Premium Hostels - And Why You’ll NEVER Go Back To Hotels!

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Not sure if you would ever stay in a hostel? Welcome to the new reality. Hostels have gone through a major development. In this article, we will share with you mind-blowing places that you won’t believe are actually hostels. You may never want to stay in boring places ever again.


First, a few words about us. Who are we? And why do we talk about hostels?

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We are a team of young creative travelers with a deep passion for, well, hostels....yes, okay...what can we say: We are Hostel Geeks.

So, let’s jump in and talk about 3 EPIC Hostels you had no idea are Hostels

  1. Forget boutique hotels - Stay at The Passenger Hostel in Porto

If it’s eye-popping design and luxurious rooms you’re after, you needn’t look further than The Passenger Hostel in Porto, Portugal.

Besides well thought out details, the Passenger team has created a social space that naturally allows the friendly vibes to flow. Kick-off your shoes and let this become more than a hostel; it has everything needed for a cozy, fun home-away-from-home.

You might say “Alright, the Passenger Hostel looks cool, but I don’t want to share a room, I want my privacy“.

Okay, fair enough. Let us introduce you to their Luxury Suite and Private Rooms. You won’t find many hotels with that quality even!

Also, if in doubt if you would ever want to stay in a dorm, The Passenger Hostel would be a great hostel to test out your comfort zone. Enjoy ultimate privacy with curtain-clad bunks and climb up the stylish ladder to your bed. No shaky or squeaking bed like in old-school hostels or cheap hotels for that matter. And the dorms are massive.

Last but not least, make new friends easily at the in-house bar. After all, it is a hostel.

Check out our guide of the best hostels in Porto.

2. Caveland in Santorini - Pure luxury sleeping in an actual cave!

Once a winery, now an upscale accommodation for the event lover out there. Think yoga, BBQ and hot springs tour. Those are just some of the options available here at Caveland.

Yet the best bit obviously has to be the cave rooms. Combine the novelty with 18th-century design and soft lighting and you have yourself one seriously unique stay.

Oh and there’s an outdoor pool and living area to relax in. Are you convinced yet?

3. Revel in Family Backpacker Vibes at Ani Haakien Hostel in Rotterdam


A hostel is more than its layout. Slow down and get to know Ani Haakien. Once you’re here, you’ll never want to leave.

And why would you when delicious food, cold drinks, great music and a cuddly cat is all within the walls of this artsy hostel?

There are ample chill spaces which makes it impossible not to get chatting. We personally love the long kitchen dining table.

Ani Haakien stands out thanks to the super-duper staff. Join one of their organized events - pasta night, please! - or ask them about Rotterdam and learn their secrets to a truly local experience.

Ani Haakien hostel is an incredible feel-home-never-want-to-leave hostel. It comes with an artsy heart and design.


Hostels are a fantastic option for solo-travelers as well as couples, older travelers and even families. Go with a 5 Star Hostel and you cannot go wrong.

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