5 Places in Canada For Adventurous Travelers

Canada ranks very high on the list of the best countries for adventurous travelers. Whether you love skiing, cycling, hiking, or watching wildlife, the country has something for you. Here are five of the best places in Canada for adventurous travelers:

Photo Credit: unsplash.com

Photo Credit: unsplash.com

1. Banff National Park 

If you love outdoor adventures, you should make a point of visiting Banff National Park at least once in your lifetime. You can start by going to Lake Louise for a glimpse at one of the most beautiful water bodies in the world. Most people like canoeing in this lake or walking the boardwalk. 

If you want to avoid the photo freak crowd, you should visit the area early in the morning or late in the evening. Just a few meters from this lake, you will find the glowing Moraine Lake and the Rockpile Trail. These are some of the best spots for photography in Canada. 

2. Johnstone Strait 

It would be a crime to visit Canada and not go to the Johnstone Strait. This place has been referred to as the first Whale Heritage Site in the world because it’s full of killer whales and orcas. Most people kayak in the water with them. Beyond the small village of Telegraph Cove, you should not expect to see any signs of human habitation. 

3. Whistler 

More than two million people visit Whistler every year to ski at one of the best ski resorts in the world, and you should join them at least once. The place has more than 200 marked trails, and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a path that suits your skill level. Not into skiing? No problem. You can still visit the resort for tubing, winter ziplining, and snowshoeing

You will also get the chance to visit a famous bobsled centre and the luxurious Scandinave Spa. Remember to wear helmets and other safety gear. 

Photo Credit: unsplash.com

Photo Credit: unsplash.com

4. The Great Trail 

No outdoor adventure would be complete without a hike on The Great Trail. This trail goes through 13 provinces and territories, and it currently covers a distance of 24,000 km – described as the longest footpath in the world. You would need about two years to walk the entire trail. 

There is a myriad of activities you can enjoy on this path, and the most popular of these activities is hiking. The place is also reasonably famous as a skiers destination. You can choose to bring your bike, horse or snowmobile and enjoy a variety of activities on this world-famous trail.


5. Tofino

On the west coast of Vancouver Island, you will find a small surfing community known as Tofino. Although travel bloggers, including 1Cover’s Ben Groundwater, say all Candanians are funny and hospitable and kind, this surfing community is particularly welcoming. 

Surfing isn’t the only thing that draws people to the area- it also has breath-taking natural beauty. You can visit the area to relax as you enjoy the sights. Tofino is also an excellent place for bear and whale watching, particularly in mid-April through September.

Photo Credit: unsplash.com

Photo Credit: unsplash.com


If you love adventure, then Canada should be in your list of must-visit countries. Some places you should visit in this country include the Banff National Park, Johnstone Strait, Whistler, The Great Trail, and Tofino.

*This blog was submitted as a guest blog for Monica Goes