Adventure Chat #22 - Long Term Adventures


When I began participating in Twitter chats I loved the amount of interacting and great information I was seeing. I also noticed that most chats were about travel. While I love traveling, I am more of an adventure junkie and enjoy local activities like camping and hiking and the occasional road trip. So, I started my own Twitter chat called #adventurechat on Monday’s at 10 am pst. It’s a fun and informative way for me to learn from everyone else’s adventures. I’ve had more than one person ask me for a blog transcript so here we go. I’ve taken out all retweets and responses that are confusing as well as putting all Q and A’s in order. While the pictures were beautiful I do not have the right to include them here but they are all a part of the full transcript on My 22nd chat was all about Long-Term Adventures. Here are the questions and transcripts from the chat.


1. What do you think is the ideal length for a long-term adventure?

2. What/Where was the longest adventure you've been on?

3. In the words of Goldilocks...Was is too short? too long? or just right?

4. If you could pick one long-term adventure where would it be and what would you do?

5. If you're going long-term do you prefer to switch locations to mix it up or stay in one place to see as much as possible?

6. Roughing it or hotels? If it's long-term do you require certain "comforts"?

7. What is the hardest thing about a long-term adventure?

8. What is the best thing about a long-term adventure?

9. If you could choose one person to go with you on a long-term adventure who would it be?

10. Photo brag. Share a photo from a long-term adventure you went on (Or any pretty photo is good in my books! ;) 

• @monicagoesshow Hello #adventurechat er's who's ready and where are ya'll tweeting from today?

• @ankit1989 Hello everyone! Joining from India #adventurechat

@mcnuttsc Good morning from Bakersfield, CA. Just back from an amazing adventure to Alaska!

@monicagoesshow AHHH my favorite (or I imagine it would be) how was it? #adventurechat

@mcnuttsc Couldn't have been better.We saw so many incredible things including black & brown bears,eagles,glaciers,etc.

• @Morology hey, yup....ok mornin' two travel chats at the same time? ...jus'sayin' #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Cue the awkward jeopardy music while we wait with bated breath…#adventurechat

@vagabondslog Hello #adventurechat.ters. Great to join again this evening (from Berlin again this time) to discuss 'long-term adventures' with you.

@travelabulous From Toronto, Ontario! It is bright and sunny and we are ready for a great & adventerous chat!

@wanderinjon Cookin' in SanDiego and hoping for some cooool chat ;) #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Alright let’s get this started! Q1. What do you think is the ideal length for a long-term adventure? 

@ankit1989 A1 A week is enough #adventurechat

@VoyagerVicki A1: I've traveled for multiple months at a time, but appreciate a place more for 2-3 weeks (unless I stay a while). #adventurechat

@Morology A1: Well, returned recently from a 6 month adventure, so I'd say 6 months... though, why did I return?

@wanderinjon I can find adventure in 1d but long term? I need 2wks #adventurechat

@travelabulous A1. Depending on where, when and with who!! I'd say a couple weeks to a month...but why stop there ;)

@K8eBG A1. I lived in a hotel for ten months. Working in the Rockies, that was the perfect amount of time. #adventurechat pastedGraphic_9.png

@vagabondslog A1: Depend. on location & kind of 'adventure'. Weekend could be enough to climb mountain; a month too short to expl. region.

@Shoparound A1 I've been away for longer periods, but I usually find that after a couple of weeks, I'm ready to go home.

@travelabulous Totally the longer the better - what is the longest you have stayed while visiting a country? #adventurechat

@TravelRedBook A1: depends on the agenda. study-abroad: 6-12 months, backpacking trip: 2-3 weeks.

• @TripsAgency I can definitely go for a year! There's more time for each country #adventurechat @monicagoesshow #travel

@DanikExplorer A1 a very long term with no goung back :) #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow  I think if it’s multiple countries and regions a year could be good. If it’s one spot a few days and I’m good #adventurechat

@VoyagerVicki Other than living in a country, I spent almost 2 months in India. That was longest in a country. #adventurechat

@K8eBG We host students from abroad! That's an adventure in itself! #adventurechat

@SGSwritereditor Near #Boston but here's #Quirk on a trip down the entire length of the #Amazon #adventurechat pastedGraphic_17.png

@vagabondslog Longer stays definitely increases orientation. Some places grow into kind of 'second home' this way.

@iTraqTag A1: I like a month. It's enough time to get to experience a place but not so much you get home sick. #adventurechat…

• @GoLeafCanoe A1: we had 6 weeks. We learned to slow down and enjoy the joy of traveling and adventures without in a hurry #adventurechat

• @275days A1: Ideal length for a long term adventure is a lifetime. #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A1: I think adventure should be a lifestyle not a hobby! #adventurechat

@findinganeish A1. There are too many variables to say. Ideally, you'd be able to stay as long as you see fit. #adventurechat

@Morology 4 weeks is a good length of time! ... #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Q2. What/Where was the longest adventure you've been on? #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A2: I backpacked in Europe for 3 weeks. It was awesome but I was ready for a shower and bed by the end #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow I agree…I guess technically my longest was living in England for 6 months, then it’s home

• @VoyagerVicki A2: India was my longest in one country, but I've done 7-mo/8-mo back-to-back (6 wks. break) multi-country travel adventures. #adventurechat

@vagabondslog A2: If we count excavations (sometimes I'd like to think of my work as particular 'adventure' ;-) ), two months in the field.

@travelabulous One of our team members did a 2-week canoe trip in Algonquin Park! #adventurechat

@VoyagerVicki I lived in Scotland for 6 months. That was technically my longest too. #adventurechat

@wanderinjon I've spent a month mtn biking in Sichuan, & 1mi in #namibia. Would love longer. The work thing ya know.

@wanderinjon Good point! I did spend 4yrs traveling the world on an oceanographic research ship :) #AdventureChat…

@DanikExplorer A2 4 weeks honeymoon trip to New England, eastern Canada, DC & NYC. Then 3 weeks to AB BC & SK canada #adventurechat

@VoyagerVicki  Two LT trips after college, a 5-month trip 3 years ago. #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A2: My longest adventure was a month in Paris when I went to go meet my penpal during college (have written since 6th grade.) #adventurechat

@275days A2: Longest adventure was a nine month #RTW with wife and kids. #adventurechat

@findinganeish A2. My entire childhood was one long adventure. I lived in Australia, Germany, Scotland and boarded in England. #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Q3. In the words of Goldilocks...Was your longest trip too long? too short? or just right? 

@TravelRedBook A3: Bank account said too long, but I think just right. @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@K8eBG A3. My trip to Australia, I was there for one month. Could have been longer. #reasontogoback #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A3: Just right - I hated to leave but I was missing home (and was having @SUBWAY sandwich cravings.) #Adventurechat…

@DanikExplorer A3 too dam short. Cant wait to leave job one day & hit the road #adventurechat

@Morology A3: Of course once decision to stop/return home is made, I'd say just right, sort of. Time is a funny thing #adventurechat

@Jessisawanderer A3: my longest adventure was 2.5 years in Australia. No amount of time would be enough in Aus!!

@275days A3: Trips are usually just right. By the end of any length, I'm ready to be home. One month later, I'm ready to go again. #adventurechat

• @GoLeafCanoe A3: never "too long", if you are traveling instead of vacationing, cause experience happens anytime

@mbybee A3: My longest trip to date was still too short. I need something measured in months or years, I think.

@findinganeish A3. Four years in Germany was just long enough I think. I was really beginning to miss Scotland by the end.

@explorerslife A3: defenitly to short #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow Q4. If you could pick one long-term adventure where would it be and what would you do? 

@monicagoesshow A4: I’d love to do the JMT and someday the PCT and AT. I’d also love to check out Alaska, Canada, and Peru #adventurechat

@mcnuttsc A4: My dream is to tour the fjords of Norway!

@K8eBG A4. My end goal is to have a guest house in Costa Rica! 6 months there and 6 months in #Toronto

@vagabondslog A4: That 'research ship' kind of adventure, @wanderinjon mentioned. Or overwintering in some Antarctic base maybe?

@Jessisawanderer A4: my ideal long-term adventure would be around the world. No plan, no timeframe, no worries

@DanikExplorer A4 i think at least 6 months in India or China is a must. #adventurechat

@TravelRedBook A4:Would love a several week backcountry ski trip (+heli) @monicagoesshow #adventurechat pastedGraphic_25.png

@mbybee A4: I would love to do a trip from AK to Tierra Del Fuego - and I'm working on that :) #adventurechat

@275days A4: I would live in, and explore as much of India as possible. #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A4: I would 'home base' it at my friend's house in Paris and then take side trips all over Europe. #adventurechat…

@TripsAgency A4: Touring South America @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@GoLeafCanoe A4: 6 months per country, one by one, if possible. #adventurechat

@Morology A4: Asia / SE Asia / South Pacific. Get off the plane and begin mosey meandering... #adventurechat

@findinganeish A4. America. I'd love to spend a couple of years separating fact from fiction. And then come home to haggis and the NHS. #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow Q5. If you're going long-term do you prefer to switch locations to mix it up or stay in one place to see as much as possible? #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A5: I like to see and experience as much as possible so after a couple days I’m ready for something new #adventurechat

@K8eBG A5. That's a tricky one. I like both. But I don't like to be rushed! #adventurechat

@275days A5:I think mixing it up with short + long stays is ideal for me. 2 weeks on beach, 2 on road. Two weeks in Istanbul, 2 in...#adventurechat

@mbybee A5: I tend to actually move between locations, spend a year or two in them. Might be changing that soon.

@Jessisawanderer A5: tough question. I came to Egypt for an adventure, five years on I haven't left yet! Seeing the world whilst I'm here tho #adventurechat

@DanikExplorer A5 stay in one place and use that as a base for the area before moving on. Get to see more then

• @BackcountryTees I prefer to switch it up. keep it interesting #adventurechat…

@VoyagerVicki A5: I have a goal of spending longer periods in one place, but I always seem to want to explore more places : ) #adventurechat

@BackcountryTees Continuously backpack the world #adventurechat…

@275days Gotta run. Squirrel in house, time for adventure!! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Wanna co-host an #adventurechat? DM me!

@GoLeafCanoe A5: mix it up! best if can switch to a very different place each time, either in culture, history, or scenery.

@findinganeish A5. I've never been one for staying put. I don't want to simulate reality elsewhere. I'd rather bring the adventure home. #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Q6. Roughing it or hotels? If it's long-term do you require certain "comforts”? #adventurechatnder my BBQ last week lol #adventurechat

@VoyagerVicki A6: I like a nice hotel stay at least every once in a while as a break. I also like staying with locals via @Airbnb

@mbybee A6: I prefer to camp But I like a hotel a month or so if possible #adventurechat

@BackcountryTees depends on the company. myself rough it #adventurechat @monicagoesshow

@monicagoesshow I loved camping when we backpacked but after 2 weeks I just wanted a long shower and a bed, so I would say a mixture of both #adventurechat

@K8eBG A6. I've done everything, long term I try to save as much money as I can on accom. Hostels work well!

@Morology A6: I like to do my own food shopping & cooking, short term rentals... #adventurechat pastedGraphic_30.png

• @vagabondslog A6: The whole hog - roughing it. Which hotel could offer this? ;-) pastedGraphic_31.png

@Shoparound A6 I confess to being a spoiled hotel brat. I do B&Bs for longer stays but give me a nice 4* hotel anytime.

@K8eBG A6. I also like the social aspect of hostels/guest houses #adventurechat

@BackcountryTees love the solitude. no crowds=happy #adventurechat @vagabondslog

@DanikExplorer A6 Roughing it! Cant stand the posh 5 star hotels etc #adventurechat

@findinganeish A6. I'd never camp for much more than a night. Long-term I'd rather stay with friends or rent a flat than stay in a hotel. #adventurechat

@GoLeafCanoe A6: No need for all straight hotels or hostels. hotels for nice view, rough it anywhere else on the road.

• @jackiedeburca A6: I like a nice hotel stay at least every once in a while as a break. I also like staying with locals via @Airbnb #adve…

@monicagoesshow Q7. What is the hardest thing about a long-term adventure? #adventurechat

@DanikExplorer A7 #adventurechat NOT missing work ;)

@BackcountryTees hygiene, trash (leave no trace), and hot food #adventurechat @monicagoesshow

@K8eBG A7. Missing home. I love my city. #Toronto #adventurechat

@mbybee A7: I have the most trouble with readjusting after a nice long trip. I hate being connected. #adventurechat

@VoyagerVicki A7: It gets tiring to be on the road for weeks/months at a time--especially if you're traveling relatively fast.

@BackcountryTees repacking and long travels inbetween #adventurechat @VoyagerVicki

@vagabondslog A7: The 'coming back' part. Can be ... surreal to find your way back into 'routine' after a long time 'off' all this,

@findinganeish A7. The first few weeks, when everything's a battle and you don't have anyone to fall back on. Then you make friends. #adventurechat

@Shoparound A7 I'm a #solopreneur so for me, it's keeping up with my business. Also, I start to miss #NYC and my home.

@monicagoesshow Q8. What is the best thing about a long-term adventure? #adventurechat

@K8eBG  A8. If it's with #travel you can really understand a culture better. Really live it! #adventurechat

@VoyagerVicki A8: Pros of LT travel: More time to explore more places, and more affordably since you're staying in an area for longer. #adventurechat

@mbybee A8: Everything. In particular, the simple measurable existence. Especially when doing distance based.

@DanikExplorer a8 no going to work..getting away from the UK. Meeting people & wearibg purple socks #adventurechat

@findinganeish A8. Learning about customs and culture. You can see the sights in a weekend, but it takes a few months to experience them. #adventurechat

• @explorerslife A8: never been on a trip longer than 4 weeks but would love to have more time to explore our planet

@GoLeafCanoe A8: become an observer and understand what is really important. Come back refreshed and open minded.

• @Morology A8: I lose track of the person I was... #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Q9. If you could choose one person to go with you on a long-term adventure who would it be?

@BackcountryTees My bro. #family #bestfriends #adventurechat…

@mbybeeA9: As always, it's my spouse. We've seen 38 states and 3 countries together so far :) #adventurechat

@K8eBG A9. Of course my husband/best friend. We are always looking for the next #adventure. #adventurechat pastedGraphic_35.png

• @DanikExplorer A9 apart from the wife, it has to be the amazing travel blogger @Claire_Curious she is soooo crazy!

@findinganeish A9. One person? Ugh. I'd rather do different sections with different people. #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow Q10. Photo brag. Share a photo from a long-term adventure you went on (Or any pretty photo is good in my books! ;) #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A few of photos from my European Backpacking adventure! #adventurechat pastedGraphic_36.png

@vagabondslog A10: Arctic taxi, #Greenland. :-D pastedGraphic_37.png

@DanikExplorer A10 i like this photo in the upper town of #Bergamo in #Italy in 2007 #adventurechat pastedGraphic_38.png

@explorerslife love this nice twitter chats #adventurechat

• @K8eBG A10. Italian Road Trip for three weeks. Enough but not enough. #adventurechat pastedGraphic_39.png

• @SGSwritereditor Q10: Here's #Quirk at a zoo we stopped at in #Brazil on the Amazon sail #adventurechat pastedGraphic_40.png

@explorerslife A10 #adventurechat pastedGraphic_41.png

@BackcountryTees Lyon was awesome #adventurechat pastedGraphic_42.png

@VoyagerVicki A10: Photos (Dambulla cave temple + Temple of the Tooth) from Sri Lanka--part of my last 5-mo. trip. #adventurechat pastedGraphic_44.png

@StickyVisuals Stunning adventure! #adventurechat…

@monicagoesshow Awesome chat everyone! Join next week when we’ll be chatting about ‘Autumn Adventures’ with @BenOnAdventures #adventurechat

@BackcountryTees thank you!! what a great time! #adventurechat @monicagoesshow @BenOnAdventures

@BenOnAdventures It's gonna be a blast!! #AdventureChat…

@K8eBG Thanks it was awesome chatting! #adventurechat

@vagabondslog Again, an awesome #adventurechat! Thanks for sharing your stories; extra thanks to @monicagoesshow for hosting!

@monicagoesshow Aw thanks! #adventurechat