A Look Back at 2018 and What I'm Excited About for 2019!

I LOVE New Years! And not because of the ball drop or the midnight kissing. I love it because it’s full of hope and promise. It’s the one time of the year when it seems like everyone just got out of a Tony Robbins convention and is excited about life. And I get it, most of the motivations start slowly slipping away from people the second they return to their 9-5 the following Monday, but for just this one time of year, people believe the seemingly impossible just might be possible.

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Every year since 1995, I sit down on New Year's Eve and reflect on my resolutions from the last year and make a list for the new one. The ones I didn’t get accomplished get crossed out with a red marker and get moved over to the new list (As long as they still apply. Getting Richie to take me to the spring dance wouldn’t make much sense anymore). The ones I did accomplish get a blue smiley face next to them. I do this for a few reasons; 1. I believe it’s incredibly important to actually WRITE out your goals, and 2. I think it’s equally as important to look back and see how far you’ve come.

*Bonus tip: We all know how impossible a big goal can seem so over the years I’ve also started breaking down each goal working backward monthly, yearly, and even daily into steps I can take to reach that end goal. Example: If your goal is to save $12,000 by the end of the year that’s $1,000 a month or $250 a week, so set aside roughly $36 a day and you’ll nail it! *


This year, more than any other, I realized the importance of also looking back for gratitude. I’ll be honest, 2018 put me through the emotional ringer. Starting right off with a friends death, my grandpa’s death, losing a job I was dreaming about, and a heartbreak…all within two days. I had a hard time pulling myself out of a dark place and by the end of the year, I just felt simply drained.


And then I sat down to make my annual recap video! I watched through these fun, amazing, trips filled with laughter and adventure. I watched as I explored 7 incredible states and endless amounts of waterfalls, mountains, and beaches. It was as if I suddenly saw 2018 through someone else’s eyes. For what in my mind had been a really bad year, it was a REALLY GREAT year!

I’ve also tried to make a point that instead of saying “it was a BAD year”, replacing it with “it was a TRANSITIONAL year”. I truly believe that even the hard stuff is creating building blocks of lessons and strength in our character and life. It’s so easy to get stuck in self-pity and think “why me?” but switching it and thinking “this will help me grow” can be life-changing.


The last few months have really proven how much of a transitional year 2018 really was. I decided that if I wanted different results, I had to do things differently. I hired a business coach, started pitching for collaborations, got clear on my goals and habits for the show, and began taking baby steps toward the person I want to be and the career I want to have.

PHEW! Now looking ahead! Within the last month, my calendar for 2019 started filling up which is crazy exciting! In January alone I am filming for Tempe Arizona Tourism, speaking at the Women in Travel Summit, and beginning a new hosting venture as a host on AfterBuzz TV! There are going to be some exciting collaborations taking place in Utah and Canada, more trade shows and conferences, hosting music festivals, and more!!!


To say I have never been more hopeful and optimistic going into a new year would be an understatement! But my biggest goal for 2019 is to be more present and positive on a daily basis. I don’t want it to be December 31, 2019, when I sit down and realize I had an epic year. I want to live each adventure from the hardcore to the mundane, to the fullest. And whatever ups and downs the year brings, may they be seen as lessons and strength.

Check out my 2018 travel recap in the video below.

Now my favorite part: what lessons did 2018 teach you? And what are you most excited about going into 2019?