Adventure Chat #20 - Storm Adventures


When I began participating in Twitter chats I loved the amount of interacting and great information I was seeing. I also noticed that most chats were about travel. While I love traveling, I am more of an adventure junkie and enjoy local activities like camping and hiking and the occasional road trip. So, I started my own Twitter chat called #adventurechat on Monday’s at 10 am pst. It’s a fun and informative way for me to learn from everyone else’s adventures. I’ve had more than one person ask me for a blog transcript so here we go. I’ve taken out all retweets and responses that are confusing as well as putting all Q and A’s in order. While the pictures were beautiful I do not have the right to include them here but they are all a part of the full transcript on For the 20th chat my guest co-host was @travelflat talking about Storm Adventures. Here are the questions and transcripts from the chat.


1. Have you ever been caught in a 'Storm Adventure'? Share your experience.

2. What are your best/worst experiences of facing a 'Storm Adventure'? 

3. What are you top tips when facing a 'Storm Adventure'?

4. Where have you been caught in a 'Storm Adventure'? Island, Mountain, Roadtrip?

5. Have you had any thrilling experiences on a wildlife trip and faced a 'Storm Adventure'?

6. What kind of 'Storm adventures' do you fear the most?

7. Any 'Storm Adventures' that you would seek out?

8. You're caught in a storm, who would you want with you? Solo? Romantic partner? Survivalist?

• @monicagoesshow Hello #adventurechat’ers! We’re back! So excited to talk ‘Storm Adventures’ with @travelflat! Who’s with us today?

@travelflat #AdventureChat is now live on Twitter. Thanks all for joining in. We appreciate your time. We begin in 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 @monicagoesshow

@BenOnAdventures I'm here for another great #AdventureChat #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow Where’s everyone chatting from today? #adventurechat

@NomadBeautiful Hello from Brighton, UK :) #AdventureChat

@TripsAgency We're here in Virginia, no storms here! @monicagoesshow @travelflat #adventurechat

@ankit1989 Hello Everyone! Joining from India #adventurechat

@iTraqTag Sending a big #adventurechat wave from Austin, Texas, where we know a thing or two about storms.…

@CeecesTravel Hey! Its Cee from #Durban #SouthAfrica as usual :-) #AdventureChat

@rutaagayire Nice to see you guys ! We have Indian adventure too :) #adventurechat @travelflat @monicagoesshow

@WellPlanTravel I am here in Minneapolis for a while #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog Hello fellow #adventurechat-ters! Glad I'd finally join after quite some absence due to traveling. Looking forw. to discuss #storm adv.!

• @blondwayfarer Greetings from NJ, USA. Glad to be here! #AdventureChat

• @kylefrost What's up #adventurechat! Joining from Boulder, CO today.

• @NomadayTravel Hello from everydayadventurous Delhi!:) #AdventureChat

@travelflat Q1: Have you ever been caught in a ‘Storm Adventure’? Share your experience. #AdventureChat

• @vagabondslog A1: Oh yes. Kayaking in Greenland. Storm caught us on the water. Took hours to paddle just a kilometer. Wind stayed 3 days.

@monicagoesshow A1: Never really been caught in one but driving through a lot of awful rainstorms and had basement time during tornadoes! #adventurechat

@JHochstat A1 I lived in Guatemala City Guatemala Oct '98 when Hurricane Mitch hit. 2 days later drove inland. Speachless by destruction #AdventureChat

@NomadBeautiful A1 While trekking in Tatras in Slovakia, just before we reached the peak #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel A1: Oh yes, but luckily I love wild winds, torrential rains and crazy weather! I just enjoyed it.

@WellPlanTravel A1 got stuck in Interlachen Switzerland in 2005 in a major storm that took out the train tracks and roads.

@TraveleretteSG A1: Yes our group got stuck in a storm in Voyageur National Park--we were lost for two days!

@kylefrost Spent 3 days on the Kepler Track in NZ in torrential rain and 50mph winds. #adventurechat

•Nomaday Travel A1:ohh a bit traumatic first water-skiing got over by thunder striking Lake I was in...

• @blondwayfarer A1. Nothing serious, but I got caught in a huge, unexpected rainstorm at #Versailles. I was DRENCHED.

@TripsAgency A1: Cruise ship rocked back and forth and Titanic was on the tv while we sailed pass Bermuda in a hurricane

@ankit1989 A1 Fortunately Not Yet #adventurechat

• @rutaagayire A1. This is what I call getting in Storm . During my #RickshawRun trip . #AdventureChat @travelflat

• @monicagoesshow I love tornados! I’m the crazy person who’d go outside for a better look! #adventurechat

• @driveonleft A1 Major rain storm in #Seychelles while walking back to hotel from beach. Stayed under tree for 30mins. Hotel picked us up #adventurechat

• @iTraqTag A1: Flash floods during our trip to Disneyland. Had a great time thanks to ice bucket bag shoe liners.

• @iTraqTag A1: We had a very rainy arrival to Venice. Had to walk on elevated boards in most shops in the area. #adventurechat

• @BaurJoe A1: just in my hometown when I was little. Got blown in front of a car and my brother yanked me away.

• @travelflat Q2: What are your best/worst experiences of facing a ‘Storm Adventure’? #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow A2: When I moved to Nashville there was such bad tornado I had to sign my lease and paperwork from the basement! #adventurechat

@CeecesTravel A2: Best just learning to literally dance in the rain, worst wearing all white...ha ha ha #AdventureChat :-)

@NomadayTravel A2:I love storms but having someone in the group who is deadly afraid of storms is a PROBLEM #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Yeah I was a DJ/Host at a bar with 3000 people during a tornado warning and everyone flipping out

• @blondwayfarer My family & I rode Animal Kingdom's safari ride in a storm. 1 kid thought lightening = Disney special effects.#AdventureChat

• @travelflat Incidentally, people in US, Phillipines have to face so many of these typhoons and cyclones. #AdventureChat

• @NomadBeautiful A2 The best: when the weather forecast was right. The worst: the weather forecast was wrong.

@WellPlanTravel A2 took Olso-Bergen train which is billed as most beautiful ride. Horrible storm only saw rain #adventurechat

• @blondwayfarer A2. Not a travel-related response, but facing Hurricane Sandy in NJ wins for worst experience. Horrifying. #AdventureChat

@UnevenToast A2 The Best is always sitting inside watching the lightning spark up the sky! #AdventureChat

@TravelRedBook A2: worst: soaking wet feet after hiking in the rain for three days straight - best: good company #AdventureChat

@NomadayTravel A2:it's monsoon now in India so it kind of became a normal everyday thing... #adventurechat

@vagabondslog A2: As daunting as such a storm can be, can be also pretty impressive: Jordan desert, excavation.

@TripsAgency A2: Thundersnow, Derecho and Snowpocalyse in DC! Derecho knocked out power for 3 days in JULY! @monicagoesshow @travelflat #adventurechat

@UnevenToast A2 The worst is always seeing the devastation that it causes to people’s live! :( #AdventureChat

@driveonleft A2 Hurricane Sandy in 2012 knocked us out of our apt in NYC for 6 weeks. Hotel living got old pretty quick #adventurechat

@TraveleretteSG A2: Best was Disney World in a rain storm because there were no lines! #adventurechat

• @CeecesTravel Thunderstorms are amazing aren't they? I like to sit by an open window so I can smell the rain & staticair #AdventureChat

@kylefrost Well, anytime it's stormy but not dangerous enough to go back, you get an epic day. #adventurechat

• @rutaagayire A2. In India for women this would be considered lucky for men ;) #Adventurechat @travelflat

@driveonleft Lived right on Battery Park in old apt building. Underground garage flooded, destroying all the electrics #adventurechat

• @BaurJoe A2: I got to help an old lady get up and push her through the wind to her apartment during a winter storm in Chicago. #adventurechat

@BaurJoe A2: the next day, the highways turned into a snowy playground. Wish highways were always that fun!

• @iTraqTag A2: Have become too good at our TX tornado drill of grabbing bike helmets & moving kids downstairs w/out even waking them up. #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow Q3. What are you top tips when facing a ‘Storm Adventure’? #adventurechat

• @BaurJoe A3 Be smart and be at least two or three steps ahead of your next move, if possible. #adventurechat

@NomadBeautiful A3 Avoid hiding behind/below any tree #AdventureChat

• @CeecesTravel A3: remain calm and level headed, panic & sudden rash decisions cause problems. And enjoy it! #AdventureChat #BeautyInAll

@TravelRedBook A3: stay calm and don't worry, you planned for the worst... #lightingdrill #AdventureChat

• @NomadayTravel A3:if you can just wait in safe place.have patience and wait.they also say to close windows #adventurechat

@VYimages A3: remain calm and level headed, panic & sudden rash decisions cause problems. And enjoy it! #AdventureC…

@BenOnAdventures Always carry dry bags for important pieces of gear/a larger dry bag to put your pack in. #AdventureChat

• @monicagoesshow A3: I would say don’t try to get the perfect instagram selfie with the storm! Haha #adventurechat

@driveonleft A3 If you get stuck in one and can't avoid it, just ride it out and try to enjoy the ride #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A3: Stay away from anything. Trees aren't a good idea for shelter! And keep your stuff together.

@ankit1989 A3 Keep Calm So you can better fight with the tough time #adventurechat

@UST_Survival A3. Don't forget a tarp for ground cover, shelter, or even gathering rain water if you need to! @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@comusetravels A3: Tell the storm to leave, or better yet, stop it before it comes. A tornado approaching a friend's wedding got the message.#adventurechat

@iTraqTag A3: Focus on safety - Never assume that you're smarter or faster than the storm. #adventurechat…

@blondwayfarer A3. My blunt advice is don't be stupid. Seek shelter, & avoid electronics in lightening storms. Don't mess w/ the weather. #AdventureChat

@WellPlanTravel a3 listen to the news #adventurechat

• @travelflat Q4: Where have you been caught in a ‘Storm Adventure’? Island, Mountain, Roadtrip? #AdventureChat

• @monicagoesshow Wanna co-host an #adventurechat? DM me and let’s do it!

@monicagoesshow A4: I got stuck at an airport during a tornado! It was amazing to watch the sky through the huge windows! #adventurechat

@NomadayTravel A4:biking in Indonesia on Java with no option to stop #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Mountain and road trip! #AdventureChat

@NomadBeautiful A4: Sivy vrch in High Tatras in Slovakia #AdventureChat

• @Cruisewriter A4 Bicycling trip in NZ - a fluke summer snowstorm in the SI added a challenge. #adventurechat

@blondwayfarer A4. #Versailles haha. In Disney World. At the Jersey Shore. In my car (those are ALWAYS fun. not.) #AdventureChat

@iTraqTag A4: Driving through this storm in CO made us ask "can lightning come through a sun roof?" #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A4: Sea, mountains, and desert. Each terrain bringing own challenges.

@TraveleretteSG A4: I had to get from NYC to Atlanta by bus in a snowstorm--ultimate destination was Brazil! #adventurechat

• @comusetravels A4: During a tornado storm in Kankakee, Illinois (hometown), a friend & I drove around with a backup generator to help #adventurechat

@TravelRedBook A4: TRB team member sits on a beach in P.R. while darkness approaches #AdventureChat

@RambleAndVine A4. For storm watching head to the @WickInnBC in #Tofino BC #AdventureChat @monicagoesshow

• @travelflat Q 5: Have you had any thrilling experiences on a Wildlife trip and faced a ‘Storm Adventure’? #AdventureChat

@blondwayfarer A5. Does being stuck in a thunderstorm while at Disney World's Animal Kingdom count? Haha. ;) #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel A5: Been stuck out on a boat cruise fill of Hippo& crocodile before when the weather has changed!

• @BaurJoe A5: During a wildlife trip? Nothing comes to mind... But damn, that sounds fantastic! #adventurechat

@CeecesTravel A5: Nothing like being on a Reserve in wet weather. It smells so Wild, like Africa #AdventureChat

@iTraqTag A5: Had a huge storm while at a friend's ranch. Flooded the roads/dams. Wildlife didn't seem to mind. #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Q6. What kind of ‘Storm adventures’ do you fear the most? #adventurechat

@BaurJoe A6: Anything that requires swimming. I'm an embarassingly terrible swimmer. All arms, no legs. I look like a startled moose. #adventurechat

@blondwayfarer A6. Taking an amazing American roadtrip and coming face-to-face with a tornado. Tornados scare me most, I think. #AdventureChat

@ankit1989 A6 Dust Storm #adventurechat

• @travelflat A 6: Anything caught in the middle of an ocean or sea. #AdventureChat @monicagoesshow

@TravelRedBook A6: lightning at high altitude or white-out snowfall (unless praying for powder) #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A6: Yeah anything with swimming I’d be dead! I know it’s not a storm but I’m terrified of earthquakes in LA! #adventurechat

@travelflat A 6: Even flashfloods can be dangerous #AdventureChat @monicagoesshow

• @driveonleft A6 Blizzard. I hate snow and it makes travel impossible #adventurechat

@comusetravels A6: I'd say Tsunamis would top the list due to the massive destruction they cause, but quakes would be up there as well #adventurechat

• @travelflat Q 7: Any ‘Storm Adventures’ that you would seek out? #AdventureChat @monicagoesshow

@BenOnAdventures It's always cool to see snow storms over mountains, etc. #AdventureChat

@TraveleretteSG A7 I'd love to see a monsoon in India! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A7: l would love to do a tornado chaser tour! #adventurechat

@iTraqTag 1:52:22PM

@BaurJoe @monicagoesshow I've been through a few earthquakes in Seattle. One while working in the Smith Tower (100+ yrs old.) #Adventurechat

@driveonleft A7 Seeing massive thunderstorms roll in across the plains in US. Nothing like midwest thunderstorm. As long as you're inside! #adventurechat

• @CeecesTravel A7: Storm chasing is a big one on the list! #AdventureChat even if just once!

@BaurJoe A7: Have literally never thought about it... Besides chasing, not sure what else there'd be? #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A7: I think that moving to Texas counts as "seeking out a storm adventure'. #AdventureChat…

@monicagoesshow @CeecesTravel We’ll make friends with @reedtimmerTVN and go tornado chasing! #adventurechat

@driveonleft the hail storms out in that area can be pretty intense #adventurechat

@blondwayfarer A7. I'm too much of a wuss, haha. Lightening storms are incredible to watch from inside the safety of your own home, though. #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel Agreed, and then too warm up afterwards, I want to go #VolcanoBoarding! :-)#AdventureChat

• @TripsAgency A7: Love watching hurricanes from the front porch in the summer. The rain is warm and lovely to watch @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

• @RambleAndVine Storm chasing in BC @WickInnBC is the real deal #adventurechat

• @comusetravels A7: Growing up near Chicago, blizzards = storms I had mixed feelings about: tough to be outside, but school was cancelled! #adventurechat

@travelflat Now the Last Qs of #AdventureChat: Q8: You’re caught in a storm, who would U want with you? Solo? Romantic partner? Survivalist? @monicagoesshow

@monicagoesshow A8: Definitely survival expert! They would get me as close to the action as possible without killing me! #adventurechat

• @BaurJoe A8: Solo if it's about to get grisly and/or deadly, my wife if it's a relatively safe scenario good for a story. #adventurechat

@CeecesTravel A8: A Romantic Partner who is a Survivalist. Someone who can dance with the beat of the weather #AdventureChat

• @NomadBeautiful or at least a person who wouldn't panic in case I would :) #Adventurechat

@blondwayfarer A8. A survivalist! DEFINITELY. If I was alone, I'd curl in a ball and cry. A survivalist would be a godsend. #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow Thanks everyone for joining another exciting #adventurechat! And thank to guest host @travelflat To cohost send me a DM! See ya’ll next time

@BenOnAdventures That was a great talk today everyone! Have an awesome week!! Follow me to talk more adventure throught the week! #AdventureChat

@vagabondslog Thanks a lot for this rather ... stormy #adventurechat everyone! And to our hosts @monicagoesshow & @travelflat in particular!

@CeecesTravel Thanks for yet another stellar chat! #AdventureChat great meeting new people & seeing old friends!

@travelflat We appreciate all of you who joined today's #AdventureChat with my co-host @monicagoesshow Have a good day and good night (wherever you are)

@RumAndCheese We missed today's #AdventureChat but we'd definitely like to know more. :) Is it a weekly thing? Time? @monicagoesshow

• @monicagoesshow Yup! Every Monday 10 am Pst, 1pm EST #adventurechat

@RumAndCheese Sounds great. Thanks for letting us know. We'll try and make it next Monday. :) #AdventureChat