6 Of The Safest Sports To Try On Holiday 

*While I am all about pushing out of your comfort zone, everyone’s comfort zone is different. For travelers that want to play it a bit more safe, this guest blog was submitted by Colton Davis on how to stay safe while adventuring!*

6 Of The Safest Sports To Try On Holiday

Did you know that out of 1 million people who go skiing from the UK each year, more than 17,000 come back on crutches? Ouch!

Injuring yourself on holiday is no joke. A serious injury can result in medical costs well into the thousands, not to mention the pain and hassle you’ll have to deal with as a result. 

If you’re planning a relaxing break with your family or a loved one, make sure to do your research first. Stay safe on your holiday by reading up on the safest sports to try while you’re away. 

1. Guided tours 

While not technically a ‘sport’, guided walking tours are a great way to stay active on holiday, and carries very little risk; especially when led by a qualified instructor. Choose a reputable firm and a tour that suits your physical ability to stay safe while you’re away. 

2. Cycling 

Keen to see a little more of the country you plan to visit? Hop on your bike and enjoy sightseeing on two wheels. Be sure to follow basic safety recommendations (wearing a helmet, and equipping your bike with lights, for example) and you’ll be well on your way. We recommend staying off main roads, and following cycle routes in the area.

3. Surfing 

Coastal holidays are one of the most popular breaks, whether at home in the UK or abroad. Not only are the views stunning, the air refreshing and the local seafood delicious, it also offers active holidaymakers an opportunity to get back to nature and out on their surfboards. 

Like most sports, surfing can be dangerous, so stay safe while riding the waves by surfing in a dedicated area, and ensure a lifeguard is on duty at all times. If you’re new to surfing, why not try a class, or grab a bodyboard first? There’s plenty of fun to be had no matter your level of skill. 

Photo by  Zachary Shea  on  Unsplash

4. Racket sports 

If you’re planning a relaxing break in an all-inclusive resort, or possibly a few days of camping, its likely you’ll have access to a local tennis court. Racket sports can be really fun, especially when the whole family gets involved. 

To stay safe while playing, make sure the court itself is well maintained – loose ground or slippery surfaces could cause a nasty accident. A well-fitting pair of trainers is also essential to avoid ankle injury. 

5. Golf 

Does it get much more relaxing than a round of golf on a beautiful sunny course? 

If you’re planning a spot of golf while you’re away, then you’re in luck – golf is considered one of the safest sports there is. 

While an injury is highly unlikely, there are a few things you can do to avoid any unnecessary strains. Be sure to stretch your muscles and try a few practice swings first to warm up muscles. Always ensure the course is well maintained before heading out. 

6. Swimming

Photo by  Leo Rivas  on  Unsplash

Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

It’s no secret that kids love swimming. Any opportunity to be in the water and they’ll be diving in before you have time to stop them.

While holidays are a fantastic time for families to get active in the water, swimming can also be dangerous, especially for families with young children. Ensure a family member is with your children at all times, and those under 7 years old are accompanied by an adult while in the water. There are loads of floating aids available, so get your kids involved in safety by letting them pick out their favourite design.

What sports do you plan to do on your next holiday? Let us know in the comments below

*This blog was submitted as a guest blog for Monica Goes