A New Celebration

10/17...a day I anticipated for 29 years, celebrated for three, dreaded for three months and now choose to celebrate again...in a different way. Now it's my Independence Day. I celebrate my choice to take a chance on love, have my heart destroyed and rise from the ashes refusing to let anger or bitterness be a part of my future and will walk forward in hope and love. Today is not about what should have been or what could have been but who I am and who I choose to be. It's no longer about us. It's about me and the freedom and strength I have found. It's about the plan blowing up and being left with choices to design the future I want.

I refuse to let this be a sad day where I look backwards in mourning and choose to let it be a celebration for the life ahead. I will not let one person take away a day that has had significance my whole life. I choose to move forward in celebration and hope that someday I will share this date with someone else and for now it is for me. I am enough.