Adventure Chat #31 - Unfinished Adventures


When I began participating in Twitter chats I loved the amount of interacting and great information I was seeing. I also noticed that most chats were about travel. While I love traveling, I am more of an adventure junkie and enjoy local activities like camping and hiking and the occasional road trip. So, I started my own Twitter chat called #adventurechat on Monday’s at 10 am pst. It’s a fun and informative way for me to learn from everyone else’s adventures. I’ve had more than one person ask me for a blog transcript so here we go. I’ve taken out all retweets and responses that are confusing as well as putting all Q and A’s in order. While the pictures were beautiful I do not have the right to include them here but they are all a part of the full transcript on For my 31st chat, I had co-host @thatoutdoorguy to talk about Unfinished Adventures.  Here are the questions and transcripts from the chat.


Q1. Is there an adventures that you haven’t completed that you plan to finish in 2016?

Q2. Is this adventure a #BucketListItem, or just something that you feel compelled to complete?

Q3. Hiking? Backpacking? A water-borne adventure? Road Trip? #SpillTheBeans

Q4. Is there much planning needed to successfully complete your adventure?

Q5. Will the completion of this adventure be costly, or is it more of a personal pride issue?

Q6. Is this a family adventure, an event with friends, or a solo event?

Q7. How long do you anticipate it will take you complete your adventure?

Q8. Will you be updating your #SocialMedia platforms with news and photos?

Q9. Are you hoping to inspire others to complete THEIR #UnfinishedAdventures through yours?

Q10. Anything we left out that you’d like to share about completing your #UnfinishedAdventures?

@monicagoesshow: Hey all! Welcome to #adventurechat! Who’s with us today?

@monicagoesshow: So excited to have two-time host @ThatOutdoorGuy to talk ‘Unfinished Adventures’ #adventurechat

@COlandloping: First timer here in western Colorado! Pumped. #adventurechat

@tinaoutdoors: Hello from the east coast #adventurechat Ready to talk

@ThatOutdoorGuy: It's always a pleasure to discuss #adventures, Monica, especially on #adventurechat!

@BGJensen: I'm here, as always when there's adventure on the agenda :)

@BenOnAdventures: hey I'm here!! #AdventureChat

@TA_iceland: Hi there, joining from #Iceland & looking forward to read about some awesome adventures that ppl r planning #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: Q1. Is there an adventure that you haven’t completed that you plan to complete in 2016? #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: A1: I really want to go back and finish Half Dome with a pass to the summit! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: And finally make the catch at the flying trapeze! #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: A1. Not really, although we’re planning another epic #RoadTrip for this coming July! #StayTuned #adventurechat

@COlandloping: A1 more road trips in really rural CO. The more I find out about CO the more I realize there's SO much to see #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: A1: We've been building the #InnTownCampground for years, on the final stretch @ThatOutdoorGuy @monicagoesshow #AdventureChat

@AFKTravel: A1: Sand boarding in Namibia - planned to do it on a trip 2 years ago, but ran out of time #AdventureChat

@tinaoutdoors: A1 I want to do all 16 state parks in Delaware within the next few months

@averi_melcher: A1 Last year I prepped for a #bikepacking ride from San Fran-San Diego. This year, it's happening! #adventurechat

@BGJensen: A1: Didn't reach the summit of #MtWhitney last year. I'll give it another try. #adventurechat #travel #reisen #go

@jens2go: A1: Oh yes. Failed to circle that glacier in Norway on snowshoes last year due to 3-day-snowstorm. Returning this year. ;-)

@julietrevelyan: Hello all! A1 Mini-adventure: I have yet to backpack Hall's Creek Narrows in Capitol Reef NP. 2016 or bust. #adventurechat

@jens2go: A1: Looking alright in this picture ... just hours before the storm hit us.

@iwanderandroam: A1: Would love to walk to West Highland way in Scotland

@MrTrollHorse: A1: My adventure goal that I haven't finished yet is to hike the Panorama Trail in Yosemite @monicagoesshow @ThatOutdoorGuy

@tinberrytravels: Jumping in to #adventurechat rather late but A1. Northern Lights is high on this years list.

@findinganeish: A1. I've done two consecutive, connected long-distance footpaths now, so would be nice to do a third in 2016. #adventurechat

@FlatlanderHank: A1. I'd like to go on an adventure with both my brother and my sister, perhaps backcountry camping in the wilderness...?

@boomergirl50: Q1 Hike the Skyline Trail on Nova Scotia's famous Cabot Trail. #Canada #adventurechat

@VanessasWay: A1: A pretty big one actually. Started the West Highland Way last year and this year I'll finish it #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: Q2. Is this adventure a #BucketListItem, or just something that you feel compelled to complete? #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: A2: More just something I want to complete. I don’t like feeling like I got so close to something and didn’t finish #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: A2. After our 8701-mile #CrosscountryNPFamilyRoadTrip, we’re addicted, and are already brainstorming! #adventurechat

@COlandloping: A2 compelled! so many quirky mountain towns and wilderness areas to wander/backpack/roam. #adventurechat

@oxford_seminars: Great question:) Hopping on a few minutes late. ⬇️ If there is, we can help with that! #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: I feel you! If we'd only take the time to explore in our backyards, we'd find ADVENTURE AWAITING! #adventurechat

@tinaoutdoors: A2 Feel compelled since I've lived here 18 years, want to get fit, stay healthy for those BIG adventures when we go west #adventurechat

@jens2go: Bit late for tonight's #adventurechat. And short of time, I'm afraid. Anyway, wanted to pop down and say "Hi!".

@BenOnAdventures: yes the CDT with @off_the_face this year #AdventureChat

@averi_melcher: A2: This tour is going to be practice for my true #bucketlistitem: cycling from Alaska to Argentina #adventurechat

@julietrevelyan: A2 Just compelled. It's my backyard, and *whispers* I'm an area guide. Ahem. Slinking away shamefaced now. #adventurechat

@jens2go: A2: Not really a 'bucket list item', but yet an unfinished venture. No-one likes loose ends, huh? ;-)

@iwanderandroam: A2: bucket list for sure #adventurechat

@MrTrollHorse: A2: It's not on my bucket list but I still want to hike Yosemite again!

@findinganeish: A2. It never used to be, but since the West Highland Way hiking's become a big part of my life, and therefore my bucket list. #adventurechat

@tinberrytravels: A2.Don't really have #bucketlist but lots of things I want to do. But always learning about new things I'd love to try

@FlatlanderHank: A2. Yeah, an #adventure with my #siblings is definitely a #bucketlist thing, @ThatOutdoorGuy

@VanessasWay: A2: Both, I've had so many people tell me about how gorgeous the scenery is, it had to turn out this way #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: Q3. Hiking? Backpacking? A water-borne adventure? Road Trip?

@monicagoesshow: A3: Can I say all of the above? I also really want to backpack in Havasau this year! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures: both. I just love any adventure really. #AdventureChat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: I was thinking ALL THE ABOVE, too! : ) #adventurechat

@AFKTravel: A3: Road trip! There is no better way to explore little town, & find the best food than a road trip #AdventureChat

@COlandloping: A3 more backpacking! lots of hiking. got an inflatable kayak, hoping to take it to random bodies of water too #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: A3. We’re calling this one our #AppalachianMtnFamilyRoadTrip, as we explore the length of the chain. #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures: all of the above. Gotta keep it mixed up. #AdventureChat

@tinaoutdoors: A3 hiking, camping, day road trips and maybe throw in a water adventure

@mountainsquid04: A3. All but the water part unless I fall into a river . . . haha . . .

@ThatOutdoorGuy: A3. BOTH SIDES of the cchain, if time allows! #adventurechat

@PureADK: A3. A little bit of all of those! We enjoy mixing up the activities & types of trips. #AdventureChat

@COlandloping: yep, gotta complete the #52hikechallenge somehow! ;) #adventurechat

@iwanderandroam: A3: usually all about epic cycle trips but bit of hiking is fun too

@jens2go: A3: Hiking and camping for that winter tour, but definitely also returning (in)to water to log some dives later the year.

@julietrevelyan: A3 Hiking mostly, maybe some backpacking. My dog got cancer last fall, so taking a lot of things one day at a time. #adventurechat

@MrTrollHorse: A3: Road trip because my @Toyota is dependable and will never let me down on the road! @monicagoesshow @ThatOutdoorGuy

@BGJensen: A3: My favorite is to combine it all, #roadtrip, #hiking and #backpacking. The perfect meal! #adventurechat #travel

@findinganeish: A3. Hiking's where my head (and heart) is at just now. In Scotland we have the right to roam, so I might as well use it. #adventurechat

@tinberrytravels: A3. Happily do any. Really want try hanggliding but this I'll need a few pennies

@FlatlanderHank: A3. Right now I've suggested a heli-transport camping, which none of us has done yet, @ThatOutdoorGuy... Usually I hike in.

@InnTownCamp: A3: More family camping #letscamp @ThatOutdoorGuy @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@boomergirl50: Q3 We #roadtrip Canada for @Roadstories. #BritishColumbia ferry route on our 2016 bucket list. #adventurechat

@VanessasWay: A3: Hiking and more hiking. A friend got me into it and now I can't think of anything else #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: Q4. Is there much planning needed to successfully complete your adventure? #adventurechat

@BGJensen: Capitol Reef is like the lesser known wilderness of the Utah parks, but I would love to explore it too. #adventurechat

@rangerkaitimay: A4: I think planning is part of the fun of your adventure!

@AFKTravel: A4: No, just need to hire a car that fits my sand boarding gear, & pick up my co-driver - we usually just wing accommodation #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow: A4: For the trapeze catch, no planning but for Half Dome, yes! I need a permit #adventurechat

@MrTrollHorse: A4: Actually there is some planning but it's not hard that I believe to be.

@averi_melcher: Scotland is soo beautiful! Just did a little trek around the Highlands & Isle of Skye #adventurechat

@TravelAtWill: Adding Byrce and Zion to our National Park list is yet Unfinished Adventures! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures: yes ALOT #AdventureChat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: Right, KB! Last-minute camping trips are easy, while crosscountry road trips, not so much. #adventurechat

@jens2go: A4: Planning's done. Actually, it's the *right* weather which counts (less snow storms, please). ;-)

@COlandloping: A4 maps. lots of maps. gotta get better at reading them. #adventurechat

@iwanderandroam: A4: book a flight, pack camping gear, get going #adventurechat

@averi_melcher: The plan allows for a year and a half, but the route proves to have many beautiful distractions along the way :) #adventurechat

@findinganeish: A4. Finding a trail and booking the necessary accommodation along the way. I'm a hiker, not a camper. #adventurechat

@julietrevelyan: A4 Planning any trip for me always involves finding good mini-farm care, and scheduling around guiding & writing. #adventurechat

@boomergirl50: Q4 Mid wk less planning req'd than wkends in #Canada Less traffic, more #campsites #lodging. #adventurechat

@Go_hunt_game: just dropping by to say hi. Gotta do that work thing. A4: #Adventurechat

@VanessasWay: A4: Working full time the issue is more on the time side than anything else :/ #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: Q5. Will the completion of this adventure be costly, or is it more of a personal pride issue? #adventurechat

@AFKTravel: A5; Personal pride - I’ve been sand boarding for years, so I have my own gear and can drive to Namibia from Cape Town #AdventureChat

@COlandloping: A5 costly in time/effort, priceless in terms of the stories and experience gained! #adventurechat

@Campfire_Meals: Showing up a little late due to a meeting! Let's go #AdventureChat!!

@jens2go: A5: More pride than money. Ah, actually: more fun than anything. (I mean, how often could you explore #StarWars Hoth?! ;-) ).

@monicagoesshow: A5: More pride than money but the time off with cost a bit.

@tinaoutdoors: A5 A personal accomplishment. Love the thrill of finding cool places and write about, sharing with others #adventurechat

@mountainsquid04: @TravelAtWill #adventurechat Be sure to hike to #angelslanding! #zionnp @monicagoesshow

@ThatOutdoorGuy: A5. Thankfully, not nearly as costly as our first #RoadTrip, which lasted 33 days. #adventurechat

@Campfire_Meals: A5. An adventure on my bucket list for 2016 is going to the Rockies! It shouldn't be too costly. #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: Crash with the gazillion #AdventureFriends who live in the Rockies! : ) #adventurechat

@findinganeish: A5. Not particularly. Walking is free, so it's really just the cost of bed and breakfast. And beer, of course. #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: A5: Finishing a campground is definitely more costly then pride, build it and they will come @ThatOutdoorGuy @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@MrTrollHorse: A5: I always feel like George Bailey when it comes to my travel dreams! @monicagoesshow @ThatOutdoorGuy

@julietrevelyan: Q5 Personal pride all the way! #adventurechat

@boomergirl50: Q5 See the Arctic before it disappears, connect with nature daily, paint plein air. #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy:Q6. Is this a family adventure, an event with friends, or a solo event?

@monicagoesshow: A6: It’s more like a whoever-will-go-with-me adventure!

@ThatOutdoorGuy: Sounds like a plan, my campground-building friends! Here's hoping they ALL come...with reservations! #adventurechat

@gypsywonders: Lovin all of the incredible ladies killing it on today's #adventurechat #outdoorwomen #getoutdoors #likeagirl

@COlandloping: A6 with the husband & dog. He's a surprisingly good hiker for having short legs. #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: A6. As with all of my greatest adventures, as a single father, it is a #FamilyAdventure. #adventurechat

@Campfire_Meals: A6. I would make it an event with friends. I like solo trips, but I will never turn down a trip with friends! #adventurechat

@jens2go: Short stopover only at today's #adventurechat. But fun anyway! Hope to see you next week.

@mountainsquid04: A6. Will probably be solo. #adventurechat

@AFKTravel: A6: So far it’s me and my partner, but whoever can get time off their 9-5 and is willing to join us is welcome to come along #AdventureChat

@MrTrollHorse: A6: This year, it will be a travel with a friend unlike solo trips of last year. @monicagoesshow @ThatOutdoorGuy

@monicagoesshow: Wanna guest co-host an #adventurechat? DM me! Super fun and you pick the topic =)

@julietrevelyan: A6 With friends. Have many who've done it before, and some who haven't. Looking for a good combo. #adventurechat

@findinganeish: A6. I've done most of my walking with the same few friends, and I hope this year will be the same. #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: A6: The Inn Town Campground will be all of the above!

@tinaoutdoors: A6 Solo for most of this adventure but hubby & 2 Huskies will be tagging along for some of them #adventurechat

@VanessasWay: A6: My friend got me into it and she keeps taking me along. Basically using me for training for her BIG hikes #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: A6: I look forward to more solo adventures @monicagoesshow

@easyisaaa: A6: I look forward to more solo adventures monicagoesshow #AdventureChat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: Q7. How long do you anticipate it will take you complete your adventure? #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: A7: Trapeze? one day, Half Dome? a few days, Havasu? a week =)

@InnTownCamp: A7: @ThatOutdoorGuy @monicagoesshow We will be open this summer... craziness! #Adventurechat

@AFKTravel: A7: I’ll probably spend around 5 days in Namibia plus 2 days of driving

@ThatOutdoorGuy: A7. I’m leaving the month of July completely open, again, although we’ll do things differently this time. #adventurechat

@Campfire_Meals: A7. Most likely a week! But if I could stay longer I wouldn't turn it down! #adventurechat

@findinganeish: A7. This particular adventure should take no longer than a week. But it will hopefully be just one of many in 2016! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures: I'd say approximately 4-6 months #AdventureChat

@julietrevelyan: A7 3 days. Slow 'n easy. I sometimes rush through hikes, so I'm looking forward to ambling and soaking it in. #adventurechat

@tinaoutdoors: A7 I'll accomplish this within the next 4 months, our state parks are small compared to others & can be done as day trips #adventurechat

@COlandloping: A7 lifelong! never ending! all eternity! #adventurechat

@trintrout: 10 to 11 days Loop through S AZ from N CA #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: Q8. Will you be updating your #SocialMedia platforms with news and photos? #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: A8: Yes, come follow us on Instagram @ThatOutdoorGuy @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@Campfire_Meals: A8. Of course! I want to convince my friends and followers to try that adventure as well! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: A8: Obviously! Just started adding pics from yesterdays adventure! #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: A8. Absolutely! #InquiringMindsWantToKnow … Ha Ha Ha!

@InnTownCamp: A8: Now if only I could find the time to update the blog... @ThatOutdoorGuy @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures: yes as much as the CDT will allow #AdventureChat

@COlandloping: A8 sharing is caring! it's fun to hear/see how other people have experienced the same/similar adventures #adventurechat

@VanessasWay: Woops, seems I missed this #adventurechat Still time to join?

@AFKTravel: A8: Maybe just one or two as I’ll have limited connectivity and will be working throughout the trip #AdventureChat

@julietrevelyan: A8 For sure. Though juggling a plethora of social media platforms is a balancing act I've yet to successfully master. #adventurechat

@mountainsquid04: A8. Yeah, but since I am already 1 1/2 years behind on photos. . it'll take me awhile! #adventurechat #hikng #coloradotrail

@tinaoutdoors: A8 Yes plan to start my own challenge 1st of Feb. starting w 5 state parks in 5 days something like that #adventurechat

@gypsywonders: A8 does a wild bear...I mean, of course! #adventurechat #getoutdoors

@julietrevelyan: Yeah, I still need to get that organized. I tend to binge & purge on social media. Need to do it saner! #adventurechat

@findinganeish: A8. Oh yes, as ever. In 2016 I also plan to get to grips with Pinterest and maybe set up an Instagram account. #adventurechat

@mountainsquid04: A8. Most of my #photos go to Panoramio - but some will make it to twitter! #adventurechat

@VanessasWay: A8: My camera goes everywhere with me, so hopefully I'll be able to blog about it #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: Q9. Are you hoping to inspire others to complete THEIR #UnfinishedAdventures thru yours? #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: A9. Without question, that is one of the driving forces behind @ThatOutdoorGuy: to inspire others. #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: A9: I’m always trying to inspire people to push comfort zones and go on adventures, completing them is for my happiness =) #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: A9: I think we all have too high of expectations, I'll let folks find their own inspiration @ThatOutdoorGuy @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@julietrevelyan: A9 If that happens, it will be a sweet, unexpected bonus to a wonderful adventure. #adventurechat

@findinganeish: A9. I doubt I have that sort of influence. Sometimes I struggle convincing myself just to finish mine. #adventurechat

@AFKTravel: A9: Yes, but inspiration comes in all forms #AdventureChat

@Campfire_Meals: A9. I try. But inspire and make jealous have a thin line between them! haha #adventurechat

@tinaoutdoors: A9 Yes to inspire others and to motivate me to get outside and stay true to my dreams of being a travel writer. #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures: yes that's the intention of all my adventures big or small.

@ThatOutdoorGuy: LAST QUESTION: Q10. Anything we left out that you’d like to share about completing your # UnfinishedAdventures? #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: A10: I just love that we all seem to not only LOVE adventure but are driven to COMPLETING them too! That’s inspiring #adventurechat

@AFKTravel: A10: Always leave a destination you love with a reason to come back - in my case to go sand boarding #AdventureChat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: A10. It would be great to connect with lots of my #SocialMedia friends, like we did last time! #HintHint #adventurechat

@julietrevelyan: A10 Life is short. Finish those adventures, big or small, & believe in yourself. Get out & have fun! #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: A10: @ThatOutdoorGuy @monicagoesshow best way to recover from post vacation blues is to plan another trip #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: I seriously love how inspired and happy ya’ll make me during these chats! What a wonderful group of adventurers! #adventurechat

@findinganeish: A10. I have unfinished business with the animals of Scotland. 2016 is going to be the year of competent wildlife photography. #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy: That was LOADS OF FUN! Thanks for having me as co-host, today! You're the best, @monicagoesshow! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: Thanks all for joining in for another fun #adventurechat! We’ll be back next week with @DevonTheHT same time, same place!

@mountainsquid04: #GoodLuck and #HaveFun everyone! See you on the trail! #hiking

@Campfire_Meals: I have to take off to another meeting! Thanks for a great chat @monicagoesshow & @ThatOutdoorGuy! #adventurechat

@COlandloping: Yay you guys were awesome! Really enjoyed this #adventurechat. Excited for summer to get here

@julietrevelyan: Thank you, this was a whirlwind of fun! #adventurechat

@tinaoutdoors: Thanks @ThatOutdoorGuy and @monicagoesshow Awesome #adventurechat Now time to plan my next adventure!

@julietrevelyan: Off soon to adventure around here with Wonder Dog. #adventurechat