5 Reasons You Should Book A Trip To Central New York

When most people think of New York they think of the city. But I had the luxury of spending two weeks exploring the central part of the state and couldn’t get enough! The diversity of adventure, food and drinks, and culture left me blown away and wanting more! Here are 5 reasons you should go see for yourself!


With over 2,000 waterfalls in the state of New York, the options are endless! From Watkins Glen State Park where you walk along a gorge following multiple waterfalls to Delphi Falls which is the state of New York’s newest public waterfall, I could spend an entire month just searching them out!

2. History and Tradition

New York officially became a state back in 1788 making it the 11th of the United States. This means that there is a LOT of history here. From the Erie Canal being the epicenter of transportation, to the Farmer’s Museum preserving the areas rich agricultural history, to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown where America’s pastime began, there are endless ways to embrace our country’s traditions here.

3. Getting back to the land

There’s something cozy and down home about visiting farms and apple orchards. Here in Central New York they’re all about getting back to the land. Places like Crtiz Farms, Fly Creek Cider Mill, and Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards combine small town charm with world class foods!

4. BEER, BEER, and more BEER! (and Cider, Wine, Whiskey and more!)

Back in the 1880’s, before prohibition, 80% of the nation’s hops were produced in New York. Central New York has seen a resurgence of craft beverages recently and there are currently over 65 breweries, wineries, and distilleries in this area alone. In the time I was there, I managed to hit 10 breweries, 4 wineries, and a distillery! The crazy thing was, they were all AMAZING!

Along with great drinks, Central New York has some incredible food!!! There is so much pride in the agricultural history of this area and it shows with farm-to-glass and farm-to-table experiences. Good Nature Farm Brewery and Finger Lakes Cider House pride themselves on making everything from scratch. Felisha’s Atomic Bakery does beer and cupcake pairings. The Ithaca is Foodies tour gave me another look at the unique food scene here in Central New York with Ethiopian and Vegan foods as well as olive oil tasting!

Needless to say you could spend weeks, if not months, eating and drinking your way around the state! Just be prepared to leave with bigger pants.

5. Adventure and Altruism

Every now and then, traveling, you find a place that captures your heart. For me that was The Root Farm. The farm is located in Oneida County New York and is a non-profit organization that helps disabled people experience their freedom again. From horseback riding, to a handicap accessible ropes courses, to zip lining, this incredible organization is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. What’s more than that, this place is filled with so much heart! Listening to the stories of the people who’ve come here and were transformed was incredible! And of course ending the day zip lining and doing a rock wall weren’t so bad either! The Root Farm is open to the public and if you’re ever in the area and want to be a part of something truly special I highly recommend checking it out! To learn more go to https://www.rootfarm.org

Traveling as much as I do I so often feel like a tourist in new destinations. It’s so rare to not only feel like a traveler but to feel like a local and be treated like you belong in a new place. Central New York felt like a home I never knew I missed. There’s a quiet magic here; in the land, in the beer, and in the people. Check out the video below and see why Central New York should be your next destination!

To learn more about the places I visited check out the links below:


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Delphi Falls https://www.madisoncounty.ny.gov/2312/Delphi-Falls-Park

Shequagua Falls http://nyfalls.com/waterfalls/shequaga-falls/


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