highline Trail in @GlacierNPS last July.

• @mcnuttsc: A7: Another from the Highline Trail in @GlacierNPS last July.

• @worldsetfree A7: Two months of walking this. #adventurechat

•  @trailtopeak A7: Aside snow and painted hills just shy of 17,000ft. Not too far from a vicuna sighting #adventurechat

•  @PowerCoupleLife A7 Horseback riding on the beach in Dominican Republic #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer 

A7: hot air balloon in Egypt, husky sled in Canada, camping in the Sahara, chasing the northern lights #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow That's a wrap ya'll! What an awesome first chat! I love hearing your amazing stories and seeing pics! See ya next week!…