I Hate Blogging! So...

I hate blogging! I know, you're thinking "Wait, what?!? You're blogging right now!" Let me explain. I like to write and I LOVE to talk (ask my husband!) but for some reason I could not get into blogging! I started this blog when I started my web series Monica Goes (shameless plug...click here to watch!) simply because I was told I NEEDED a blog. It seemed like another outlet to get my show watched. But between the gazillion social media sites, my YouTube channel, planning, creating, and editing my show, starting the website, going on auditions, traveling, and keeping up with my paying job, the blog was just one more thing! It felt like such a chore to sit down and write it. I tried to make one to go with each episode but explaining in detail "turn right after 4.2 miles" was boring.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to talk about travel and adventure but I was going about it the wrong way. That was until now. I attended the Women in Travel Summit over this past weekend and was blown away! While I am a host and vlogger, I figured all the panels on blogging and branding could be useful as well, and were they ever!

I figured out why I hated blogging! While I loved WHAT I was writing about, I hated the WAY I was writing about it. I don't want to be a travel guide (there's enough of those written by much more qualified people). What I'm most passionate about is INSPIRING people to go on these adventures and finding doable ways to accomplish that despite money, resources, time, fear, friends, loved ones, etc. When I talk to my friends, its about careers, relationships, chasing our dreams, and balancing and combining all of these. THAT'S what I want to write about!



So from here on out, it's about to get a lot more personal! I want to share what it's like to be married to someone who doesn't like to travel (I know, "that exists?" but it does). I want to talk about how I balance paying bills and keeping my home life afloat while going on adventures once a month. I want to talk about building a following and trying to make this my career. And more than anything I want to write about this stuff, they way I THINK about this stuff and the way I TALK about this stuff. I want my blog to reflect me and not just the show.

And I also want to hear from you! Have you watched the show? Do you have questions? What do YOU struggle with in the planning, going on, and coming home from travels? Let's make this a conversation! There are few things I cherish as much as the time I spend chatting with my friends or my husband over coffee or wine. I want treat my blog the same way, and ya'll as my friends! So grab a cup a joe or some vino and let's chat!