Adventure Chat #30 - Adventure Resolutions!


When I began participating in Twitter chats I loved the amount of interacting and great information I was seeing. I also noticed that most chats were about travel. While I love traveling, I am more of an adventure junkie and enjoy local activities like camping and hiking and the occasional road trip. So, I started my own Twitter chat called #adventurechat on Monday’s at 10 am pst. It’s a fun and informative way for me to learn from everyone else’s adventures. I’ve had more than one person ask me for a blog transcript so here we go. I’ve taken out all retweets and responses that are confusing as well as putting all Q and A’s in order. While the pictures were beautiful I do not have the right to include them here but they are all a part of the full transcript on There was no better way to kick off 2016 than with an Adventure Chat all about Resolutions! It was inspiring to share and learn what everyone learned from last years adventures and all the things people were looking forward to this year. Here is the chat! Enjoy!


  1. What was your biggest high from last year?
  2. What was your biggest low?
  3. What did you learn from your experiences last year?
  4. Do you make resolutions? Why or why not?
  5. What are your top 3 resolutions or goals for 2016?
  6. What is your plan to accomplish these?
  7. What are you looking forward to most in 2016?
  8. Share a photo of your favorite adventure from last year


@monicagoesshow: Welcome to #adventurechat everyone! Who’s with us on this bright and shiny #2016 to talk Resolutions?

@Adven_Chica: holidays were great: good food, good company, lots of rest and great libations! #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: Waving hi @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@ankit1989: Hello I am joining from Incredible India #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures: I'm here! #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel: Hey Hey @monicagoesshow. Ill be in and out, tweeting from South Africa #AdventureChat ♥

@AFKTravel: Hi #AdventureChat! Joining from #Knysna in #SouthAfrica

@jens2go: Hi there at #adventurechat and a happy new year! Hope everyone had a good start.

@59NationalParks: What if I don't make resolutions? Ok to bring up #Bigfoot instead?

@monicagoesshow:  Haha absolutely! You’re already onto my questions number 3! #adventurechat

@momfari: Hi! Popping in from snowy #Colorado! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: Alright peeps its about that time! Here we go! Q1: What was your biggest high from last year? #adventurechat

@Adven_Chica: A1 #AdventureChat - My biggest high from last year was going to CUBA!

@AFKTravel: A1: Scuba diving in Sodwana Bay just outside of #Durban in #SouthAfrica #AdventureChat

@pubclub: Hi #adventurechat! Top event of 2015 was a party. A PubClub party bus, in fact, to a #JimmyBuffett show!

@59NationalParks: A1 #Adventurechat Gosh. Meeting @SecretaryJewell

@BenOnAdventures: knowing I was the first one to hike on a local island in over 5 years, it felt amazing #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow: A1: Mine was definitely launching Monica Goes! Angles Landing and Half Dome were my favorite adventures

@jens2go: A1: In retrospective, stuck in a snowstorm at some Norwegian glacier def. was rather 'high'. :-D

@Adven_Chica: Scuba Diving is on my list... getting my certification this year #AdventureChat

@funkey_brewster: A1 I'd say it was taking the time to camp a few times a month all over the state - for a whole year #adventurechat

@momfari: A1 Biggest travel high of 2015? Family #bike trip in @GrandTetonNPS w/ @western_spirit. #adventurechat

@TETONsports: A1, our biggest high from 2015 will manifest in 2016, does that count? #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow: @TETONsports Counts in my book! Sometimes they take planning for the best rewards ;) #adventurechat

@TETONsports: It’s going to be pretty epic @monicagoesshow, we don’t use epic lightly either #Adventurechat

@CeecesTravel: A1: Working on Ceeces Travel an laying the foundation to my business for this year! #AdventureChat @monicagoesshow

@MrTrollHorse: A1: Yosemite National Park and on a stormy day after a hike in the woods. @monicagoesshow

@beckasaurousrex: A1: My solo backpacking trip in Central America! #adventurechat

@TA_iceland: A1 Making my adventure business literally fly high & meeting some great ppl along the way #paragliding #iceland

@monicagoesshow: Alright, it’s gotta happen too…Q2: What was your biggest low? #adventurechat

@AFKTravel: A2: Having a horrible reaction to malaria medication while on safari in Kenya, and missing out on most of the trip :-(

@BenOnAdventures: looking at the scale and seeing how much weight I've gained since I have started college #AdventureChat

@59NationalParks: A2 #adventurechat Honestly can't think of one. #charmedlife

@Adven_Chica: A2 #AdventureChat realizing that I no longer can eat and drink as much as I want and not gain weight :-(

@monicagoesshow: A2: Not getting a permit for Half Dome and I had a pretty rough time at a hotel in New Orleans (still great considering!) #adventurechat

@CeecesTravel: I agree @Adven_Chica. I am VERY keen to get my diving qualifications as well. Great for travel work #AdventureChat

@jens2go: A2: Same venture actually. Missing chance to really fieldtest new pulka (due to that snowstorm).

@monicagoesshow: @jens2go Sometimes the best and worst are the same adventure! #adventurechat

@jens2go: @monicagoesshow True! And ain't that what makes an #adventure - the unexpected? ;-) #adventurechat

@Landtripping: A2: Surgery on my knee. #laidupandmiserable

@momfari: A2 Getting to attend @FamilyTravAssoc summit at #Montana dude ranch-ON CRUTCHES (overuse injury). #adventurechat

@CeecesTravel: A2: Being held back in ways I couldn't control but had to suffer from. Made me stronger but it hurt #AdventureChat

@funkey_brewster: A2 losing my uncle this summer, he was a great outdoorsman. #adventurechat

@Adven_Chica: @funkey_brewster sorry about ur loss! Hope you will keep his love of the outdoors as a great memory #Adventurechat

@funkey_brewster: @monicagoesshow thanks. I honor his memory by being outdoors as much as possible #adventurechat

@MrTrollHorse: A2: Not going to Yosemite again on a sunny day and completing my 4-Mile Trail hike. @monicagoesshow

@pubclub: A2). Not going to more places! #adventurechat

@beckasaurousrex: A2: Sudden financial hits that demotivated me and held me back more than they should've #adventurechat

@TA_iceland: A2 Losing a very good friend Jure Breceljnik. Filmmaker, father and great adventurer -his last work #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: Q3: What did you learn from your experiences last year? #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures: I've learned to definitely ask. If you never ask you will never know. #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel: A3: That I can honestly overcome anything put in my path! And to stop delaying for anyone but me. #AdventureChat

@Landtripping: A3: That adventuring alone isn't so bad and has its perks.

@MrTrollHorse: A3: Just make the adventure trip a memorable one and keep searching for new places to explore. @monicagoesshow

@monicagoesshow: A3: I’ve learned I can do WAY more than I thought I was capable of! #adventurechat

@funkey_brewster: A3 that giving the gift of adventure to others is the best thing you can do #adventurechat

@momfari: A3 How much I love what I do. :-) #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: @momfari Me too! It’s so rewarding to step back and realize that huh? =) #adventurechat

@momfari: @monicagoesshow Especially after being away from writing for about 8 solid years. Didn't think I'd go back but missed it!

@AFKTravel: A3: That everything doesn’t always go my way, and I need to learn to adapt to those situations as fast as possible! #AdventureChat

@Adven_Chica: A3 #AdventureChat I have learned that ALL will be well at the end and to just enjoy the highs and the lows

@beckasaurousrex: A3: That I can do anything I put my mind to, solo or not, even when I'm broke! #adventurechat

@jens2go: A3: Serenity. Don't get angry at something you can't change anyway. Accept and adapt.

@monicagoesshow: @jens2go That’s been a hard and worthwhile lesson I keep reminding myself of #adventurechat

@FlyFrontier: A3: Always pack a light heart and a sense of humor! It will come in handy when things don't go as planned! :) #adventurechat

@TETONsports: That’s the best outlook on adventures, it changes the tone for everyone @FlyFrontier @monicagoesshow #AdventureChat

@TA_iceland: A3 Don't stop trying - it's worth it and you'll have so much fun along the way. Adventure never stops

@monicagoesshow: Ok, on to the new year, Q4: Do you make resolutions? Why or why not? #adventurechat

@adventureishani: A4. To explore more, pack light and take good photos

@AFKTravel: A4: Yes, it is a great way to set goals for myself and strive towards things I want to work towards in the new year. #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures: yes but I make them if they are realistic and obtainable. Like me losing 50 pounds. That's obtainable. #AdventureChat

@funkey_brewster: A4 I don't unless you count my list of goals for the year as resolutions lol #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: @funkey_brewster Goals and resolutions are the same in my mind! Goals is a better word in general so it’s not time-based

@monicagoesshow: A4: I LOVE to-do lists, planning, and of course resolutions! It’s a running track of how far I’ve come and what to work on

@Adven_Chica: A4 #AdventureChat I call them goals/things I'd like to do or see, not resolutions... seems to take the pressure off!

@jens2go: A4: Not really. If I need some, I already got those from last year. ;-)

@adventureishani: A4. yes.. resolutions of going to some unseen, unexplored places for #shooting and resolution @leavenotrace

@FlyFrontier: A4: Yes! A good one is to go somewhere you've never been at least once a year! #adventurechat

@Landtripping: A4: No. Resolutions are made to be broken. I'm just going to seek out happiness. Wherever she may be. #adventurechat

@pubclub: A4). No. Because I do not need resolutions to motivate me to do things. #adventurechat

@beckasaurousrex: A4: When I know I need to change something in my life I need to just do it, regardless of the day #adventurechat

@Adven_Chica: I have post it notes all over...#adventurechat Great feeling when I can scratch something off list

@monicagoesshow: @Adven_Chica I am a HUGE fan of post-it's

@jens2go: I know. Easier w/ real. that if there's really nothing to do about, any anger's just waste of energy. ;-) #adventurechat

@FlatbookHQ: A4. Yes, and we take The Dalai Lama's approach: "Once a year, go someplace you've never been before." #AdventureChat

@momfari: A4 At beginning of #newyear, I tend to reinvigorate/improve what I'm already doing. More of a fresh start than resolution.

@MrTrollHorse: A4: My resolutions...more traveling to unexplored paths and new places. @monicagoesshow

@TA_iceland: A4 I'd rather find the solutions. Feels good & you can do it all the time, not just around New Year's Day #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: Q5: What are your top 3 resolutions or goals for 2016? #adventurechat

@TETONsports: A5 @monicagoesshow 1: See the U.S. 2: Adventure with more friends 3: Straighten out our road trip playlist #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow: @TETONsports A good road trip playlist is a MUST!

@BenOnAdventures: to lose 50 pounds. Graduate college. And the big one is to do the Continental Divide Trail with @off_the_face #AdventureChat

@CharlesMcCool: A5. Travel more, spend less (on that travel), improve fitness level. @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@funkey_brewster: A5 backpack a section of pct, take a class through NOLS, try winter camping in a snowy place #adventurechat

@momfari: Good ones. I'm stealing all three. Happy new year, btw. :-) #adventurechat

@ankit1989: A5 At least One International Trip, UNESCO Sites in India and Trip to Himalayas for trekking #adventurechat

@pubclub: A5). To make more money, have fun doing it and meet fun people while doing it. -:) #adventurechat

@Landtripping: A5: I'd like to do more aqua adventures. SUP boarding, kayaking. More hiking. Also, travel across the pond. #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: A5: Mine are to find show sponsors, Make 2 go-to adventure friends, and take a backpacking trip #adventurechat

@TETONsports: Keep us posted on your adventures @monicagoesshow, sounds like we have some aligned interests #AdventureChat

@AFKTravel: A5: Gorilla trek in Rwanda, hot air balloon over the Cape Winelands & scuba dive in Egypt #AdventureChat

@Adven_Chica: A5 carry on ONLY, less planning, inspire more women to travel #AdventureChat

@pubclub: @monicagoesshow Backpacking trip to where?? And for how long?! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: @pubclub My goal is Lake Havasau or the Grand Canyon if I can find people to go with. Probably 4-6 days #adventurechat

@beckasaurousrex: A5: backpack SE Asia, my blog to take off, keep living a happy life! #adventurechat

@jens2go: A5: Just one, but overdue - finally complete and hand in that darn dissertation.

@adventureishani: 1. Climbing champion 2. Get sponsored 3. Do climbing course in uk #travel #adventurechat #india

@Adven_Chica: I need adventure friends, been doing solo stuff. Doing 1st backpacking trip in 2 weeks 2 Haiti! #adventurechat

@zurichvienna: "Plan less" is a great travel resolution! 👍🏼

@InnTownCamp: A5: More Camping! @monicagoesshow #Adventurechat

@RCGibby73: More Camping, more hiking, and hike a mountain! #adventurechat

@MrTrollHorse: A5: traveling, working out for hiking adventures, and renewing my passport @monicagoesshow

@HikingWithHendr: A5. 1)Better fitness level 2) More hiking adventures 3) Increased training on Hendrix and Bonnie #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: Ok now the hard part…Q6: What is your plan to accomplish these? #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: A6: Open a campground, can't use the excuse that I don't have anywhere to go @monicagoesshow #Adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures: preparation, hard work and determination.

@monicagoesshow: A6: Research and reaching out to people and attending hiking meetups. A big goal is to say YES to more invites!

@funkey_brewster: A6 I started saving to fund the trips already last year, reach out to friends with experience #adventurechat

@AFKTravel: A6: Work hard to fund my travels, and try finding some good deals #AdventureChat

@jens2go: A6: Work more. Still more. And ... I don't like the sound of it ... reduce roaming around. :-/

@monicagoesshow: Scheduling helps me. Although it sounds boring to “schedule adventure” it helps me get stuff done and still enjoy! #adventurechat

@Adven_Chica: A6 #AdventureChat Goal #1 Carry On Only - bought a backpack & packing what fits in it #AdventureChat

@Landtripping: A6: Make like Nike and "Just Do It". #AdventureChat

@MrTrollHorse: A6: Making plans in advance, going to the gym frequently, and saving money for my trips. @monicagoesshow

@Adven_Chica: A6 #AdventureChat Goal #2 Plan less - No longer planning excursions/hotels in advance. Only booking 1st night stay

@zurichvienna: I'll carefully write down a detailed plan on how to plan less! #adventurechat

@Adven_Chica: A6 #AdventureChat Goal #3 Inspire More women 2 travel - share more travel experience on blog and growing readership

@RCGibby73: A6: write a plan for what weekends I will "take a hike". Work on my fitness. #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow: @Adven_Chica @MrTrollHorse That’s why I love these chats! One says plan more, one says plan less! No right way to do things #adventurechat

@UST_Survival: We're not too terribly late are we @monicagoesshow?!

@monicagoesshow: @UST_Survival Never! Glad you made it!

@FlyFrontier: A6: Budget as much as possible! Experiences will last much longer than material items! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: @FlyFrontier Yes! You’ll never regret traveling!

@monicagoesshow: @MrTrollHorse @Adven_Chica @FlyFrontier Yup, No one ever dies saying “I wish I travelled less and saved more money”

@Adven_Chica: Diversity in opinion and people is what makes this world gr8 #AdventureChat

@pubclub: A6). In the words of Kermit the Frog, "ain't nothing to it but to do it!" (I worked at a movie theater 4 The Muppet Movie!) #adventurechat

@beckasaurousrex: A6: smart budgeting, consistency and commitment to my blog, and not doing things that don't make me happy! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: Q7: What are you looking forward to most in 2016?

@monicagoesshow: Wanna co-host an #adventurechat? DM! It’s super fun I promise =)

@funkey_brewster: A7 increasing my outdoor knowledge and experiencing some new places #adventurechat

@RCGibby73: A7: testing my limits and overcoming fears #Adventurechat

@jens2go: A7: Diving, again. Finally returning to Egypt.

@UST_Survival: A7: We're stacked with tradeshows, so we plan on hitting a few mountains & trails while we're out and about!

@Landtripping: Thinking about finally making it to Italy's Amalfi Coast.

@Adven_Chica: A7 #AdventureChat looking forward to visiting setting foot in Latin America mainly #Brazil and #Peru

@AFKTravel: A7: Being back home in Cape Town for 2 more months, then heading to Namibia to go sand boarding #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures: my thru hike of the Continental Divide Trail with @off_the_face #AdventureChat

@biggsy321: A7. Can't wait to run the Brighton marathon, do an "ultra" in the New Forest & maybe then a half marathon in The Hamptons #adventurechat 🏃🏼

@beckasaurousrex: A7: The unknown things life will bring!

@monicagoesshow: A7: I’m looking forward to new adventures, new friends, and taking my business to the next level. #adventurechat

@momfari: A7 Heading to #Alaska in March to watch start of the #Iditarod. #adventurechat

@HikingWithHendr: A7. Getting back in hiking/adventure groove with Hendrix. 2015 got crazy, and muted a lot of hiking for us! #adventurechat

@MissouriHowell: A7: Things are starting a little rough. Awaiting calmer seas. #adventurechat

@Adven_Chica: finding that consistency is key for my blog to grow as well! #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow: @Adven_Chica Yup! I’m trying to schedule more things out so it’s not so last minute and stressful #adventurechat

@MrTrollHorse: A7: Route 395 road trip in California, car shows, and visiting a lot of places and meeting new people. @monicagoesshow

@jens2go: @beckasaurousrex Now that's an attitude! Embrace the unknown, way to go! @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@pubclub: A7). I would like to host a travel/nightlife show. And not a dorky one like most of them out there now. #adventurechat

@adventureishani: #iceclimbimg in #Himalayas #adventurechat

@BGJensen: A7: This year I will take on #Texas and #BigBend National Park. Also, bring on the big steaks! #adventurechat #travel #reisen

@monicagoesshow: LAST ONE: Share a photo of your favorite adventure from last year #adventurechat

@AFKTravel: A8: Camel riding in Egypt #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow: This was my launching photo that started it all one year ago! #monicagoes #adventurechat

@Adven_Chica: Looking forward to seeing year 2, 5 and beyond #AdventureChat

@adventureishani: @monicagoesshow #adventurechat #climbing #travel #ttot #women #power

@beckasaurousrex: at the Lost and Found Lodge in Panama! #adventurechat

@UST_Survival:  LAST ONE: Kayak fishing in North FL! #adventurechat

@jens2go: #adventurechat Winter or summer - adventure has no season. ;-)

@InnTownCamp: Camping on the California Coast @monicagoesshow #AdventureChat

@TETONsports: We also host adventures everyone (Saturday of) , join in! @monicagoesshow @ust_survival #AdventureChat #hikerchat

@momfari: The boys this summer @GrandTetonNPS, Jackson Lake Lodge. #adventurechat

@funkey_brewster: sunrise on 1 of our many camping trips. my husband @JamesScott7870 in the foreground #adventurechat

@FlyFrontier: Breathtaking view of Mt. Rainier! #adventurechat

@Adven_Chica: Last Question - taking my mom on our 1st mother daughter trip in #Senegal

@monicagoesshow: I'm cheating...this was one I actually TOOK last year on my favorite adventure at Angels Landing #adventurechat

@HikingWithHendr:  Last hike before moving from AZ! Can't wait to go back!

@monicagoesshow: Thank you all for an amazing first #adventurechat of 2016! Ya’ll are amazing and I can’t wait to follow your adventures this year!

@UST_Survival: Always a blast dropping in for #adventurechat

@Adven_Chica: #AdventureChat Recap - Life is made of highs and lows, but don't stop ur adventures. Looking fwd 2 all 2016 adventures 'til next time!

@monicagoesshow: @Adven_Chica beautifully said! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow: And if you’re interested in co-hosting with me for a fun-filled #adventurechat DM me =)

@jens2go: Thanks everyone for that exciting first #adventurechat of this year! Happy travels and many adventures!