Adventure Chat #25 - Adventure Wanderlust

When I began participating in Twitter chats I loved the amount of interacting and great information I was seeing. I also noticed that most chats were about travel. While I love traveling, I am more of an adventure junkie and enjoy local activities like camping and hiking and the occasional road trip. So, I started my own Twitter chat called #adventurechat on Monday’s at 10 am pst. It’s a fun and informative way for me to learn from everyone else’s adventures. I’ve had more than one person ask me for a blog transcript so here we go. I’ve taken out all retweets and responses that are confusing as well as putting all Q and A’s in order. While the pictures were beautiful I do not have the right to include them here but they are all a part of the full transcript on

My 25th chat was all about Wanderlust Adventures with my guest co-host @InnTownCamp. My new sub host @benonadventures took over for me as well so this recap was a great way for me to see what I missed! Here are the questions and transcripts from the chat.


Q1: Who is your source of inspiration for your spirit of adventure?
Q2: What are 3 adventures on your bucket list?
Q3: Are you more adventuresome now vs. 10 years ago?
Q4: Do you have a favorite past adventure?
Q5: Is there someone else's adventure you admire, tag or share a link.
Q6: What's your best hometown backyard go to adventure?
Q7: When trying to determine your next adventure what are top things you take into account?
Q8: How do you like to share your adventures online?
Q9: What advice would you give to yourself for your next adventure?
Q10: If you could hop on a plane tomorrow and go somewhere, where would you go?

@monicagoesshow: Welcome to #adventurechat! Today’s guest host is the lovely @InnTownCamp! Who’s ready to chat ‘Wanderlust Adventures’?

@InnTownCamp: Welcome to #AdventureChat, who's joining us today?

@monicagoesshow: I would like to welcome my new sub host @BenOnAdventures! He’ll be taking over #adventurechat on weeks I can’t make it so ya’ll can chat on!

@BenOnAdventures: Thanks Monica! We'll keep the adventurous talk going! #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures: Today's adventure chat is about Adventure Wanderlust, co hosting with me today will be @InnTownCamp Who's here? #AdventureChat

@CABikeTours: Hi all. Coming to you from the hot Southern California beaches - on the bike path. #adventurechat

@oxford_seminars: We are here! #adventurechat

@oxford_seminars: Our favorite subjects. #Wanderlust and #Adventure! #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: Q1: Who is your source of inspiration for your spirit of adventure? #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures: My source of inspiration is the idea of being able to get out there and explore whats unexplored

@InnTownCamp A1: I love following people on Instagram traveling the globe @BenOnAdventures @monicagoesshow

@RTWBarefoot: A1: I don't think I have *one* inspiration - I've just taken influences in! :)

@RTWBarefoot:  - parents, books, TV documentaries ... my childhood was filled with them :)

@CABikeTours: A1). Other people and hearing about fun and cool places they have been peaks my travel interests.

@RTWBarefoot: sorry that sounds very vague! Maybe for me it's been a gradual building up?!

@InnTownCamp: It helps to have people who value the outdoors in our early lives

@BenOnAdventures: that's how all of us are, we all get built up by so many experiences in our lives #AdventureChat

@RTWBarefoot: definitely, provides realism to words & pictures. But map books helped me too!

@pubclub: A1.) First big inspiration for travel was a former hairdresser who spoke glowingly about the Greek Islands. She was right! #adventurechat

@tripcipe: A1 Pinterest boards and blogs really help me plan my trips! Any beautiful picture will get me on a plane

@oxford_seminars: A1: Our #ESL graduates abroad share their adventures with us & those are definitely inspirational #adventurechat

@TA_iceland: A1 The world is full of inspiration so I always get new ideas for my next #TrueAdventure #AdventureChat

@TTGLOBE4L:  #A1: my dad due to his stories of adventures in the Middle East #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: Q2: What are 3 adventures on your bucket list?  

@BenOnAdventures: Hike on every continent. Everest. Explore untamed wilderness. #AdventureChat

@InnTownCamp: A2: I would love to drive across Australia, hike more of the PCT and sit on a beach in Italy

@RTWBarefoot: A2: I need to explore a) more of South America, b) a volcano (!), and c) Southern Africa. :)

@CABikeTours: A2). One is a true adventure - Biking Highway 1 from Carmel to Paso Robles. Maybe even to Santa Barbara.

@TravelAtWill: Q2 Just back from Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. On our list forever! #adventurechat @monicagoesshow @BenOnAdventures

@tripcipe: A2 Tomorrow land is a must see, Oktoberfest, and Italy's chocolate festival! #adventurechat @BenOnAdventures

@InnTownCamp: The best cure for post vacation blues is to plan another trip, works for all adventures @CABikeTours

@pubclub: A2.) New Zealand (lot of adventure there), tubing down a river, maybe even some white water rafting.

@RTWBarefoot: I've been to Chile; I really want to see Argentina & Bolivia. I'd probably backpack but def scope for volunteering! #AdventureChat

@TA_iceland: A2 Winter 2015-16 - indoor skydiving & make snow house to sleep in "again". One more on my long term list - wingsuit flying #adventurechat

@TTGLOBE4L: climb #Kilimanjaro, cage diving in #SouthAfrica and hike the #IncaTrail #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp:Q3:Are you more adventuresome now vs. 10 years ago? #AdventureChat

@RTWBarefoot: A3: Ohhh far far more; travel & adventure have made me more self-confident to venture into the unknown :)

@BenOnAdventures: yes definitely. My expectations over the past 10 years helped prepare me more #AdventureChat

@InnTownCamp: A3: No, I think it's a lifetime of adventures that has gotten us to this stage

@tripcipe: A3 I'm more adventurous now more than 10 years ago, Now that I can afford longer trips! #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: But then responsibilites get in the way, long live the summer we lived in a van and drove to AK @tripcipe

@RTWBarefoot: *cough* I did it anyway, queue a few years of debt management ... :D #AdventureChat

@TravelAtWill: Q3 Travel more broadly now with more time No longer skydiving, scuba instead. “@InnTownCamp

@iTweetInMySleep: A3: Now! I try to learn about other #countries and #cultures #adventurechat

@RTWBarefoot: Certainly I'd not've been able to do my more recent adventures, say, 10yrs ago. #AdventureChat

@TA_iceland: A3 Don't need to compare - I just go for #adventure when I want to do it and it's always been this way.

@InnTownCamp: Q4: Do you have a favorite past adventure? #AdventureChat 

@InnTownCamp: A4: Driving to Alaska in a VW Bus @BenOnAdventures @monicagoesshow #AdventureChat #VanLife

@RTWBarefoot:  A4: all my adventures are special in their own way, by their different natures.

@BenOnAdventures:  my favorite past adventure is virtually all of them and the memories they make #AdventureChat

@RTWBarefoot: A4: I'd say tho Laos/Cambodia in '12, as it proved I could travel alone fine.

@CABikeTours: A4.) I love giving bike tours along The Strand in LA's Beach Cities! #adventurechat

@tripcipe: A4 I can't get over how fun Oktoberfest was. There was so much energy coming from all over the world

@tomcoox: I am going to cycle solo from Lisbon to Istanbul, while cooking. #adventurechat #badass

@TravelAtWill: A4 10 weeks in Italy last year was awesome! “@InnTownCamp: #AdventureChat

@TravelAtWill: A4 4 weeks travelling the west coast was a trip “@InnTownCampv #AdventureChat

@TA_iceland: A4 #Kitesurfing in Monte Negro and #scubadiving in the Red Sea. #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: Q5: Is there someone else's adventure you admire, tag or share a link. #AdventureChat

@RTWBarefoot: A5: Gaaah, every adventurer is special & worth remembering! #CopOut :D

@InnTownCamp: A5: I love that @SheExplores showcases female travelers @BenOnAdventures @monicagoesshow #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures:  anyone who summits Everest is always admirable. #AdventureChat

@InnTownCamp: Had the pleasure to meet Melissa Arnot @BenOnAdventures @monicagoesshow

@RTWBarefoot: well... @eatsleeplovetrv, @Sihpromatum, @seasaltsecrets, @vgabondfeminist... :)

@tripcipe: A5 Alie Angell is in Iceland and the Faro Islands right now and I can't get enough!

@TravelAtWill: How about this for scuba fun? @InnTownCamp @monicagoesshow @BenOnAdventures #AdventureChat

@TravelAtWill: A5 Getting Yellowstone advice from @ABritSoutherner “@InnTownCamp:

@TA_iceland: A5 @RagolskiFrancoi, so talented, fun & makes really technical moves like child's play

@InnTownCamp: Q6: What's your best hometown backyard go to adventure? #AdventureChat @monicagoesshow

@BenOnAdventures: an overnight camping with my little cousins in my grandparents' woods! #AdventureChat #Memories

@CABikeTours: A6.). Biking The Strand! #adventurechat

@tripcipe: A6: There's a hike near Lake Tahoe that leads to a small lake with a rope swing- creat place to go with family

@RTWBarefoot:  I live 13 miles from Sherwood Forest. Your move :) :p

@InnTownCamp: A6: South Yuba River @monicagoesshow @BenOnAdventures #AdventureChat

@SAFARISTREAM: Retweeted Inn Town Campground (@InnTownCamp): Loved South Africa @tripcipe @RTWBarefoot #AdventureChat...

@InnTownCamp: Loved hiking the Rubicon Trail #LakeTahoe @tripcipe @BenOnAdventures @monicagoesshow #AdventureChat

@TravelAtWill: A6 Many festivals in Toronto! @InnTownCamp #AdventureChat @monicagoesshow @BenOnAdventures

@pubclub: A6.) From my East Tennessee hometown, Cades Cove in the Great Smokies! #adventurechat

@TravelAtWill: A6 Toronto cottage country! “@InnTownCamp #AdventureChat @monicagoesshow @BenOnAdventures

@RTWBarefoot: A6: The Major Oak, Robin Hood's meeting point.

@ShannonCroom: Great Falls NP+ Shenandoah NP are both just outside of DC. Great spots to get outside

@TTGLOBE4L: #DerwentWater in the #PeakDistrict. Great for running, hiking, cycling and just admiring the scenery #adventurechat

@TA_iceland: A6: There's so much to chose from #southIceland has endless possibilities for adventure. #adventurechat

@ztasam: A6: North Alabama & Chatty are my two favorite areas when I'm in the south #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: Q7: When trying to determine your next adventure what are top things you take into account?

@RTWBarefoot: A7: Weather, History, Culture, and if I've been somewhere similar recently. I like to #MixAndMatch :)

@BenOnAdventures:  location, gear, logistics, who will go, how long you'll be gone to name a few #AdventureChat

@TravelAtWill: A7 Want to try something or someplace new. Prefer outdoor activities to tours. “@InnTownCamp

@tripcipe: A7 Weather, festivals and food! I try to plan a trip thats least like the last one I went on. #adventurechat

@AbrahamHostels: A7: Preferred activity, weather (hate hiking when it's too hot, or rainy season) and of course budget and length of the trip! #adventurechat

@dailysuitcase: Nifty new travel products for girls, guys and all adventurous types! #adventurechat #girlstravel #twwt #traveltips

@annikarautiola: The Red Sea is great for Scuba! Personally did my PADI course there, awesome diving #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures: I really want to go to New Zealand and do some exploring! #AdventureChat

@CABikeTours: A7). Scenery, location, weather #adventurechat

@pubclub: A7.) A lively destination with good bars! Or at least fun people who can make the bars fun! #adventurechat

@ztasam: $, what the objective is (relaxing/hiking/climbing), dog/kid friendly #adventurechat

@TTGLOBE4L: A7: weather, cost & if I can fly #BritishAirways and use my companion voucher #adventurechat

@TA_iceland: A7 Mainly how much I want to do it, try not to overthink it too much - have safe fun is the main idea!

@InnTownCamp: Q8: How do you like to share your adventures online? #AdventureChat 

@BenOnAdventures: on here, my blog:,, Facebook: &

@tripcipe: A8 Blogging every so often, posting pictures etc. I use Tripcipe to plan and share it works so well! #adventurechat

@ztasam:  usually on Insta or our blog ( #adventurechat

@RTWBarefoot: I blog, infrequently, and post to Facebook and Instagram even less! :) :p

@TravelAtWill: A8 Blog everything. Twitter, chat & Instagram. Facebook, G+ new channels 4 us! @InnTownCamp

@oxford_seminars: A8 We share our ESL teachers adventures via our blog! It's a great way to connect others #wanderlust #adventurechat

@TravelAtWill: A8 Blog Facebook G+ Instagram #AdventureChat

@TTGLOBE4L: I upload the photos direct to my IPAD for IG posting #adventurechat

@TTGLOBE4L: I've just discovered Instagram so maybe more of that & facebook #adventurechat

@RTWBarefoot:  I mostly use a camera so it's "awkward" to get pics to Instagram.

@InnTownCamp: I love Instagram @TTGLOBE4L @BenOnAdventures @monicagoesshow

@monicagoesshow: I'm a pretty big fan on Instagram! #adventurechat 👍

@TA_iceland: A8 facebook, vimeo and the newest thing for me now twitter chats. #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: Q9: What advice would you give to yourself for your next adventure? #AdventureChat

@tripcipe: A9 Try to learn and use as much of the language as possible. Immerse yourself fully to get the full experience!

@RTWBarefoot: oh, there is one. "Stop Worrying About Little Things".

@BenOnAdventures: continue to be prepared as much as possible! Preparation is key. #AdventureChat

@oxford_seminars: A9. Just do it! Plan ahead and enjoy the adventure. #adventurechat

@ztasam: slow down, let things stay on the "to explore" list, enjoy where you are now #adventurechat

@TTGLOBE4L: Check your travel insurance if you are engaging in adventure activities. #adventurechat

@InnTownCamp: Q10: If you could hop on a plane tomorrow and go somewhere, where would you go? #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures: I'd go to Tristan Da Cunha. But you can only get there by boat! #AdventureChat

@ztasam: Madagascar, to a canoe trip on the Amazon, or of course Patagonia! #adventurechat

@tripcipe: A10: I've been dying to go to Thailand, how's the weather there right now? #adventurechat @InnTownCamp @BenOnAdventures

@CABikeTours: A10.). Hmmm. Hawaii? Can't go wrong with that choice! #adventurechat

@pubclub: A10.) College Station, Texas. Why? Texas A&M is hosting Alabama on Saturday! Want to experience a game there plus vs. Bama! #adventurechat

@TTGLOBE4L: how about the little baby sharks in the #Maldives. They are too cute!! #adventurechat. Or stingrays in #Florida?

@InnTownCamp: Who doesn't love the luge #Queenstown @TTGLOBE4L @BenOnAdventures @monicagoesshow #AdventureChat

@InnTownCamp: a10: I'd go to #NewZealand @monicagoesshow @BenOnAdventures view of the Remarkables #AdventureChat

@TravelAtWill: A10 Scuba diving in the south Pacific for sure! “@InnTownCamp: #AdventureChat @monicagoesshow

@monicagoesshow: Thank you @inntowncamp and @benonadventures for holding it down for what looks like an awesome #adventurechat! Can’t wait to read it all!

@BenOnAdventures: I'd like to thank everyone for joining today, it's been a blast! @InnTownCamp I can't wait to talk to all of you next time! #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures: All of you chat members dont forget, on Wed. 8 PM EST my new chat starts! 1st topic is: What Adventure Means to You #S2VChat #AdventureChat