Adventure Chat #14 - Adventure Gear


When I began participating in Twitter chats I loved the amount of interacting and great information I was seeing. I also noticed that most chats were about travel. While I love traveling, I am more of an adventure junkie and enjoy local activities like camping and hiking and the occasional road trip. So, I started my own Twitter chat called #adventurechat on Monday’s at 10 am pst. It’s a fun and informative way for me to learn from everyone else’s adventures. I’ve had more than one person ask me for a blog transcript so here we go. I’ve taken out all retweets and responses that are confusing as well as putting all Q and A’s in order. While the pictures were beautiful I do not have the right to include them here but they are all a part of the full transcript on For my fourteenth chat, my co-host was @UST_Survival chatting about Adventure Gear. Here are the questions and transcripts from that chat.


1. What do you consider "Adventure Gear" #adventurechat

2. Do you buy new gear every year or have the same tried and true items? #adventurechat

3. What is your favorite piece of Adventure Gear? Why? #adventurechat

4. What is your least favorite piece of gear and why? #adventurechat

5. What are three pieces of gear you consider a survival necessity to have? #adventurechat

6. Where do you find the best deals for new gear? Is there a certain time of year that's best to shop? #adventurechat

7. Have you even bought something that you never used? #adventurechat

8. Have you ever had a piece of adventure gear save your life? Tell us the story! #adventurechat

9. What is the most expensive adventure gear you own? #adventurechat

10. If you had all the money in the world, what gear would you buy? Where would you take it? #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow It's #adventurechat time with my guest cohost @UST_Survival! Who's here and psyched?!?

@pilot371 Here and psyched lol #adventurechat

@Todd_the_Hiker Greetings @monicagoesshow @UST_Survival #adventurechat! Stopping by for a bit before I have to run to a meeting!

@dadhikes I'm here for a few minutes.. Let the fun begin! #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog Hi there #adventurechat-ers! Finally back home, joining you from rainy Berlin today. Looking forward to some interesting gear chat!

@UST_Survival Woohoo! We've got some good Qs saved up! #adventurechat Whose here?!

• @iTraqTag Tweeting from vacation in southern Idaho. #AdventureChat

@joetea48 We are here!

@UST_Survival Q1: What do you consider “Adventure Gear?" #adventurechat

• @pilot371 A1. Anything I take with me when enjoying outdoors, especially when canoe camping #adventurechat

• @ankit1989 A1 Zeal to Take Risk is Adventure Gear #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow A1: I typically think of adventure gear as my #hiking and #camping stuff but it’s really anything you take on an adventure #adventurechat

@DiscParkRide A1: It depends on the adventure! Anything you use to get by while you're out exploring can be adventure gear #adventurechat

@CRMonkeyTours A1: Anything one may need to successfully go through with the desired activity/adventure #adventurechat

@Todd_the_Hiker A1. Anything I wear, use, carry while adventuring is adventure gear in my book!

• @vagabondslog A1: Honestly, above all: my hat. My hat. ;-)

@funkey_brewster A1 Depends on the adventure.anything from camp/hike gear to a map of cultural things in a city #adventurechat

@Charkins71 A1 hear that allows me to go on an adv and help ensure fun and a safe return #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A1: It depends on the adventure - Today it's just some floaties and swim goggles for taking the kids to the pool. #adventurechat

@mals_away A1 Maybe not what you're expecting to hear but ladies - a menstrual cup is my essential gear on any adventure #adventurechat

• @roamingcurator A1: A good head-lamp for hiking at night, in dark hostel hallways & checking out paintings in caves! #adventurechat…

@junkkDNA A1 the best adventure gear is to never let ur adventurous spirit die. #AdventureChat

@wander_with A1 clothing to keep dry, head torch, water bladder, wipes #PMA #adventurechat

@UST_Survival Q2: Do you buy new gear every year or have the same tried and true items? #adventurechat

• @dadhikes If it has a "specialty" it's usually made for adventure. #adventurechat…

• @Charkins71 I'm a gear nut in love to try new things, have backups but always have favorites #adventurechat

@HotelTeatro A2: The same awesome backpack has served us well for going on 10 years now! #adventurechat

@CeecesTravel A2: If the gear is still safe and looked after then the same. Its waste to replace #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A2: I have the same stuff every year but add a few necessities that I don’t have (or just really want!) #adventurechat

@funkey_brewster A2 I tend to keep my tried & true gear but add a new item or two if needed. #adventurechat

• @pilot371 A2 combination of both #adventurechat

• @DiscParkRide A2: Hold on to gear as long as you can! If it still works don't replace it & invest in other types of gear #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A2: Most of mine are the same tried & true but it's always fun to test out a new gadget here and there. #adventurechat

• @Todd_the_Hiker A2. Generally I buy gear & use it over & over, but try to upgrade or add some new bit each year.

• @vagabondslog A2: Usually sticking to the stuff proven in the field. Maintenance after an adventure is key here.

@roamingcurator A2: Hiking boots-once they get broken in become a go-to item for my travel pack. no blisters for me;) #adventurechat…

@jordanhmay A2: It goes both ways with gear. I rarely replace things like my knife, hat and hiking shoes until they are worn out. #adventurechat

• @junkkDNA A2. Depends. If i require, i buy #AdventureChat

@UST_Survival Q3. What is your favorite piece of Adventure Gear? Why? #adventurechat

@NickelDenver A3: A great backpack from @REI – classic! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A3: I gotta say my tent because it means I’m camping…but I use my hiking boots more #adventurechat

@Charkins71 currently my new @TETONsports backpack! #adventurechat

• @DiscParkRide A3: A good sturdy backpack because I can store everything I could possibly need in it! #adventurechat

@pilot371 A3. My canoe because it gets me into the interior #adventurechat

@UST_Survival We'd have to go with a tent too. Overnight is what makes the adventure! #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A3: Would be lame to bring up the hat again (although it's a great all-weather piece ;-) ). So, I'd say: The journal!

@Todd_the_Hiker A3. Hat! I try to add a new pin for every major adventure on which it accompanies me!

@UST_Survival A good pack is the staple of a quality adventure! #adventurechat

@funkey_brewster A3 a zip stove my father in law gave us, it's old and reliable. #adventurechat #vintagegear

@UST_Survival Nice! Our kayaks are essential to FL adventures! #adventurechat

• @roamingcurator A3: electrolyte tablets, saved me on many a hot hike - such as volcano trek in #Nicaragua. #adventurechat…

@mals_away A3 @katadyn Mybottle water purifier. Drink ANY water when on any adventure, don't worry about what's in it, great filter #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow Me too! I love my @TheGrayl water filter! #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A3: Favorite pieces of gear: I love my @REI sleeping pad & my trusty @leathermanusa tool. #adventurechat

@junkkDNA A3 my #highsierra backpack #AdventureChat

@UST_Survival Q4. What is your least favorite piece of gear and why? #adventurechat

• @pilot371 A4: i'll say the canoe again particularly on long for Portages. Lol #adventurechat

@jordanhmay A4: My laptop. I hate having to bring it along but it's crucial for my website.Trying to scale down to iPad only for posting. #adventurechat

@roamingcurator A4: My pack.... because I have to carry it. I keep looking for wood nymphs to help.. but alas.. #adventurechat…

• @funkey_brewster A4 I love all my gear! But transporting my 12 foot long board I surf/SUP with is a pain. #adventurechat

•t @Charkins71 I have a small camelback looking to replace it with #oasis1200 when cash permits. The camel is just too lumpy #adventurechat

@SheTravelSavvy I would agree with that or else you will spend a lot of money on gear you may not use #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A4: The mobile phone. It's a love-hate-relationship though. Good to have some back-up means of comm., bad to have it as well.

@Todd_the_Hiker A4. I do a lot of research before buying a piece of gear so I know I'll like it.

@jordanhmay iPad + iPhone blogging is pretty solid. But, for heavy users its tricky with photo editing and formatting. #adventurechat

• @iTraqTag A4: Least favorite piece of gear: My hiking boots. I fell for a sale price and pretended they weren't too small....they are. #adventurechat

@mbybee A4: Currently, all my gear is pretty solid. Worst gear I ever owned was north face, though. Awful quality. #adventurechat

@UST_Survival BATTERIES! A serious pain, but a total ecessities on some adventures! #adventurechat

@DiscParkRide A4: Electronics are convenient but can be a hassle to take along, especially when they need to be charged. #adventurechat

@junkkDNA A4 nothin yet them al #AdventureChat

@junkkDNA A4 old phone #nokia3310 long battery life n builtin torch Showed our group d way on one of our treks years back #AdventureChat

@UST_Survival Q5. What are three pieces of gear you consider a survival necessity to have? #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A5: Water filter, headlamp, map #adventurechat (and I’d add cell phone)

@Charkins71 A5 water purification, knife, signal device like a phone or mirror etc #adventurechat

@pilot371 A5my water purifier, my in reach SEE and my knife #adventurechat

@vagabondslog A5: Water bottle, pocket knife, duct tape. Yes, I'm an 80s kid. #MacGyver - Seriously though, we need less than we assume.

@roamingcurator A5: 1.fresh spring water fountain in my pocket 2.dry socks 3.a pack that compressed to a pea. #adventurechat.…

@HotelTeatro A5: Water, tent and a great compass! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow I have a compass on the top of my walking stick! I love it! #adventurechat

• @funkey_brewster A5 fire starter, means of hydration, knife. Whether on the water or in the hills #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A5: 3 necessities: A good water filter, back up batteries/charger and Benadryl for all the critters in Texas out to get me. #adventurechat

@practravelgear A5 - 3 key survival items: Water purifier, fire starter, multi-tool. #adventurechat

• @jordanhmay A5: Water bottle with Lifestraw inside, Pocket Knife, Paracord. I can get by pretty well with those 3 in the right setting. #adventurechat

@funkey_brewster if we can add a 4th item is add baby wipes. They are invaluable in any situation #adventurechat

• @DiscParkRide A5: A good travel pack, broken in hiking boots, and a water purifier are essential #adventurechat

• @danielhuman A5 #AdventureChat I pick up awesome deals at @Sierratp I usually place 1 order a month w/ them. I usually shop in a sport's off-season

• @Todd_the_Hiker A5. Beyond proper clothing/etc. I carry 5 essentials 1-map & compass 2-1st aid kit 3-headlamp 4-lighter 5-knife

• @Charkins71 A5. Beyond proper clothing/etc. I carry 5 essentials 1-map & compass 2-1st aid kit 3-headl…

@mbybee  A5: Knowledge, water, and a good knife. Hard to trim to just 3, but that'd be it #adventurechat

@danielhuman A5 #AdventureChat Survival necessities: Knife (fixed blade) / reliable waterproof fire starter / shelter (mylar blanket)

@UST_Survival Solid three! Shelter. Blade. Fire! #adventurechat

@UST_Survival Q6. Where do you find the best deals for new gear? Is there a certain time of year that’s best to shop? #adventurechat

@vagabondslog A6: Always smart to shop against the season (i.e. winter gear in summer & vice versa) - law of the market: supply & demand.

• @jordanhmay A6: I love @REI their member deals + return policy is 2nd to none. Also, @BassProShops is great. 3rd is @Amazon for easy use. #adventurechat

@pilot371 A6: local merchants when they have sales on as well as online. In terms of timing it varies #adventurechat

@funkey_brewster A6 due to high shipping costs to my location:sales are the best .It makes paying for shipping less painful #adventurechat

@DiscParkRide A6: Search for deals all year to save money. Winter gear is usually cheaper in the summer and vis versa #adventurechat

@roamingcurator A6: Shop just outside of season - came across some great gear deals that way. #adventurechat

@practravelgear A6 - Best place to get travel gear deals in one place is here:… Time of year? Each seasonal change. #adventurechat

@UST_Survival speciality shops are the best places for finding deals! #adventurechat

• @iTraqTag A6: I second @REI - I love getting my member check at the end of the year. And @amazon Prime. #adventurechat…

@danielhuman The best time to buy snowshoes is in the summer - of course, then you have to wait for a few months #AdventureChat

@wanderinjon Love @REI - I've also scored some deals at Amazon warehouse #adventurechat…

@junkkDNA A6 off season #AdventureChat

@UST_Survival Q7. Have you even bought something that you never used? #adventurechat

@Charkins71 water proof matches, they are a backup I prefer feral rod. Always have a backup #adventurechat

@pilot371 A7: no.I do a lot of research and discussions on forms before I buy anything. By the time I purchased it's because I need it #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A7: Well, tried using #spork thingy, but failed. Got least share of soup & looked rather stupid the day we had spaghetti ...

@funkey_brewster A7 usually stuff I need for back up:fire starter, etc. have it if I need it, hope I don't use it. #stayprepared #adventurechat

@DiscParkRide A7: Too many extra clothes and shoes seem to be common in terms of unused items, pack light & wash as you go! #adventurechat

@caliparksorg A7: No I have used everything that I have bought. #adventurechat

@Hiker_Steve A7: Yes lots of things. Extra Jackets, medical stuff, gloves, hats. #adventurechat

• @Todd_the_Hiker A7. Yes, a really large tent that was on sale! Maybe we'll use it when we take the grandkids camping 1st time.

• @junkkDNA A7. I really research well abt the product n my need nothin wich i bought bt never used! #AdventureChat

@UST_Survival Q8. Have you ever had a piece of adventure gear save your life? Tell us your story! #adventurechat

• @pilot371 A8. Not yet. Always prepared or hope I am. #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A8: I could have used a headlamp and knife once…lesson learned! #adventurechat

• @wanderinjon Not sure a lifesaver but in sudden storm in sierras was thankful for extra layer of warmth. #adventurechat

@SheTravelSavvy A8: No, never been in that situation but I can't wait to hear what others have to say #adventurechat

•f @vagabondslog A8: Ropes when climbing, helmet when caving. Nothing really dramatic though (would've been more dramatic w/o these).

@caliparksorg I'm late! a simple hiking pole saved my life-showed a huge gap in the trees below the snow!#adventurechat

@UST_Survival Clothing can very well save your life! #adventurechat

• @wander_with a leaky water bladder #adventurechat

• @Charkins71 nothing life saving but when the zipper on the tent broke safety pins saved the day and kept the rain out! #adventurechat

@DiscParkRide A8: A sharp knife, flashlight, & water purifier could all definitely help in a dangerous situation #adventurechat

@funkey_brewster A8 went hiking &got caught in monsoon close to dusk. Fire starter and built shelter saved me overnight #adventurechat

@wanderinjon Definitely! Weather at 10k in Sierras can change on a dime #adventurechat…

• @Hiker_Steve A8: Thankfully no. #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow So many safe, prepared people! I love it! #adventurechat

@UST_Survival Q9. What is the most expensive adventure gear you own? #adventurechat

@pilot371 A9. My canoe. #adventurechat

• @pilot371 life jackets when canoe camping.…

@funkey_brewster A9 hiking boots and pack in terms of cost.My practice of survival skills & quest to learn more is priceless #adventurechat

@Charkins71 have to be my #SOG knife or @TETONsports backpack very close #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog  A9: Hat & journal - not really expensive but seriously priceless.

@danielhuman A9 #adventurechat - my most expensive outdoor gear - @OldTownCanoe Penobscot - awesome canoe (don't forget paddles, PFDs, rack, etc)

@DiscParkRide A9: Investing in a nice tent can set you back quite a bit, but you'll be glad you did it on cold rainy nights #adventurechat

@Todd_the_Hiker A9. My camera gear hands down!

• @junkkDNA A9. Nt yet bt wud love to buy my own camping gear, a jeep / gypsy #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow Wanna co-host an #adventurechat? DM me =)

@IdahoClimbing A9. Climbing rope. #adventurechat

@UST_Survival Q10. If you had all the money in the world, what type of gear would you buy? Where would you take it? #adventurechat

@pilot371 A10: used to scuba dive a lot. Gotten to costly. If $$ not an issue, a rebreather and a few trips. Dream trip truk lagoon #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A10: I would buy tons of long-term backpacking gear, and an outdoor friends and start thru-hiking the JMT, PCT, and AT #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A10: Would keep the gear I have, I think (well, expanding it a bit maybe) and rather invest money into pilot's license. ;-)

@Charkins71 I am in need of a great tent for my son and I. Would also love a GPS #gearnut #adventurechat

@Hiker_Steve A10: WAY too many choices. Can I have it all, and go everywhere! So many places I haven't been!. #adventurechat

@UST_Survival Yes we've learned that a pack really IS the staple of the adventure. Atleast that's what we got. lol #adventurechat

@junkkDNA A10. Bags, boots, watches, jackets, gps, navigator n so on #AdventureChat

• @caliparksorg A.10 I still buy same things, but hit destinations that I can't afford now - and take my time getting there. #Adventurechat

@funkey_brewster A10 buy all the things! Hahaha. Really though not sure, too many choices. #adventurechat

@roamingcurator A10: A helicopter and I would take it EVERYWHERE. #adventurechat…

•  @wanderinjon Can't think of too much else. Extra money and time would yield more trips to use it #adventurechat

@DiscParkRide A10: Camera & lenses, camping & hiking gear, canoes, and anything you might need to go anywhere in the world! #adventurechat

@Todd_the_Hiker A10. I'd maybe upgrade a few items, but I'd spend it all traveling to as many places as time would permit!

@vagabondslog Folding kayak definitely is among dearest and most petted aquisitions too. ;-) #adventurechat

• @practravelgear A10: All the money in the world? I'd fly 1st class & outfit myself with @NauClothing @victorinox & overpriced @Arcteryx #adventurechat

• @caliparksorg I like how many of us would use money to buy us TIME to travel #Adventurechat

@UST_Survival BONUS: Stop by 2 enter for a chance to win a FREE Floating Lighter for #IndependenceDay! #adventurechat

@UST_Survival Great #adventurechat guys! Thanks for having us @monicagoesshow! See you all wednesday at #gearmeout chat!

• @jordanhmay Thanks for having me #adventurechat I'll pop in more often. Time for me to head out for lunch and then a ride. Until then, ciao!

• @monicagoesshow Fun chat! Thank you @UST_Survival for guest hosting! Next week my cohost is @caliparksorg so tune in same time! #adventurechat

@pilot371 Thanks for the great chat everyone #adventurechat

@vagabondslog Agreeing - awesome #adventurechat yet again! Great to know such a well-prepared crowd! Thanks for your input & inspiration everyone!