Adventure Chat #36 -Giving Back Adventures


Q1: Have you ever travelled or gone on an adventure with the specific purpose of giving back? Q2: Have you ever taken a trip and a surprise opportunity to give back popped up?

Q3: Giving back doesn't have to be something about uplifting others? Any specific adventures where this came into play?

Q4: Tell us about your experience and the feelings you had.

Q5: What are some specific organizations that you volunteer for or give back to?

Q6: How can we incorporate giving back into our adventures?

Q7: Do you give back or volunteer locally?

Q8: If you could go on one adventure with the specific purpose of giving back what would it be?

Q9: People? Places? Environment? Animals? What are the things that you try to protect the most?

Q10: What is your favorite uplifting quote to inspire everyone.