Adventure Chat #19 - Urban Adventures

When I began participating in Twitter chats I loved the amount of interacting and great information I was seeing. I also noticed that most chats were about travel. While I love traveling, I am more of an adventure junkie and enjoy local activities like camping and hiking and the occasional road trip. So, I started my own Twitter chat called #adventurechat on Monday’s at 10 am pst. It’s a fun and informative way for me to learn from everyone else’s adventures. I’ve had more than one person ask me for a blog transcript so here we go. I’ve taken out all retweets and responses that are confusing as well as putting all Q and A’s in order. While the pictures were beautiful I do not have the right to include them here but they are all a part of the full transcript on

For the 19th chat my guest co-host was @rooloves talking about Urban Adventures. Here are the questions and transcripts from the chat.

1. What makes a city a great place to visit on an urban adventure?
2. What’s the perfect amount of time needed to explore a city?
3. What are the best cities to visit to immerse yourself in another culture? Share a photo.
4. What’s the best way to travel around a city and why?
5. What’s your favourite activity to do on an urban adventure?
6. What’s your favourite building you’ve ever visited? We want photos!
7. Can you recommend any great day trips out from a city?
8. Which city offers the best food? Suggestions for favourite places to eat?
9. Urban adventure or countryside getaway? Why?
10. Finally, share a photo of you on your favourite urban adventure.

• @monicagoesshow What's up #adventurechat peeps! Where's everyone chatting from today?

@nikkistewart85 chatting from Glasgow again #adventurechat

@RooLoves Good morning/afternoon/evening! Where's everyone joining #adventurechat from today?

@LoversExplorers Small town Idaho. Dreaming of city lunches & coffees #adventurechat @monicagoesshow

@BenOnAdventures Very stormy Northwest Ohio! #adventurechat

@LandTripping Checking in from Kansas City today. #adventurechat

@justme_Soo newcomer to #adventurechat - from Kingston Canada

@SGSwritereditor Near #Boston! #adventurechat

@TripsAgency Chatting from #Virginia today #adventurechat

@CeecesTravel Hey @RooLoves & @monicagoesshow excited for today's #AdventureChat :-) Tweeting from #Durban #SouthAfrica :-)

• @vagabondslog Hi #adventurechat-ters; I'm a bit late to the party, but happy to join from Berlin again today to discuss

@bitof_thisnthat Hi @RooLoves ... Joining #adventurechat from Bangalore India :)

@RooLoves Let's kick things off: Q1. What makes a city a great place to visit on an urban adventure? #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures One of my favorite parts of a city adventure: History/culture. #adventurechat

@RooLoves A1. There's so many different things to do and see that you can tailor your getaway to suit you. #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A1: I think every city has something to offer. The best is when it’s an adventure only that city can provide #adventurechat

• @LandTripping Diversity. Both in people and in experiences. #AdventureChat…

@SGSwritereditor A1 You can get lost there and still have access to decent coffee and world-class museums on a whim. #adventurechat

@ankit1989 A1 Traffic control, Cleanliness and Tourist attractions #adventurechat

@VacationSellout A1: When there are great sights, good food and an abundance of new and fun activities! #adventurechat @RooLoves @monicagoesshow

• @CeecesTravel A1: Definitely my home city of #Durban in #SouthAfrica. Many Urban adventures to be had!

@HiketheHolyLand A1: I think ample bike paths & walking parks, along with eclectic neighborhoods to explore

@nikkistewart85 A1 lots to do, friendly people and where you feel safe #adventurechat

@NickelDenver A1: If it has a ton of history and meaningful sites to see while visiting #adventurechat

@findinganeish A1. I love cities with a past, a present and a future. Somewhere diverse, where you can shop, explore, relax and learn. #adventurechat

@VoyagerVicki A1: Cities with a rich history, great restaurants and museums, and interesting sights make for memorable urban adventures. #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Same! It's so sweet taking a step back into our world's past when you come across historical places! #adventurechat

@TripsAgency A1) I'm a foodie, so I'm all about exploring the cuisine from top restaurants to hole in the walls @monicagoesshow #adventurechat

@justme_Soo Love a city that builds on its history. London fascinating mix through ages #adventurechat

@vagabondslog A1: It's story & history, people & places. So, basically any city offers an urban adventure if one just cares to look for it.

@GetFitwithWitt A1: my fave urban adventures always include wine and/ or beer tasting options. #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Yes! Local foods and drinks are the best part about traveling! (oh yeah and people and history! Haha) #adventurechat

@LoversExplorers A1: So many sites & cultures-it's a diff. type of "wildnerness." Beauty in its bldings & people #adventurechat @RooLoves @monicagoesshow

@MrTrollHorse A1: Easy...San Francisco because it's rich in culture and is a big city in a small land. @monicagoesshow

• @vagabondslog That's one of the pillars of travelling, isn't it. Always get me w/ some history at least. ;-) #adventurechat

@bitof_thisnthat A1: history and the modern city.. A little bit for everyone and you will never get bored! #adventurechat

@Jessisawanderer A1: a great city is where you can get lost and found at the same time! #adventurechat

@TravelRedBook A1. Bangkok, Thailand offers the perfect urban adventure! #adventurechat

• @DiscParkRide A1: You have access to everything very quickly and get enjoy the rush of city life! #adventurechat

• @junkkDNA A1 you can be away stil be connected without the fear of getting lost #adventurechat

@RooLoves Q2. What’s the perfect amount of time needed to explore a city? #adventurechat

@RooLoves A2. Depends on the city. A couple days in Anthens was enough for me but I still have so much yet to see in London #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures  It varies wherever you are! Some places more some less! For ex. this summer in DC we needed more time! #adventurechat

@VoyagerVicki A2: Req. exploration time varies from city to city. At least a full day for a small city. 1-2 weeks isn't too much for some. #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A2: I think the amount of time depends on the size of the city and adventures offered. For bigger cities, more time! #adventurechat

@nikkistewart85 A2 I would say 5 days is perfect for a big city like Berlin, London or Paris. 3 days for smaller cities

@ankit1989 A2 It strictly depend on the number of attractions any destinations have. #adventurechat

@LoversExplorers A2: How big is it? Large cities- a few days so you can wander blissfully & eat everything. #adventurechat @RooLoves @monicagoesshow

@vagabondslog A2: Highly depending on place and expectations. For some an hour is enough, sometimes days don't do it.

@justme_Soo A2: never a perfect amount of time. Great City culture has layers upon layers to discover! #adventurechat

@MrTrollHorse A2: Depends on how big the city is but for me, a day is enough in San Francisco. @monicagoesshow

• @CeecesTravel Agreed! Some cities are better explored when more time is had, and visa versa #AdventureChat

• @GetFitwithWitt A2: depends on the city, but if I don't have at least 3 days, I'd rather not even go #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A2: it depends on the city. Two days could be enough. I was in Cape Town recently and 10 days wasn't enough! #adventurechat

@HiketheHolyLand Yep. Cities like L.A. are so spread out, I always tell visitors gotta have at least 4 days for a big city.

@CeecesTravel A2: Different cities are better at different times of the year, I love discovering off peak season

• @DiscParkRide A2: Depends on the city, but about a week is typically a good amount of time if you can't stay longer

• @junkkDNA A2 there is no specific time as such, coz a true traveler can nvr get enough #AdventureChat

@findinganeish A2. A long weekend will usually do. It's long enough to immerse yourself in a place without losing neutrality or perspective. #adventurechat

@RooLoves Q3. What are the best cities to visit to immerse yourself in another culture? Share a photo. #adventurechat

@nikkistewart85 A3 Oslo is great ( pictured). Other ones are Granada, Paris, Edinburgh and Perth ( Oz) #adventurechat

@RooLoves SO much to see in London #adventurechat…

@CeecesTravel A3: The ones you dont hear of, the ones next to the famous cities. They're full of culture #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures As I said in previous tweets, DC!! #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow A3: I’ve been all over the US and Europe but would love to experience a completely different culture in Asia or South America #adventurechat

@MrTrollHorse A3: Barcelona, London, Paris, Madrid, Istabul, New York, Montreal, Lisbon, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo.

• @vagabondslog A3: Well, #Istanbul should be definitely on this list imho! Truly blending west & east.

@Jessisawanderer A3: I have recently fallen in love with Cape Town but NYC has a special place in my heart! #adventurechat

• @RooLoves spin around town offer reciprocated for London! #AdventureChat

@VacationSellout A3: Definitely New York. So many different cultures and neighborhoods in one city. There's so much to experience #adventurechat @RooLoves

@DiscParkRide A3: Tampa, New Orleans, and New York City to name a few here in the U.S.! #adventurechat

@LandTripping NYC tops my list, but noticed a diverse population in Vancouver, BC too. Must be a coastal thing. #adventurechat

@justme_Soo A3: hard Q! Any city that is outside of comfort zone (diff language, customs, food etc). Want to visit India next! #adventurechat

• @TravelRedBook A3. Italy's cities are filled with culture like no where else! #adventurechat

• @HiketheHolyLand A3: Ancient cities like Jericho, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world ! #adventurechat

• @junkkDNA A3 in india culture, language, food n people changes every two km because its @incredibleindia Unity in diversity #AdventureChat

• @findinganeish A3. For me it's hard to beat the likes of Edinburgh, London, Berlin or Moscow. #adventurechat

@findinganeish A3. That said, I also have a thing for city states. There's something about Vatican City and Monaco. #adventurechat

@RooLoves Q4. What’s the best way to travel around a city and why? #adventurechat

• @RooLoves A4 Hop on/off buses are great for sightseeing, did this in Berlin. used the metro in Rome&Hong Kong.Saw Lima in Peru on foot #adventurechat

• @BenOnAdventures On foot!! You can really experience the culture first hand and interact with the locals! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A4: Whatever is the most local and sometimes touristy…subway in NYC, Trolley in SF, Gondola in Venice, Walking everywhere! #adventurechat

• @ankit1989 A4 Morning Walk in unknown cities because It is the best to experience the city from closer #adventurechat

• @nikkistewart85 A4 walking mainly as you get to experience more, if bigger city like London definitely the underground

@Jessisawanderer A4: I love walking around a city but sometimes it's good to do unusual transport too - rickshaws, tuktuks, helicopters etc #adventurechat

@VoyagerVicki A4: Walking tours are a great way to get to know a city. #adventurechat

@vagabondslog A4: Afoot, I am convinced. Offers the pace and perspective to really explore a city beyond shallow glance.

• @justme_Soo A4: Cycling. Personal pedal power for fitness (more eating) & cover more ground! #adventurechat

• @DiscParkRide A4: On foot! Or if there's a trolley system. You get to see everything you're passing by and can stop any time #adventurechat

@MrTrollHorse A4: Public transportation because driving a car in a huge city is stressful and time-consuming.

@TripsAgency A4) On foot or train, but sometimes a cable car is way more fun #adventurechat @monicagoesshow #spain @RooLoves

@CeecesTravel A4: On foot, bicycle, or vespa! Best way to discover hidden treasures. Not a fan of tour groups! #Adventurechat :-)

@DanielleOTG Any means that doesn't obstruct your view too much. By foot, bike or open air bus. Less likely to miss little gems. #adventurechat

@SGSwritereditor A4 Got trolley? Ride trolley! #adventurechat

• @livinlavidarose A4: Public transportation and those hop on/hop off buses are great options if you're touring a big city

• @VacationSellout A4:Always been a walker. I love to take my time and embrace the sights. And usually, I stumble across something new #adventurechat @RooLoves

• @junkkDNA A4 on foot or cycle #adventurechat

@hijinksandhalos I need a rickshaw and a tuktuk in my life... #oneday #adventurechat #travel…

• @LandTripping By foot! I'm a "choose your own adventure" type & enjoy the freedom my own two feet provide me. #adventurechat…

• @hglifeblog I love hop on/off buses! I try to catch one in every city that I visit if they're available. #adventurechat

@findinganeish A4. I don't think you can beat walking, or if you're in a hurry, the bus or tram. It's nice to see a place from the ground. #adventurechat

@RooLoves Q5. What’s your favourite activity to do on an urban adventure? #Adventurechat

@RooLoves A5 I usually visit at least one museum as I have a thirst for learning. Washington DC was therefore a dream come true! #adventurechat

@nikkistewart85 A5 find a good rooftop bar :) #adventurechat

• @livinlavidarose A5: EAT! I love finding and trying out what and where locals like to eat #AdventureChat…

@Jessisawanderer A5: rather unusually, I just abseiled in Cape Town. My new favourite urban activity!! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Take pictures of all of the awesome sights!! #adventurechat

@Pinkzenjoy Wanted to take a helicopter ride in langkawi but 4 a 15 min ride twas more expensive than my return air tkt #adventurechat

@nikkistewart85 I avoid museums at all costs, unless it is a particularly famous one #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A5: I try to find something very specific to that city, weirder the better (Jack the Ripper tour in London), Broadway in NYC #adventurechat

• @GetFitwithWitt A5: definitely to do.something suggested by a local that wasn't in your tour book #adventurechat

• @WellPlanTravel A5 I hate to admit this, but I like to go shopping. Usually don't buy anything, but a good way to see the locals and tastes #adventurechat

@DanielleOTG A5. I try to find the oldest parts of the city & check out the vibe & architecture. Learn from the past...#AdventureChat

• @HiketheHolyLand A5: Waking up at sunrise and taking in the calmness and stillness of a new city #adventurechat

• @gracebaldwin21 A5: I love going and getting lost in a new city! you never know what you'll find!

@Jessisawanderer  I love a market! Such fun. And usually delicious local treats to nibble too #adventurechat

@TripsAgency on #adventurechat get your #mondaymotivation dose for #travel…

• @ankit1989 A5 I believe Finding a right address is also an urban adventure for me #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A5: Looking beyond the scenes; peeking into those corners off the tourist guide's path:…

• @CeecesTravel A5: There is much to do in #Durban as its a beach city, plus has nature reserves, plus the world-cup stadium, etc. #Adventurechat

• @VacationSellout A5: Love to try something new everywhere I go. Kayaking through Chicago and seeing all the buildings was the best! #adventurechat @RooLoves

@junkkDNA A5 i am a foodie so wud explore the street food and wud visit buildings of architectural delight #AdventureChat

@findinganeish A5. My favourite activity is to walk from one end of a city to the other, to dissect it and sample a cross-section of life. #adventurechat

@RooLoves Q6. What’s your favourite building you’ve ever visited? We want photos! #adventurechat

• @RooLoves A6 St Basils Cathedral was just so beautiful.Sydney Opera House is close 2nd #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Already tweeted the photo earlier! The Washington Monument is awesome! So many sweet views from it! #adventurechat

• @CeecesTravel A6: ooooh! The most beautiful have been the outside of buildings, and I havent taken pics sadly :-( #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow A6: favorite building was Westminster but I have no England pictures left 😕 here's some runner ups! #adventurechat

@justme_Soo A6: not nec a fave, but recent! Recreated stave church rep Norwegian culture in Oslo! #adventurechat

• @ankit1989 A6 Burj Khalifa in Dubai #adventurechat

@BwayCollection NYC is the perfect city to visit to immerse yourself in another culture and also see a @BwayCollection show! #adventurechat

@livinlavidarose A6: #Sydney Opera House is probably my favorite. It's beautiful on the inside and outside. #AdventureChat

• @TripsAgency Notre Dame! I loved it, and go each time I'm in #Paris @monicagoesshow #adventurechat #urbanadventure

@LandTripping Home of Frank Lloyd Wright in Oak Park, IL. Photos were not allowed inside. I love all his designs.

@hannatravel Depends what city has to offer! Usually I love shooping on the food markets! omnomnom! ;) #Adventurechat

@HiketheHolyLand This one on top of a hotel in Istanbul wasn't too bad! #adventurechat

@nikkistewart85 A6 Alhambra in Granada, its wonderful #adventurechat

@Jessisawanderer A6: anywhere in Venice is beautiful. Love that the buildings are right on the water! #adventurechat

• @DanielleOTG A6. Tough one. Going with St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. #AdventureChat

• @DiscParkRide A6: We love to explore! Hit all the touristy spots and then venture out to see what hidden gems you can find #Adventurechat

• @VacationSellout A6: Love the Sears Tower in Chicago (can't say Willis). You can see the city beneath you on the sky deck! #adventurechat @RooLoves

• @DiscParkRide A6: We love all the historic buildings of St. Augustine! #adventurechat

@VoyagerVicki A6: My fav buildings ever visited: Taj Mahal, Mysore Palace, Madrid Royal Palace, anything by Gaudí #adventurechat

• @HiketheHolyLand A6: The Blue Mosque in Istanbul was pretty cool #AdventureChat

@vagabondslog A6: Never been much of a spiritual person, but Istanbul's #HagiaSophia simply is awe-inspiring.

@findinganeish A6. Going to have to borrow pics of my faves: Black Mountain Tower and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. #adventurechat

@RooLoves Q7. Can you recommend any great day trips out from a city? #adventurechat

@RooLoves A7 Jerusalem has some brilliant day trips out to the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, Jericho, Masada & all of Israel.

• @monicagoesshow A7: So many in LA! Everyone knows Hollywood and Santa Monica but a drive up the PCH and a winery visit is my fav day trip! #adventurechat

@livinlavidarose A7: YES! Do a food tour in Queens, NY with my dear friend Jeff. #AdventureChat…

@Jessisawanderer A7: if you're in Cape Town, you must do a day trip to Hermanus to see the whales. Perfect! #adventurechat

• @SGSwritereditor A7 #Newport Rhode Island, out of Providence or Boston. #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Go watch the Changing of the Guard in DC. It's amazing. #adventurechat

• @WellPlanTravel A7 Murano a good day trip from Venice. I like it more than Venice #adventurechat

@LandTripping From San Francisco, I would recommend heading up to Napa Valley. Wine Heaven! ...and it's beautiful in the Fall! #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel A7: Yes!If in #Durban head up to #Zululand for the #HluhluweImfoloziGameReserve #AdventureChat :-) #Worthit

@DanielleOTG A7 Surprised at how much we enjoyed the quick daytrip to Toledo from Madrid. Great architecture & great art. #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow Wanna cohost an #adventurechat? DM me and let’s do it!

@VacationSellout A7: Out from New Orleans you can go to Tunica Falls. Not too far and beautiful waterfalls! #adventurechat @RooLoves @monicagoesshow

@DiscParkRide A7: Tons of places in FL no matter where you're visiting! National parks, beaches, rivers, theme parks, & more! #adventurechat

@junkkDNA A7 thr r many beautiful getaways from dehradun, delhi, mumbai n indore #AdventureChat

@findinganeish A7. Loch Ness from Inverness, Dunnottar Castle from Aberdeen, @TheCairngorms from Dundee. And that's just in Scotland. #adventurechat

@RooLoves Q8. Which city offers the best food? Suggestions for favourite places to eat? #adventurechat

@livinlavidarose Yes! And I'm not being biased this is a great foodie adventure! There's more to NYC than just Manhattan! #AdventureChat

• @RooLoves A8 The food in Krakow was amazing & so cheap (£3 cocktails too!). But when in Queenstown NZ one must buy a Fergberger! #adventurechat

@nikkistewart85 A8 Not really a foodie, liked the tapas in Barcelona #adventurechat

@HiketheHolyLand Yes, and right near the Dead Sea & Masada is Ein Gedi desert oasis park #adventurechat

@DiscParkRide A8: We have to mention New Orleans again, they have amazing foods and so much variety #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A8: Any city in Italy made me pretty happy with food! Beers in Europe, Wine in California, and a good burger anywhere! #adventurechat

@LandTripping I'm partial to Kansas City! Sooooo much good food it's almost impossible to narrow it down. #adventurechat

• @VacationSellout A8:Oh my gosh too many. But Chicago! Italian beef, deep dish pizza, amazing hot dogs and so many great local spots! #adventurechat @RooLoves

@VoyagerVicki A8: My favorite city in Spain for tapas--Logroño. I loved Calle Laurel area. Each bar specializes in a different tapas. #adventurechat

@WellPlanTravel A8 I like Prague, favorite type of food and beer and cheap if you get out of the main square area.

@CeecesTravel A8: With places like @9thavenuebistro @StrettaCafe @republikdbn @Home_Bru_GC we're spoilt in #DBN #SA #Adventurechat

@LandTripping I can say I don't go to Chicago without having Lou Malnati's deep dish. #bestpizzaever #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Going down south in the southern US has some great home cooked meals!! #adventurechat

• @GetFitwithWitt A8: Paris. Anywhere and everywhere there! #adventurechat

@junkkDNA A8 lucknow, delhi, mumbai, gujarat, punjab #adventurechat

@RooLoves Q9. Urban adventure or countryside getaway? Why? #adventurechat

@RooLoves A9 I love an urban adventure but some cities just don't excite me (Dubai, snore). However, countryside always never fails me. #adventurechat

@VoyagerVicki A9: I love urban adventures for their cultural offerings. #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow A9: I love visiting cities but I’m a mountain girl through and through! City visit with a few days in the countryside? #adventurechat

@VacationSellout A9: Always an urban adventure! I've always been a fan of city life and there's just always so much to do #adventurechat @RooLoves

@nikkistewart85 A9 a mix of both, depending where you are. Gorges du Verdon is beautiful in France. prefer cities though #adventurechat

@RooLoves Very true, I love both #AdventureChat…

• @DiscParkRide A9: We love the exciting rush of a city but also the relaxing tranquility of the countryside, so can we say both?! #adventurechat

@WellPlanTravel A9 urban with no car, but I love to get out in the country and explore with a car #adventurechat

• @livinlavidarose A9: I want both! Either getaway offers its own adventure depending on your mood. I can't choose! #AdventureChat…

@Jessisawanderer A9: urban adventure for sure. Especially because my family home is here: #adventurechat

@hannatravel Depends on the mood. I love urban adventures however, I feel really comfy on a countryside getaway :) #adventurechat

@junkkDNA A9 countryside getaway #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel A9:In #KZN South Africa we combine the 2 often.Urban Getaways & Countryside Adventures! #AdventureChat :-)

• @nikkistewart85 A9 at the zoo in Sydney, love that city so much. couldn't find my bridge climb photo :( #adventurechat

@RooLoves Q10. Finally, share a photo of you on your favourite urban adventure #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A10: Urban adventure of a different kind (as in #UrbanExploration):…

@Jessisawanderer A10: my favourite historical city. The Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt. #adventurechat

@RooLoves A10 I wear Tiffany & Co jewelry in the hopes that someone will return me to New York... #adventurechat

@VacationSellout A10: Can't beat kayaking through #Chicago. #adventurechat @RooLoves @monicagoesshow

@monicagoesshow A10: oscars red carpet in Hollywood was awesome, trapeze, and of course backpacking in Europe! #adventurechat

@WellPlanTravel A10 New York City at Christmas #adventurechat

@CeecesTravel A10: Nothing like spending the day on the beach, or stadium or river-cruising #AdventureChat #Durban

• @monicagoesshow Thank you @RooLoves for cohosting an awesome chat on Urban Adventures! If you want to cohost DM me! See ya’ll next time! #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures That was a great chat everybody! I had so much fun today! Have a great afternoon everybody!!

@drhannahshort All your #AdventureChat is giving me extreme wanderlust! 🌏

• @RooLoves Thanks for the #adventure #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog Again a really inspiring #adventurechat met its end. Thanks for your insights into 'Urban Adventures' everybody; in particular to our hosts!

@RooLoves Great #adventurechat everyone! Would love to know what's on your #travel #bucketlist