Adventure Chat #23 - Autumn Adventure


When I began participating in Twitter chats I loved the amount of interacting and great information I was seeing. I also noticed that most chats were about travel. While I love traveling, I am more of an adventure junkie and enjoy local activities like camping and hiking and the occasional road trip. So, I started my own Twitter chat called #adventurechat on Monday’s at 10 am pst. It’s a fun and informative way for me to learn from everyone else’s adventures. I’ve had more than one person ask me for a blog transcript so here we go. I’ve taken out all retweets and responses that are confusing as well as putting all Q and A’s in order. While the pictures were beautiful I do not have the right to include them here but they are all a part of the full transcript on My 23rd chat was all about Autumn Adventures with my guest co-host @benonadventures. Here are the questions and transcripts from the chat.


1. What do you like most about the seasons changing?
2. What's your favorite food to bring on an autumn adventure?
3. What is an essential piece of gear that you bring on an adventure in the fall?
4. Do you have any traditions for the fall?
5. What are your favorite spots to explore in the fall? Why?
6. If you could hike anywhere in the world in autumn where would it be?
7. Are there any dangers to hikinkg in the fall?
8. If you could take anyone on a fall hike with you, who would it be?
9. Do you do day, overnight or multi day hikes in the fall? Why?
10. Share a picture from your best autumn adventure!

@monicagoesshow It's #adventurechat time! Who's with us and ready to talk Autumn Adventures with my guest co-host    @benonadventures

@momfari I'm in! :-) #adventurechat…

@pubclub Let's chat! #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow Doesn’t feel like autumn here! 90-100 degree days! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures wow!! It's 50-mid 60s here. #AdventureChat

@backpackdetour Here!

@vagabondslog Hello #adventurechat-ters; won't make it today, but at least wanted to say "Hi!" from the excavation house (just arrived in SE Turkey).

@monicagoesshow Ok, let’s do this! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Let's get this chat started!! Q1: What do you like most about the seasons changing? #AdventureChat

• @monicagoesshow A1: EVERYTHING! Although I miss the cooler temps in Michigan I love football, pumpkin everything, halloween, and leaves! #adventurechat

@RWM1980 1A1: love the fall colors in #NH but not the cooler temps :) #AdventureChat

@backpackdetour A1 #adventurechat I like the different photo ops, fall colors and spring flowers.

@Flightsdotcom A1: That's an easy one, the changing colors of course! There's nothing prettier than autumn hues :). #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures My favorite parts of the seasons changing are the colors of the leaves and comfortable temperatures.

• @mcnuttsc A1: Definitely cooler temps.We're still in the high 90's now but cooler temps next week!

@momfari A1 What do you like most about the seasons changing? #Fall is the most beautiful time of year! #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures fall photos are great! #AdventureChat

• @DiscParkRide A1: We love the changing of leaves (though we don't get much in Florida) and the cooler temperatures!

@pubclub A1.) The seasons don't change here in Southern California! But I love the fall because of college football!

@WAdventurists A1: I love all the changing colours and being outside in the cool air... And that changing seasons brings on new activities! #adventurechat

• @CeecesTravel A1: Its #Spring here in South Africa now, so the fresh sunny days and rainy thunder nights #AdventureChat

@explorerslife A1: love the colours in autumn - perfect for taking pictures #adventurechat

@TA_iceland A1 Fall is great for the #NorthernLights here in #iceland. had a few opps 2 see & shoot them this fall #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Q2: What's your favorite food to bring on an autumn adventure? #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow A2: Gotta go with pumpkin anything and everything and apple cider! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures I usually always bring homemade trail mix in the fall! Along with hot cocoa for a drink! #AdventureChat

@dailysuitcase A2: Why bring food when you can go apple picking on your autumn adventure? @BenOnAdventures

@backpackdetour A2 #adventurechat Cheese goes with everything! That's my pick.

@RWM1980 A2: pumpkin whoppie pies :) #AdventureChat

@momfari A2 Anything w/maple or pumpkin frosting. :-) #AdventureChat…

@mcnuttsc A2: I enjoy soups a lot more in the fall than in the summer.

@CeecesTravel A2: Hmm comfort foods! #Gluhwein's Peanut Butter Milkshakes and Butternut Soups #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow Ahhh this is making me hungry! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures anything pumpkin is great!! #AdventureChat

@westcomb A2: I just recently discovered "singaporean" style jerkys.#AdventureChat

@DiscParkRide A2: Cliche answer, but all the pumpkin flavored goodies that are around this time of year! #AdventureChat

@TravelRedBook A2: If its cold enough outside, warm apple cider! #adventurechat

@explorerslife A2: pumpkin soup 🎃 #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Q3: What is an essential piece of gear that you bring on an adventure in the fall? #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel I love #AdventureChat try not too miss it :-) Thank you

@RWM1980 A3: hoodie and camera! #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow A3: Well my pack and good boots of course, a jacket for cooler temps, and my phone for amazing fall photos! #adventurechat

@TravelRedBook A3: flannel shirt. @BenOnAdventures @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@CeecesTravel A3: Inter-changeable / clothing. Anything that can go from hot to cold or add on legs/sleeves with a zip! #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures definitely! A camera is key!! #AdventureChat

@ROADtravels A parka! Especially with our local adventures! #AdventureChat

• @ankit1989 Camera is must when you are on vacation #adventurechat

@backpackdetour A3 #adventurechat I just got trekking poles, so that's what I'm excited about right now. @REI

@CeecesTravel Thank you!Being South African,it must be complimented by a SA wine but otherwise perfect :-)

• @momfari A3 In #Colorado many layers, especially in the mountains. #adventurechat…

@WAdventurists #A3 - If around home, Rain gear. It rains a lot in #Vancouver ;) #AdventureChat

@pubclub A3.) I have a fleece which works well in all weather! #AdventureChat

@DiscParkRide A3: Always a camera, and extra layers of light clothing in case the temperatures drop #AdventureChat

@westcomb A3: I always pack a down swtr. typically don't need it this early however someone in the group will! #AdventureChat…

@TA_iceland A3 Always be prepared for all seasons here in #iceland so fall is not much different :-) #adventurechat

• @BenOnAdventures Q4: Do you have any traditions for the fall? #AdventureChat

@HeyLetsApp A4 The weather becomes unpredictable I have waterproof EVERYTHING! That starts with jackets, stuff to protect camera gear #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures going to cornmazes are always a blast!! #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel I LOVE dressing up in #Fall weather! #FlannelTwins #AdventureChat

• @TravelAtWill How many major league sports arenas can you see when road trip across the U.S.? #adventurechat

@backpackdetour A4 #AdventureChat Usually for my bday in Oct hiking Tahoe but this year, Utah!

@monicagoesshow A4: Going to @UncleJohnsCider mill and the @DoubleJJResort as well as a good haunted house! #AdventureChat

@momfari A4 Fall traditions? With kids, visiting a pumpkin patch is required. :-) #adventurechat

@Flightsdotcom A4: You're never too old for apple picking and pumpkin carving! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures My tradition is alot of hiking with little cousins!! #AdventureChat

@WAdventurists A4: Love to take part in fall activities- apple picking, pumpkin patch, corn maze.... Even more fun now with kids in tow! #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow I’m shooting a fall episode next week going to Oktoberfest in Torrance, a pumpkin patch, and apple picking! #adventurechat

@CeecesTravel A4: Just running flat Camera batteries and chargers from snapping at pretty colors :-) #AdventureChat

@HotelTeatro A4: Making cider and taking it on a morning road trip! #AdventureChat

@DiscParkRide A4: We love picking and carving pumpkins each fall! #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures Let's talk exploration!! Q5: What are your favorite spots to explore in the fall? Why? #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures I love to go to my family's in West Virginia and go off trail exploring!! #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow A5: Anywhere the leaves change! I love the woods in the fall. And anything new is always fun

@RWM1980 A5: apple picking #AdventureChat

@ROADtravels We're lucky to live in Oregon which is crazy beautiful in fall! But can't wait to explore SE Asia next fall!

@momfari Q5 Fave spots to explore in the fall? It's my favorite time to travel anywhere, especially #Colorado! #AdventureChat

@Flightsdotcom A5: Europe is so much fun to explore in fall, especially #Amsterdam. #adventurechat

@CeecesTravel I love driving up to my dad's old school at @KearsneyNews and watching the leaves change color! Stunning!

@BenOnAdventures I wanna backpack in SEA so bad!! #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel A5: Love hiking in the fall because of cooler humidity temps in SA #AdventureChat

@backpackdetour A5 #AdventureChat I love hiking in the mountains with the beautiful fall colors.

@RWM1980 A5: must admit, my own backyard in #NH is really pretty #AdventureChat

@WAdventurists A5 - Hiking anywhere I can be surrounded by beautiful fall colours! #AdventureChat

• @DiscParkRide A5: We love to travel up North so that we can get a real taste of changing leaves and cold weather

@CeecesTravel We dont pumpkin carve or celebrate Halloween in SA, I'd love to try it while travelling #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel  A5: Also training for mountain hikes can be beautiful #AdventureChat

• @TTGLOBE4L a5 probably the Himalayas if possible. #AdventureChat

@westcomb A5: British Columbia @HelloBC is great for exploration simply for its breathtaking landscape! #adventurechat…

@InnTownCamp A5: California has so many places to explore just outside out back door Yosemite anyone? @BenOnAdventures #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures Q6: If you could hike anywhere in the world in autumn where would it be? #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow A6: Gotta go with New England. I’ve always wanted to visit upstate New York, and Vermont in the fall

@momfari A6 Canadian Rockies top the list. Then anywhere in the Alps. #AdventureChat…

@monicagoesshow And Amsterdam now after seeing that amazing photo! @Flightsdotcom #adventurechat

@RWM1980 The white mountains in NH are a really pretty drive! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures the Canadian Rockies would be amazing!! #AdventureChat

@backpackdetour A6 #adventurechat Hopefully this time next year - Camino de Santiago or the Inca Trail. I'm ready.

@CeecesTravel I am dying to explore The Alps and to try my hand at snow boarding :-) #AdventureChat

@RWM1980 A6: Been to the Rockies in the summer, but would love to see Colorado Springs area in fall #AdventureChat

@DiscParkRide A6: We would have to say anywhere in the PNW! #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel A6: I'd have to say anywhere in The Alps and maybe in Italy and Greece :-) #AdventureChat

@momfari I've heard it's really icy to ski/snowboard in winter. Come to #Colorado for that instead! :-) #adventurechat

@Flightsdotcom A6: We've only been to Zion in the summer, so we'd love to go back during autumn! #adventurechat

@TA_iceland A6 Now I've heard the suggestions Canadian Rockies sound good as well as New England. Added to #bucketlist

@Outside_Inn A6: I'd love to Vermont @BenOnAdventures #AdventureChat

• @InnTownCamp A6: Maybe return to #NewZealand @BenOnAdventures @lakewanaka_nz #AdventureChat

• @BenOnAdventures Q7: Are there any dangers to hiking in the fall? #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow A7: I would say the same dangers as any hike. The changing temperatures and wet ground could be a factor #adventurechat

@RWM1980 A7: Pine needles and leaves are slippery! If you get lost, the nights are super cold #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures both but lean towards the Inca Trail! #AdventureChat

• @Morology A7: Probably more danger getting through population to the trailhead than once on the trail... #AdventureChat

@ROADtravels It can be slippery! It also gets dark earlier so you gotta make sure you give yourself ample time. #AdventureChat

@momfari I'd agree. Can't think of anything else besides wet/cold/snowy weather. #adventurechat…

@BenOnAdventures One big danger people always need to remember: hunters. Don't hike quietly or in camo style gear.

@pubclub 7.) Weather. When you do any adventure, be prepared for anything! I call this "A.T.," or "anticipatory thinking."

@WAdventurists A7 Always! In #Vancouver trails are more slick from lots of rain. Always smart to be aware of your surroundings. #adventurechat

@CeecesTravel A7: Yes!If you are not well prepared for "flexi" weather you could be caught unaware thus leading to issues

@TravelRedBook A7: Depending on where you are, the temperatures can drop well below freezing at night. @BenOnAdventures #AdventureChat

@TA_iceland A7 Like any time of the year - take care and follow the forecast. is a must when u r in #iceland at any season. #adventurechat

@westcomb A7: Plenty.. Preparation is key. First timers should def. go with an experienced buddy. #AdventureChat

@DiscParkRide  A7: There are always some dangers when hiking. Be well prepared and aware of your surroundings

@BenOnAdventures Q8: If you could take anyone on a fall hike with you, who would it be? Why? #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow A8: Gotta go with my husband. He’s from Wisconsin and I’m from Michigan so it would be fun to explore the midwest in the fall #adventurechat

@RWM1980 A8: My husband and kids..They love to hike & we all appreciate an awesome view :) #AdventureChat

@TTGLOBE4L Got to be my awesome hubby.....#adventurechat don't want to miss a thing!…

• @Luxetravelfam Either one would be great :) #AdventureChat

@ROADtravels Either Kile, my husband, or my sister from another mister named Kim. Best company ever. #AdventureChat

• @CeecesTravel A8: Its all been solo female travel but hoping I can find a partner who loves to travel too #AdventureChat

@Flightsdotcom A8: Our best friend Louie loves hiking and the cool weather, so we'd take him with us :). #adventurechat

@WAdventurists A8 - If it's kid-friendly, love exploring with my girls. If not, my hubby. Someone w similar interests & abilities.

@BenOnAdventures I love hiking with family or taking inexperienced friends out on trips to teach them backpacking skills.

@TravelRedBook A8: anyone....? Henry David Thoreau #AdventureChat @BenOnAdventures @monicagoesshow

@Morology A8: Aldo Leopold. To listen and share around a campfire.... #AdventureChat

@momfari Q8 If you could take anyone on a fall hike with you, who would it be? Aside from hubs, these 2 cuties. #AdventureChat

@Outside_Inn A8: Ansel Adams @BenOnAdventures #AdventureChat

@DiscParkRide A8: Family, friends, and four-legged companions. Hiking is a great bonding experience #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures Q9: Do you do day, overnight or multi-day hikes in the fall? Why? #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow A9: So far it’s just been day hikes but I would love to do a fall backpacking trip #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures A9: I like to do a mix of all 3!! Mixing up what type of adventure you do is great. #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel A9: Day if I am not familiar with the area, Overnight if confident & prepped and Multi with groups :-)

@ROADtravels Never done an overnight hike. Although I'd love to! Love waking up in nature! #AdventureChat

@momfari A9 We live close enough to the mountains for all of the above, mostly day hikes. #adventurechat…

@backpackdetour A9 #AdventureChat I live in the mountains and tend to day hike most often.

@DiscParkRide A9: It depends on where we're going but we've done all three! #AdventureChat

• @philatravelgirl a9: I'm a beginner so enjoy day hikes #AdventureChat

• @Morology A9: Yes. Because I like to wander the wood.... #AdventureChat

@Tips4Trips A9 Day hikes so we can meet all of the puppies walking with their owners on our trail. #adventurechat

@RWM1980 A9: Day hikes... I get to cold at night :) #AdventureChat

@WAdventurists A9- Day hikes but would love to try a multi-day hike! #AdventureChat @BenOnAdventures

@RWM1980 Hiking up through Franconia Notch is beautiful #AdventureChat

@TTGLOBE4L Day because the Peak District is on my doorstep! #adventurechat…

@WAdventurists Would love to try an overnight or multi-day hike too. Only day hikes so far! #adventurechat…

@InnTownCamp A9: Day hikes @BenOnAdventures #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures Q10: Share a picture from your best autumn adventure!! #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow A10: gotta go with this adventure!!! #adventurechat #wedding

@ROADtravels A little tea house after hiking behind Lake Louise in Banff early fall last year! #AdventureChat

@backpackdetour A10 #AdventureChat

@momfari A10 Share a picture from your best autumn adventure!! 1st time in #Aspen w/kids last Sept. #AdventureChat

• @InnTownCamp A10: #LakeTahoe @BenOnAdventures #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel A10: Hmm #AdventureChat :-) @GrannyMouseSA in the #Midlands SA is great place to be #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel There is lots of adventure to have from snow capped mountains to sandy beaches, game drives and forests :-) #AdventureChat

• @TravelRedBook A10: climbing Mt. Massive in Colorado. #aspens #AdventureChat @BenOnAdventures

@Flightsdotcom A10: Our favorite autumn adventure was a road trip through North Carolina! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Thanks everyone for another amazing #adventurechat! And thanks for my guest co-host @BenOnAdventures Now who wants to bring me pumpkin pie?

• @monicagoesshow Looking for more guest cohosts! If you’re interested DM me! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures That was one awesome chat today everyone! Id like to thank @monicagoesshow for having me! Hopefully I can co-host again soon! #AdventureChat