Boatin' on the Bayou

One thing I try to do no matter where I go, is find a unique adventure; and if I can, something outdoors. For my trip to New Orleans, I had one goal: go on an airboat ride! Mission accomplished! And it was everything I'd hoped for and more! Airboats are flat-bottom boats with aircraft propellers attached to the back. They're used for fishing, hunting, and tours through swampy areas like the Florida Everglades and the Louisiana Bayou. I always think of them from the movie Water Boy! (no? just me?) And for the fun part, They have no brakes and no reverse! A truly awesome adventure!

I went on a rainy day in October and I was a little nervous with the weather being so grey and cold but it all just added to the swampy experience. Airboat Adventures is about 30 minutes from the French Quarter. It was wonderful to get out of the city and see a little of the back country of Louisiana as well.

I was a little anxious pulling up to a tiny dock in the middle of nowhere and hearing the boat operators in full cajun accents getting prepped for the day. But everyone was so incredibly nice! Inside the ticket area there was also a souvenir shop (which came in handy for ponchos) and two alligators! One was albino which was stunning and awesome to see up close.

After some necessary photo ops with the stuffed alligators, it was time to get up close and personal with the real ones! The boat was a blast, zipping through the water and taking crazy sharp turns was an adrenaline rush.

Our first stop to see alligators was an eye opener. Apparently, they eat marshmallows! So we not only got to see them up close, we got to FEED THEM! Our amazing guide also gave us lots of great information about alligators and other plants and animals on that live in the swamp.

As we were heading back, we got another treat; A raccoon who ALSO enjoyed marshmallows. The curious little guy climbed above us on a tree and our guide fed him marshmallows on a stick! As we came back to the dock we also witnessed two bald eagles.

Between the vast amounts of wildlife, the colorful guide, feeding alligators, and an adrenaline rush ride, this was definitely my favorite part of my New Orleans adventure. While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you visit the Big Easy, I highly recommend it! Watch the whole adventure episode below!


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