GRAYL Water Filter Review


I am an avid hiker and enjoying traveling to different countries. One thing that is always essential on these adventures as well as in everyday life is safe water. That is where the Quest Grayl water filter comes in! There are so many things that I love about this filter compared to other ones I've looked at. To start with, it's a handy water bottle that holds 16oz of purified water. Unlike Life Straws that can only be used at a water site for sips at a time, the Grayl filter holds enough water to take on the go. It also can be used in many different situations with its three distinct filters Tap, Trail, and Travel. It's easy to use and works like a french press, and then there's the best part, no waiting for clean water or using iodine pills to purify! The Tap filter (blue) is for safe public water and filters heavy metals and chemicals as well as improving the taste. The Trail filter (green) also filters chemicals and metals as well as bacteria and preventing water borne illnesses. The Travel filter (orange) is the bad boy of them all removing 99.999% of all bacteria and viruses and purifying heavily damaged water in wilderness areas and international travel.

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Another great feature to the Grayl water filter is that it comes apart for easy cleaning. To begin using it, choose the filter suitable for your adventure and screw it onto the inside cup. Then fill the outside cup with water up to the line. Filter the water like a french press pushing the inside cup down and it's ready to drink! It does take a little bit of pressure to filter but the lack of waiting time makes up for it.

To test each filter I went to three different water sources. I started at a public drinking fountain in Los Angeles to test out the Tap filter. This water is safe to drink already but the taste was vastly improved by the filter. For the Tap filer, it's a quick 7 second press to fresh tasting water.

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Next, I tried out my personal favorite and most useful for me, the Trail filter. For this one I drove into the San Gabriel Wilderness to do my favorite waterfall hike Sturtevant Falls. Why drink from any ol river when you can test it out by drinking from a waterfall! The Trail filter removes 99.99% bacteria from water and prevents E.coli, Salmonella, and the dreaded Giardia. For this filter it's a 15 second press and the water was cold and delicious!


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The Travel filter was the one that made me the most nervous. Willingly drinking water that had a strong possibility of containing dangerous bacteria and viruses pre-filter was scary. With no plans to travel to a developing country in the near future I decided to go to the place with the worst water I knew; the Los Angeles River. One look at the litter-filled water and you'd know what I mean. When I told people I was going to drink from the river I was strongly discouraged not to, but it was time to put my Grayl filter to a serious test!

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Before filtering it to drink, I filled a clear glass with the river water and then filtered the water and poured it into another clear glass to compare the before and after. I was shocked! I expected the water to be safe but still look brown but the crystal clear water instilled confidence. After a 30 second press, I tasted the filtered water and was shocked; it was as delicious as any normal water!

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After putting my Grayl filter to the test, I am sold! This filter is fantastic! And not just at keeping water safe from chemicals and bacteria, but also creating great tasting water. This filter is BPA free and stainless steel so it's safe in every way and durable. Every filter is good for up to 300 uses so it is also long lasting. I listed the rest of the specifications below. The Grayl filter is excellent for all occasions, easy to use, and most importantly creates safe, delicious drinking water.


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Check out my details and specs here:


Price:                            Quest Grayl Water Filter with Tap filter $49.95

                                      Quest Grayl Water Filter with Trail filter $59.95

                                      Quest Grayl Water Filter with Travel filter $79.95

                               Variety Filter 3-Pack $39.95

Volume:                        16 oz (473 ml)

Material:                       18/8 Stainless Steel, Food-Grade Silicone, Food-Grade ABS,

                               Polypropylene #5

Uses:                              300 uses

Press Time:                  Tap Filter - 7 Seconds

                               Trail Filter - 15 Seconds

                               Travel Filter - 30 Seconds

Safety:                          BPA Free; Dishwasher Safe

NSF Standards:          Tap Filter - 42

                              Trail Filter - 42 + 53

                              Travel Filter - 42 + 53