5 Reasons Hostels Add Value to Your Travels (and life!)

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We are Hostelgeeks, the world’s leading network of upscale 5-Star Hostels. We are a team of young creative travelers with a deep passion for, well, hostels. And we believe staying in Hostels can add a lot of value to your travels and here’s why.

1. You’ll build awesome friendships

Certainly the main thing that differentiates hostels from hotels are that they’re super sociable! Yet, this is always optional.

Opt for a shared dorm and join an event if you’re keen to meet people. It has never been easier for solo travelers thanks to incredible hostels around the world!

In Italy we once met a couple on a beach. We got talking. This couple was about to travel for 2 full months in Europe - exciting, right?! We told them we have been traveling almost 3 years non-stop. They asked us with big eyes ”What do you do not to get bored?!”

That question blew my mind in so many ways. Long story short, one thing we told them was to choose hostels over hotels or Airbnb when they feel bored. A hostel is a place to meet and greet.

Hostels are a great way to build lifelong friendships. Give it a try! Oh, and in case you need to get a conversation started, a good start is usually “hello”.

2. You share, you care

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Staying in a hostel ultimately leads to meeting like-minded people that have many stories to share. And so will you!

This shared love of travel and upscale hostels leads to enthusiastic conversations with people that want to share and care to listen in return. Forget blank faces as you re-tell your epic adventure - hostels are THE place to meet people who just, well, get it.

3. Your next destination may be discovered thanks to insider tips

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One thing’s for sure; staff at epic hostels across the world are passionate about the area and know it well.

Unlike other accommodations, hostel staff have plenty of time to dedicate to their guests. They love to share insider tips, secret locations and local knowledge. Heck, in a lot of hostels they’re on hand 24/7.

Not only that, but you’re bound to meet world travelers that can give you awesome info about a destination somewhere exotic. Your list will be ever increasing!

Sometimes, travelers who just met in the hostel even choose to travel together to the next places.

4. Unique tours & activities by the hostel

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By far one of the best reasons to stay in a hostel is to take advantage of the many free, social and unique tours and activities.

This can be anything from a local pub crawl, to group yoga and cooking classes.

Party hostels usually always have something happening. It’s best to be familiar with the hostel type and check out a hostel’s website to see what kind of activities they have on offer before you book.

For example, the wonderful Ecomama in Amsterdam runs their very own red-light district tours. Super fun, on a budget, and a great way to tour the famous red light district with your hostel mates.
We wrote about it in our guide to best hostels in Amsterdam.

5. You learn a variety of new things

Travel is education and it can teach us so many things.

Hostels are a place to develop new skills and learn new things. Hostels around the world encourage socializing and personal development.

Learn about yourself, try your hand at a new hobby, discover cultures and enjoy the ultimate freedom to be who you want to be.

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A few Disadvantages of Hostels

Of course, we like to stay in hostels. They come with a lot of great advantages. Yet, there are a few downsides.

1. Not all hostels are awesome

The majority of hostels out there are not high-standard. For obvious reasons: They are budget accommodations. Pay close attention to reviews and websites like ours at Hostelgeeks.com to see if a hostel is actually worth it.

2. Not all hostels are social

That goes in the same direction. Some hostels just offer dorms for sleeping, but there is no social component. Again, always read reviews to get a better idea.

3. Snoring in dorms

When choosing a dorm, you cannot choose your roommates. Sometimes, you may end up in a room with a snorer. NOT COOL!

While snorers are actually encouraged not to choose a dorm, few don’t seem to care. Female travelers also have the option of going for a female-only dorm. Chances are lower that girls snore.

4. Privacy

When staying in a hostel, you give up a bit of your privacy. You share the room, the common area, the toilet, and the kitchen. You cannot behave like you own the place, and you have to clean your dishes and such. That one is pretty obvious, right?!

So what do you think? Do you want to give hostels a try.

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