Adventure Chat #21 - Facing your Fears


When I began participating in Twitter chats I loved the amount of interacting and great information I was seeing. I also noticed that most chats were about travel. While I love traveling, I am more of an adventure junkie and enjoy local activities like camping and hiking and the occasional road trip. So, I started my own Twitter chat called #adventurechat on Monday’s at 10 am pst. It’s a fun and informative way for me to learn from everyone else’s adventures. I’ve had more than one person ask me for a blog transcript so here we go. I’ve taken out all retweets and responses that are confusing as well as putting all Q and A’s in order. While the pictures were beautiful I do not have the right to include them here but they are all a part of the full transcript on My 21st chat was all about Facing Your Fears. Here are the questions and transcripts from the chat.


1. What is your biggest fear? Heights? Animals? Water?

2.  How do you deal with your fears when they come up?

3. What is the scariest experience you've ever had?

4. How do you know what is a bad gut feeling and what are your own fears creeping up?

5. Do you try to "conquer" your fear or just avoid situations that may trigger it?

6. Have you ever faced a fear and won? Were you rid of it completely after that?

7. What's an adventure that terrifies you but is also on your bucket list to do?

8. Share a picture of you doing something that scared you!

@monicagoesshow Yay! It’s #adventurechat time! Who’s here and ready to talk about Facing Their Fears?

@BaurJoe Here and ready to make light of my fears. #adventurechat

@BootsnAll We are! We love facing fears & doing new things. It's grows us as people. #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures I'm here!! Taking a break from doing homework at college to talk with all of you! #AdventureChat

@gracebaldwin21 I'm so ready. This is a much-needed study break!

@TravelRedBook We're ready, but a little scared...#adventurechat

• @Cruisewriter I am here and will try to be fearless. #adventurechat

@goingnomadic  Im here. Ready to do this! #adventurechat

@ABVGirl I think I can partake this time. It's a miracle! #adventurechat #facingfears…

@traveling1223 Hi everyone!! Tweeting from Miami :) #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Alright, lets get this started! Q1. What is your biggest fear? Heights? Animals? Water? #adventurechat

@BootsnAll A1. Stagnancy. We actually fear not growing, evolving, and helping people. #adventurechat

@BaurJoe A1: Heights do it for me if I'm at the edge and there's a ton of wind. Generally cool with water. #adventurechat…

@gracebaldwin21 A1. definitely heights. almost had to leave #LoTR when Sam&Frodo free climb that cliff.

@NomadayTravel  A1:From the standard list: heights would be no.1...from a nomad's fear list no.1 would be routine o_O #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Roller coasters are virtually my only fear. #AdventureChat

@ankit1989 A1 Wild Animals #AdventureChat

@SGSwritereditor Here! Went to #Ptown recently where I climbed this tower. Tallest point in town! #adventurechat pastedGraphic_12.png

@BenOnAdventures I don't mind heights as long as I can control whether I fall or not lol. Like Im fine with mountain climbing. #AdventureChat

@RumAndCheese A1) definitely heights. Our legs go all rubbery while scaling heights of any level! :'-( #adventurechat

@ABVGirl A1: It's not heights. But, falling off a cliff/mountain is definitely a huge fear! I get vertigo bad! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Haha that’s probably the best way to put it. It’s not the being up high it’s more the falling down low!

@goingnomadic A1. Spiders. We we loved our trip to Walker Lake, NV. The one week/year the spider pop explodes. #NOPE #adventurechat pastedGraphic_15.png

@monicagoesshow Heights are my kryptonite! I have an awful time with falling nightmares and picturing the worst!

@TripsAgency A1) We are here and biggest fear are bridges! Just hate walking across them or driving in crosswinds! @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A1: Biggest Fear: Heights & fire ants. I faced them both, big time, the day I climbed Chichen Itza. #Adventurechat pastedGraphic_18.png

@momfari A1 Sorry to join late! Heights are NOT my friend. #adventurechat…

@danielhuman A1 My biggest fear is a loss of mobility or one of my senses that wouldn't allow me to continue on adventures #adventurechat

@Morology A1: Suburban USA #adventurechat

@traveling1223 A1 My biggest fear is definitely bugs!! I can deal with everything else #adventurechat

@danielhuman Falling doesn't bother me, sudden impacts with the ground on the other hand... #adventurechat

@pubclub A1.) Only afraid of heights if I think I can fall! Ha. Now if you want some humor, I'll say the biggest fear is "LAST CALL!" #adventurechat

@RumAndCheese One of us {Mia} is terrified of butterflies. She stops dead in her tracks when face to face with one!

@JaimieRoehler A1: Heights and small spaces are very high up on my list of fears. #adventurechat

• @Tips4Trips A1. Love looking at the ocean, but cannot swim. So "Water". #adventurechat

@girlatplay A1. Heights-esp drops without railings. Just looking at the pic of Mexican ruins with their steep steps makes my hands sweat #adventurechat

• @TravelRedBookA1: What about animals in water...? #adventurechat #shark #scary

@Cruisewriter A1 Don't like really ugly spiders, grizzly bears, heights... #adventurechat

@DevonTheHT A1 Biggest fear = Being normal. I love to push myself and the envelope every chance I get #adventurechat…

@findinganeish A1. Spiders. After that, more spiders. I also have an occasionally crippling fear of never actually growing up.

• @monicagoesshow Q2. How do you deal with your fears when they come up? #adventurechat

@BootsnAll We love heights. Plummeting at high velocities towards the Earth - not so much. #adventurechat

@NomadayTravel then I recommend paragliding in awesome place like here… #adventurechat TESTED! pastedGraphic_24.png

@gracebaldwin21 A2: buck up and go for it. The only thing holding you back is a feeling of dread. better to get it over with than fret.

@RumAndCheese a2) not look down. Just focus on the task at hand. #FearOfHeights #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures I just think "I may never get the chance to do this again so might as well do it." #AdventureChat

• @BaurJoe A2: In general I told my neurotic brain to shut the Hell up, take a breath and deal. #adventurechat…

@momfari I like this answer! I try to do the same. If my brain doesn't do it, my husband WILL! :-) #adventurechat…

@pubclub A2.) Just deal with it if/when it arises. Maybe your fear is not that big of deal after all. #adventurechat

@NomadayTravel A2:find someone cool&calm next to you to get sanity back :) or challenge never know u might like it! #adventurechat

@ABVGirl A2: Usually research and preparedness helps. Then, I just do it, without talking about it much. Less thinking, more doing! #adventurechat

@BootsnAll It doesn't matter how long it took you. It only matters that now you know you can do it! #Stronger #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow take a break and psych myself up, then go for it, slowly. It helps if I can make friends who help #adventurechat pastedGraphic_28.png

@TripsAgency A2) In the case of bridges over water I don't walk across them EVER!! #adventurechat @monicagoesshow

@danielhuman A2 I rationalize when the fear monster arises - talk myself through sketchy scrambles or trust that rickety bridge #adventurechat

@RumAndCheese yes, having like minded and supportive friends are godsend in such situations. #adventurechat

@JaimieRoehler A2: I've gotten better about dealing with heights by just going for it, small spaces I still can't do #adventurechat

@goingnomadic A2. Sometimes (like spiders) i leave. Other times i suck in my breathe and go for it! #adventurechat

@traveling1223 A2 Just make yourself do it. I was scared of skydiving, so I bought a couple's package as my BF's x-mas present. He loved it! #adventurechat

@ABVGirl Yes, the fear of missing out is bigger than the actual fear! #adventurechat…

• @NomadayTravel A2:i thought i would freak out while taking a step off the cliff in Goa but...NOPE! #adventurechat pastedGraphic_30.png

@iTraqTag A2: With some serious deep breathing and taking things one step at a time. #adventurechat…

@Cruisewriter A2 - run from spiders, avoid bears and sometimes pretend that falling from the sky won't bother me. #adventurechat

• @BootsnAll A2. We like to face our fears head on. It shows us that we don't have to fear them anymore. #adventurechat

@Tips4Trips A2. While at the ocean I make sure that there is enough space for me to back up when the tide comes in.

• @findinganeish A2. Tupperware, heavy books and a rolled up towel under my bedroom door. #adventurechat

@Morology A2: Think with my head, feel with my heart, go with my gut (in that order) #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Q3. What is the scariest experience you've ever had? #adventurechat

• @ankit1989 A3 Travel with NO Drinking Water #adventurechat

@gracebaldwin21 A3: getting hit by a drunk driver. Easily most terrifying moment of my life.

• @BaurJoe A3: The first time up the Looney Tunes mountain with no guardrails in Dharamsala, India in a barely operating vehicle. #adventurechat

• @BootsnAll A3. Being stranded on the Venezuela-Colombia border (VZ side) at night. Luckily 3 amazing Colombian girls helped us cross! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures scared/embarrassed. I had to do the walk of shame. Walked to the top of a water slide at a park and froze ..#AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures I had to walk clear back down through all of the people. So embarrassing lol. #WalkOfShame #AdventureChat

• @JHochstat A3 I went on a kloofing trip in a national park outside Cape Town early '94 (river hiking) ended w/ 60ft cliff jump. I jumped #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A3: Slipping while walking above a slippery dam & having a friend's dad catch me in the nick of time. #adventurechat…

• @TripsAgency A3) Ziplining in Cancun @SelvaticaCancun but it was the best time EVER! Just close your eyes and glide! @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@traveling1223 A3 Abseiling / rappelling off Table Mountain in Cape Town #adventurechat pastedGraphic_32.png

@NomadayTravel A3:being in the middle of Spring Arab Revolution in Tunis+being chased by Ben Ali's police with guns...:/ #adventurechat

@momfari A3 Rafting the #Zambezi was crazy scary. Don't think I'd do that again! #adventurechat…

@goingnomadic A3. Getting attacked by a hostel owner in Sarajevo.Stole passports back and RAN! All was ok in the end,but scary at the time. #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Ok, this chat SEEMED like a good idea…now I have about 10 new fears!!! Crazy stories! #adventurechat

@ABVGirl Crazy thing, my most scary experiences have not been adventuring. #adventurechat

• @RumAndCheese 3) trekking up a mountain side almost 2000 ft above sea level. It was so scary, not to mention rain. #adventurechat

• @pubclub A3.) Here's one, danging 13,000 feet above the ground in a swinging cable car in the Swiss Alps! #AdventureChat…

• @trintrout Hidden Valley trail at @ZionNPS the chains along the cliff face I don't like cliffs #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Yup, Angels Landing really tested me. Those hikes are intense! #adventurechat

• @Cruisewriter A3 Hiked Cliffs of Dover-thought we were following a path. Started up, path stopped. Looking down, thought of death plunge. #adventurechat

@NomadayTravel A3:crazy taxi driver in Thailand!pretendedTo have a gun,pointing at us&forcing us to walk to halfMoonParty:)! #adventurechat

• @JaimieRoehler A3: Climbing up the winding steps of a very tall lighthouse, the staircase got more and more narrow

@iTraqTag A3: @pubclub We did the Peak to Peak in Whistler. What a view! #AdventureChat

• @DevonTheHT A3: Turning 18 and a few months later being told that I'm getting deployed to Iraq for 14 months #adventurechat…

@findinganeish A3. Being lead into the Arctic darkness on an ambivalent horse by a woman who didn't speak English. In rural Russia. #adventurechat

@Morology A3: Guatemala, stopped by folks wearing ski masks and poking at me with guns... #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow Q4. How do you know what is a bad gut feeling and what are your own fears creeping up?

@monicagoesshow Wanna guest co-host an #adventurechat? DM me, it’s super fun I promise!

• @gracebaldwin21  A4: I trust my instincts. If it logically doesn't seem like a good idea it probably isn't.

@BenOnAdventures bad gut feeling is when something could logically go horribly wrong. #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow I have a hard time with the gut feeling thing. I convinced myself I was going to die on Angels Landing and made it through ok #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures sometimes though you just gotta take stomach ache medicine and just go for it! #AdventureChat

@ABVGirl A4: If I've had the fear before, it's probably my silly fears. If it's unexplainable and sudden, then it's gut instinct.

@BaurJoe A4: I don't, which is why I in general just tell those scary voices to stop being paranoid. #adventurechat…

• @Cruisewriter A4 When in doubt, I choose the bad gut feeling whether right or wrong. #adventurechat

@NomadayTravel A4:when it's the fears creeping up I usually actually feel excitement and urge to challenge myself deep down #adventurechat

• @BootsnAll A4. Sometimes you can't tell. In those cases, go with your gut. Better safe than sorry. #adventurechat

@prianshu_shu take long breath and scream. Louder with eyes wide open.#AdventureChat

• @momfari A4 That's a tough question bc it's fine line. Think that if I'm somewhat willing, I should do it. #adventurechat…

• @iTraqTag A4: I try to listen to my gut, but for irrational fears, I also try to balance it with statistics. #adventurechat…

@JaimieRoehler A4: It can be hard to tell sometimes, but I always ask myself if I'll regret not trying something #adventurechat

@findinganeish A4. Bad feelings are really all my gut is good for. Sometimes I'm scared, too. #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Q5. Do you try to "conquer" your fear or just avoid situations that may trigger it? #adventurechat

@Cruisewriter A5 I have done both. Sometimes it's just to prove that I am not old yet. #adventurechat

@gracebaldwin21 A5: I definitely try to conquer my fears but it's probably stupid of me to do that and go against common sense.

@BaurJoe A5: Conquer the shit out of it. #adventurechat…

@traveling1223 A5 Definitely conquering most fears, or else what's the point of living? #adventurechat

@pubclub A5.) Try an avoid them but conquer them if faced with it. Like jumping off a cliff in Greece. Eventually did it & was great! #AdventureChat

@NomadayTravel A5:depends...some fears r cool to conquer.but sometimes it would be just irresponsible. #adventurechat

@JaimieRoehler A5: I typically try to "conquer" but also am aware of my limitations #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures just conquer it. Just be brave and shoot for the stars. #AdventureChat

@gracebaldwin21 I find that most of my scary/sketchy experiences are the result of lack of judgement on my part.

• @monicagoesshow Not sure I'll ever "conquer" mine. I jumped off a building 3x a day for years and still have it #adventurechat pastedGraphic_43.png

@TravelRedBook A5: Easier said than done, but always go for the conquer. Best feeling in the world when it's over.

@Morology A5: I do not believe one "conquers" fear... #adventurechat

@ABVGirl A5: I definitely go with conquering. I like to face my fears and prove to myself I can do it! #adventurechat #facingfears #moreworktodo

@findinganeish A5. I find that being drunk erases almost all fears. But you can't be drunk all the time, apparently.

• @momfari A5 I think I can...I think I can... :-) I LOVE adventure, which can trigger fear. I try to conquer. #adventurechat…

@BenOnAdventures actually I just thought of one: being buried alive in a coffin would be terrifying. #AdventureChat

• @SGSwritereditor A5 Eh, I think it's more meaningful to sharpen my sense of which fears are legit and which aren't. #adventurechat

@traveling1223 Liquid courage helps with a lot of things lol #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow got offered a beer at the top of Angels Landing but declined because my fear may be less but so’s my balance! #adventurechat

@BootsnAll A5. No. Conquer your fears! Avoiding situations does not help you learn, make meaningful engagements, or grow as a person. #adventurechat

@BootsnAll Drunk can make fears worse. Especially long term drunkness. :) #adventurechat

@RumAndCheese a5) avoid it for as long as possible. We lack lion hearts. #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A5: Conquer them, but incrementally. I'll climb to the top of a high mountain, but won't jump off it #adventurechat…

@monicagoesshow Along the same lines…Q6. Have you ever faced a fear and won? Were you rid of it completely after that? #adventurechat

@gracebaldwin21 A6: I can't say that I have!

@goingnomadic  Don't know if it's still around. But hostel booking site (forget which) was horrified too & said they'd remove it. #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Yeah I'm basically in the mindset of might as well do this, may never get the chance again. #AdventureChat #Fearless

@JaimieRoehler A6: I always feel better after doing something that scares me but I've never gotten completely rid of a fear #adventurechat

@ABVGirl A6: Yes, I've faced some and won, at the time. Always is there though; just lessens with every new time you face it! #adventurechat

@RumAndCheese 6) No. Yet to feel that exhilaration on conquering fear AND knowing it won't bother you again. #adventurechat

@gracebaldwin21 A6 I take back what I said. I've conquered some minor fears. But my real life-threatening ones will always be present.

@BaurJoe A6: As I was actively feeling terror along the edge of the Cliffs of Moher, I posed like a model lying on my stomach. #adventurechat

• @NuttyHiker I have tried to conquer my fear of snakes, hasn't worked. I love hiking, so I just suck it up and carry on. #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow I think as long as it hasn’t stopped you, that’s whats important. Snakes is a tough fear to beat.

@traveling1223 A6 I've gone skydiving and survived! I think I'd do it again #adventurechat pastedGraphic_47.png

@TravelRedBook A6: Faced the fear of being swallowed by the Colorado River... still scared. #adventurechat pastedGraphic_48.png

@SayHelloBlog The first time I went white water rafting our boat flipped and I got stuck underneath it. I am not sure I'll do it again. #adventurechat

@momfari A6 Did 24hr @BGSurvival recently that meant worm eating & rappelling. All about conquering fear 4 me! #adventurechat

@findinganeish A6. I guess I used to be scared of the Terminator, but now the Terminator is old, and just a bit sad.

• @monicagoesshow Q7. What's an adventure that terrifies you but is also on your bucket list to do? #adventurechat

@BaurJoe A7: Can't decide if I'm terrified, but paragliding intrigues me... #adventurechat…

@NomadayTravel A7:sky diving... #adventurechat

• @Morology A7: Space travel... #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures hmmm I'm interested in any adventure really. I just try not to allow fear to be present. #AdventureChat

@BootsnAll A7. All the random 'let's jump off high shit' in New Zealand. But we still want to do it! #adventurechat

@ABVGirl A7: Ice climbing, caving, climbing a mountain where I have to stay overnights! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow @NomadayTravel I’m with ya on skydiving! Someone has to push me! I figure as long as my tandem person isn’t suicidal I’m good #adventurechat

@pubclub A7.) White water rafting; not sure it's a fear but I'm sure it has its lively moments! Will NOT go skydiving.

@findinganeish A7. Death has always scared me, but luckily it's not until right at the end. #adventurechat

@1struleoftravel Swimming with sharks in a cage! EEP. #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow I would also say backpacking alone. I really want to do it but my mind may get the best of me! #adventurechat

@traveling1223 A7 Going to Iceland in winter to see the Northern Lights. Scared I might freeze to death from being outside too long #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A7: Wanted to go on an air balloon ride on our recent trip to CO. Seems relatively safe, but so HIGH! #AdventureChat pastedGraphic_53.png

@TravelRedBook A7: Hot air balloon ride. Not so much a height thing but more a lack of steering wheel #adventurechat

@gracebaldwin21 A7: I'm planning on going cage diving with sharks in Mass. this coming June.

@TripsAgency A7) Bungee Jumping or Base Jumping both look cool! #adventurechat @monicagoesshow

• @momfari A7 I think I could sky dive or bungee jump. We'll see! #adventurechat…

@monicagoesshow Q8. Share a picture of you doing something that scared you! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Obviously stuff with heights! Surfing and white water rafting I wasn't AS scared of but still scary #adventurechat pastedGraphic_54.png

@BaurJoe A8: Cliffs of Moher, posing along the edge just past the sign that warns you from doing that. #adventurechat pastedGraphic_56.png

@BenOnAdventures when my life comes to an end I dont want a perfectly preserved body. Scars/experiences make a great life! #AdventureChat

• @momfari A8 That's me at the Survival Academy challenging fear if heights! @BGSurvival @SnowMtnRanch #adventurechat pastedGraphic_57.png

@gracebaldwin21 A8: going to a music festival with my parents. Turned out to be great! pastedGraphic_58.png

@monicagoesshow Thanks everyone for another amazing #adventurechat! I say as long as it won't kill you, take on those fears! See ya'll next time!

@traveling1223 Thanks for a great #adventurechat Getting chills from all these crazy adventures we've all been on ;)

@BaurJoe Thanks for hosting! I'm now going to jump off a cliff and say @monicagoesshow told me to. #adventurechat…