Adventure Chat #13 - Family Adventures


When I began participating in Twitter chats I loved the amount of interacting and great information I was seeing. I also noticed that most chats were about travel. While I love traveling, I am more of an adventure junkie and enjoy local activities like camping and hiking and the occasional road trip. So, I started my own Twitter chat called #adventurechat on Monday’s at 10 am pst. It’s a fun and informative way for me to learn from everyone else’s adventures. I’ve had more than one person ask me for a blog transcript so here we go. I’ve taken out all retweets and responses that are confusing as well as putting all Q and A’s in order. While the pictures were beautiful I do not have the right to include them here but they are all a part of the full transcript on For the thirteenth chat my co-host was @ThatOutdoorGuy talking Family Adventures. Here are the questions and transcripts from that chat.


Q1. Do you recall a very special #FamilyAdventure from your childhood? If so, what/where/who/pics? 

Q2. How have #FamilyAdventure trips changed since your childhood? For the better? Worse? 

Q3. I’m taking my children on the #CrosscountryNationalParkFamilyRoadTrip all of July. Any BIG plans for you & your family? 

Q4. What are some must-see road trip stops to make?

Q5. What is at the top of your #BucketList where a #FamilyAdventure is concerned? Where/When/Why? 

Q6. What is the one thing, above all else, that you hope your children gain from an epic #RoadTrip? 

Q7. How do you foresee the #FamilyAdventure changing in the years ahead? Or do you? 

Q8. Do you have any tried and true tips for traveling on adventures with your family? 

Q9. What is the ideal length for a family adventure? A long weekend? A week? Longer? Why?

• @monicagoesshow Woot Woot! It’s #adventurechat time! Who’s ready?

@BenOnAdventures I'm here!! #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy I've been sitting on READY since I woke this morning! Let's do this thing, Monica! #AdventureChat…

@BenOnAdventures It's a great way to start the week before my trip to VA Beach on Friday!! #adventurechat

@RCGibby73 Happy to find another chat! #adventurechat

@UST_Survival UST checking in! What's up #adventurechat??

@adachiu_ Happy to join in from Vancouver! #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy Calling all #AdventureChat peeps! It's time, and my pleasure to co-host with #AdventureMaven @monicagoesshow Let's talk #FamilyAdventures

@pintsizegourmet We're ready for today's #adventurechat!!

@outsidefound  I can do it today! Stoked for some #adventurechat. What's our topic?

• @monicagoesshow Family Adventures! glad you could make it! #adventurechat

• @iTraqTag I'm ready, @monicagoesshow! Chatting from grandma's house in Idaho today. #adventurechat

•  @Airstream2Go We are! Super excited! #adventurechat

@SGSwritereditor Checking in from near #Boston! #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy Here we go...! #AdventureChat starts NOW!

@Todd_the_Hiker  just able to stop by briefly for a few Qs before having to dash off to meeting!

• @ThatOutdoorGuy Q1. Do you recall a very special #FamilyAdventure from your childhood? If so, what/where/who/pics? #AdventureChat

@ThatOutdoorGuy A1. The time our mother took the three of us to West Palm Beach, the summer #Jaws was released! #yikes #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow A1: I was 5 my family road tripped and it was like Nat’l Lampoons, all the luggage fell off the car, blew a tire, so fun! #adventurechat

@RCGibby73 Camping in Chester town NY with my aunt and uncle. Had a blast fishing, canoeing and camping #adventurechat

@Lo_Canuto A1: we traveled all over Brazil growing up, and my favorites were the northeast beaches! #adventurechat

@Todd_the_Hiker A1. Being a military brat & moving around the world made all of childhood an adventure!

@ajwinn20 A1: Camping/Exploring State Parks, especially when my Grandpa took me fishing... #adventurechat

@outsidefound A1: We did a lot of adventuring, but mostly of the city variety. Boston stands out as a great one! #adventurechat @ThatOutdoorGuy

@BenOnAdventures Several! I hiked with my parents/sister all the time, now I take my little cousin! #AdventureChat

@CeecesTravel A1: 4 Years old, going for my 1st Night Game Drive (safari) and meeting my 1st #Rhino #AdventureChat

@iTraqTag A1: In the 6th grade my mom drove my brother & I from Idaho to Seattle solo in a 1972 Chevy Nova w/ no AC (and no iPads) ;) #Adventurechat

@pintsizegourmet A1: The first time we went to Big Island to learn about our ancestors & the importance of our land & Hawaiian history #adventurechat

• @CRMonkeyTours A1: Visiting family in Canada for summer & headding to Maine + road trips to the beach in CR #adventurechat

@SheTravelSavvy A1: Lake have to drive around the whole lake. It's awesome #AdventureChat

@ThatOutdoorGuy Q2. How have #FamilyAdventure trips changed since your childhood? For the better? Worse? #AdventureChat

• @ajwinn20 A2: Well now I'm in charge!! 😁 I think I learn about new places I want to visit everyday via social media... #adventurechat

@RCGibby73 A2: unfortunately we don't take near as much as we should. That's changing though, starting next week. #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy A2. I'd say some of both. Better because there's more to do along the way & worse because of TOO MUCH to do. #AdventureChat

@nomadicyvonne A2. Better. I love being the tour guide and planning trips for my family. It's a lot of fun #Adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A2: All the technology makes a big difference. Not sure if it’s better or worse…I’ll let you know when I have kids! #adventurechat

@Airstream2Go Definitely for better! Thanks to the digital era, holiday planning got so much easier now. #adventurechat

• @BenOnAdventures My parents don't really hike anymore/my sis thinks its lame so I go solo alot or take little cousins. #adventurechat

@danielhuman A2 #AdventureChat When I was a tike, my parents would take me backcountry canoe camping for a couple weeks - hope to do same trips w my son

@pintsizegourmet A2: I think for the better! Social media allows us to connect with other families on the go & learn about new destinations #adventurechat

@Todd_the_Hiker A2. No longer have to ride horses to get to the national parks! ;-)

@DiscParkRide A2: Family trips seem to be more fast paced and include far more electronics and technology these days! #adventurechat

@Lo_Canuto A2: oh for the better! I.e. air conditioned cars, GPS maps and readily available Internet #😂 #spoiled #adventurechat

• @outsidefound A2: Better, definitely. We didn’t use to do things outside! In 2013 we hiked the #JMT. It was amazing! #adventurechat @ThatOutdoorGuy

• @CRMonkeyTours A2: For the better, we try to do a family trip at least once a year #adventurechat

• @adachiu_ I travel with fewer family members nowadays since everyone's schedule is different. #adventurechat

• @Todd_the_Hiker the best part of the technology to me is the ease & thoroughness of planning you can do today!!

@iTraqTag A2: Definitely for the better. I would like to thank whoever wrote the law requiring kids to sit separately in the back seat. #adventurechat

• @UST_Survival More batteries :/ #Adventurechat

@Todd_the_Hiker definitely! It actually makes the planning a fun part of the trip for me!

@pintsizegourmet As well as tvs in the back seats! Great for long roadtrips when young #adventurechat

• @CeecesTravel A2: I learnt I travel well alone, crowded groups for long periods of time are not my thing #AdventureChat

@ELexplore A2. Well, my parent's weren't sponsored athletes so that's a bit different :) #Adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy Q3. I’m taking my children on the #CrosscountryNationalParkFamilyRoadTrip all of July. Any BIG plans for you & your family? #AdventureChat

@RCGibby73 A3: We leave next Sunday for Rocky Mountain National Park!! #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy A3. We are anticipating the #TripOfALifetime and can barely contain our excitement! #AdventureChat

• @monicagoesshow A3: My husband and I are going camping in July and then I’m going to Yosemite in August (with a friend though) #adventurechat

@danielhuman A3 We like to avoid crowds so will do our family vacation in Sept. - lots of local microadventures planned for summer though #AdventureChat

• @BenOnAdventures On the 4th of July I'm going to WV to visit family & am gonna do a lot of off trail hiking with family #adventurechat

@ajwinn20 A3: Canoe Trip next wk w/ State Parks, Colorado in July, Yellowstone/Tetons in Sept... #adventurechat #FamilyAdventure

@Lo_Canuto A3: we're planning a road trip to #fourcorners this fall and I can't wait! #adventurechat #AZ #UT #CO #NM

@Todd_the_Hiker A3. Enjoy, Adam! Already took our big trip to Canyonlands & Arches!

• @iTraqTag A3: Just did a solo (12am) flight to grandma's with the kids & heading on a family trip to Colorado to see cousins in August. #Adventurechat

@Airstream2Go A3: We love National Parks! Maybe this year you should try renting an airstream for a new experience! #adventurechat

@RCGibby73 Gotta wait for my daughter to get back from NYC Saturday afternoon. Then we can bolt! #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy Q4. What are some must-see road trip stops to make? Favorite random stop along the way?? #AdventureChat

• @ThatOutdoorGuy A4. Wherever we stop, I anticipate A LOT OF THIS! #FamilyFun #WeLoveToGoofOff #AdventureChat

@Todd_the_Hiker A4: Wally World! Sorry folks, park's closed the #Moose out front should have told you.

@ZakopaneGOcom #Adventurechat live: 'Family Adventures' 📷 Using a compass as a child like "It seems to be adamant I should go this way.." ⎋ (/^▽^)/

• @BenOnAdventures On the way to WV there's this really large peak of the mountain in southern OH that has an awesome view #adventurechat

@Airstream2Go Hopefully you'll have a chance to see Perseid Meteor Shower happening on the 2nd&3rd week of August. #adventurechat

@pintsizegourmet A4: We love #foodtruck rallies. That's how we learned about bbq in #Germany! #adventurechat

@danielhuman A4 Whenever I drive south along the East Coast, I see billboards for hundreds of miles for South of the Border #Adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A4: all of the national parks for sure! I love random stops like the corn palace and deadwood too! #adventurechat

• @iTraqTag A4: On our roadtrip from #ATX to Colorado we just had to stop at Carlsbad Caverns. #adventurechat

• @Lo_Canuto A4: I like to pitstop along the way. Fiance just wants to arrive as fast as possible. #familytravelproblems #adventurechat

@RCGibby73 A4: any place that looks interesting! #AdventureChat

@SheTravelSavvy taking road trips to amusement parks #AdventureChat

@Airstream2Go A4. Rocky Point Restaurant between @CarmelBTSea and #BigSur. It has an amazing view. #adventurechat

• @ThatOutdoorGuy Q5. What is at the top of your #BucketList where a #FamilyAdventure is concerned? Where/When/Why? #AdventureChat

• @RCGibby73 A5: Yosemite...because it's Yosemite. Ok, and the fun getting there and soaking it all in! #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy A5. Visiting @OlympicNP is at the TOP of my LONG #BucketList! I've waited to explore there for DECADES! #AdventureChat

• @monicagoesshow A5: My bucket list trips are northern California, Alaska, and Canada…but I’m happy I’m finally getting my husband to camp! #adventurechat

• @BenOnAdventures I'd say Yosemite or somewhere that has memorable spots for younger children #adventurechat

@ajwinn20 A5. Glacier, Denali, Yosemite, Redwoods... To name a few! #adventurechat

@pintsizegourmet A5: Continuing our #RV adventure through the US! So much to explore in our own backyard. #adventurechat

• @Airstream2Go Picnic on Carmel Beach with sunset views #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A5: #FamilyAdventure bucket list: A trip to Paris to introduce my kids to my 'pen-pal' of 30+ years. #adventurechat…

@Lo_Canuto A5: Glacier Nat'l Park and Yosemite! #adventurechat

• @SheTravelSavvy A5: Yellowstone is on my bucket list...and I want to go back to Disney #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow Wanna cohost an #adventurechat? DM me =)

• @ThatOutdoorGuy Q6. What is the one thing, above all else, that you hope your children gain from an epic #FamilyAdventure? #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow A6: Feeling closer to the family appreciating different landscapes, people, and culture and hopefully a love for the outdoors #adventurechat

@ajwinn20 A6: Guess it's 2 things, but love for nature/adventure & love for one another... #adventurechat

• @Airstream2Go A6: Memories of a lifetime with loved ones! #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy A6. I am hoping my children learn #JustHowAmazing our nation still is! #PatrioticAdventure #AdventureChat

@pintsizegourmet A6: We want our kids to appreciate all cultures, be sensitive to differences & learn how to thrive in a multicultural world #adventurechat

@ELexplore A6: The ability to be comfortable and confident in any situation #AdventureChat #FamilyChat

@SheTravelSavvy A6: family connection and closeness and the love of spending time together #AdventureChat

@RCGibby73 a6: A love of the outdoors and there is more to life than sitting on a couch #adventurechat

@BenOnAdventures Lifetime memories and experiences that they can pass down to their kids and families #adventurechat #familyfirst

@TMcKay9 A6: I hope that my children learn to appreciate nature because a lot of children aren't afforded the same opportunities! #adventurechat

• @TMcKay9 A6 I also hope they learn to appreciate real life as opposed to video games and television. #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A6: Want kids to learn that despite many geographical & cultural differences, people are more the 'same' than different. #adventurechat

• @GumptionGear A6: Time outdoors builds respect 4 nature, enhances imaginations & attention spans and creates enduring memories. #Familychat

@Lo_Canuto A6: a better understanding of the world and tolerance for those that live differently than us! #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy Q7. How do you foresee the #FamilyAdventure changing in the years ahead? Or do you? #AdventureChat

• @monicagoesshow A7: I think technology can help vacations but also hurt them with less family interaction. Depends on the family though #adventurechat

• @ajwinn20 A7: As they get older, more overnights in the backcountry, longer hikes... Mountain biking, kayaking, etc.! #adventurechat

@pintsizegourmet A7: With growing info/resources, I think more families will choose to travel with kids & not see it as a burden. #adventurechat

• @ThatOutdoorGuy A7. I still think all the ups and downs of road trips from years ago will still prevail. #FamilyAdventures #AdventureChat

• @BenOnAdventures The older they get the more decision making they can be involved in and they can go on tougher hikes #adventurechat

@TMcKay9 A7: My daughter is learning new things every day. Before long I won't have to carry her everywhere. #AdventureChat

• @iTraqTag A7: The cars models & en route entertainment may change, but the "are we there yet?!" of #FamilyAdventure will never change. #AdventureChat

@Airstream2Go A7: Agree with @monicagoesshow technology can help, as well as hurt unfortunately. #adventurechat

@sethayates more of them happening closer to the car, instead of miles away at an alpine lake. #adventurechat

@UST_Survival Join us Wed as we discuss tips to Survive Your Next Adventure with cohost @monicagoesshow! #GearMeOut #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy Q8. Do you have any tried and true tips for traveling on adventures with your family? #AdventureChat

@ThatOutdoorGuy A8. A great #RoadTripPlaylist is IMPERATIVE! #LetEveryoneChooseSongs #FamilyAdventures #AdventureChat

• @RCGibby73 A8: Melatonin. Lots of it 😀 #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow A8: Don’t stick too closely to a schedule so you can enjoy side trips and bathroom breaks. And games! Lots of games! #adventurechat

@Airstream2Go If you travel with kids better plan in advance and also make sure your first aid kit is packed. #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A8: Rules for #FamilyAdventure: Let kids be part of the planning, always be flexible, and ALWAYS have plenty of snacks. #adventurechat

• @TaigaAdventures A8 if the kids know of a "reward" sometime during the day it sometimes goes smoother. #adventurechat

@pintsizegourmet A8: Being on the road, we've learned how to be minimalistic. Packing cubes are a godsend. We take what fits, nothing more #adventurechat

• @ajwinn20 Amen on the SNACKS. They eat every quarter of a mile! 😂 #AdventureChat

@BenOnAdventures The biggest ones I've learned are to stay positive, cheer them on and just keep them involved! #adventurechat

@ajwinn20 A8: Also... Give them their own camera, they love capturing stuff too! #adventurechat

@pintsizegourmet A8: Planning is great, but it's definitely ok to change- the best adventures often happening when you're least expecting it. #adventurechat

• @SheTravelSavvy A8: take one day at a time, relax and be flexible with the scheduled plans #AdventureChat

@Airstream2Go A8. Can't agree more! Here's one of our favorites:… #adventurechat

@Charkins71 A8 let them help in planning and in snacks! Lol #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy Q9. What is the ideal length for a family adventure? A long weekend? A week? Longer? Why? #AdventureChat

@monicagoesshow A9: I would think the older they get, the longer the trip can be. Maybe that’s just for the parents sanity too…#adventurechat

@ajwinn20 A9: Ideal length is however much time YOU have... #AdventureChat I love day trips, over night trips, and 2 week trips!

@TMcKay9 A9: My ideal length is forever. My wife's idea, not so much! #AdventureChat

@RCGibby73 A9: A week. Ideally I want 1 day to get there, 6 days there, 1 day back and a rest day before back to work #adventurechat

@ThatOutdoorGuy A9. I guess we're about to FIND OUT if a month is TOO LONG...ha ha ha! #CrosscountryNPFamilyRoadTrip #AdventureChat

• @pintsizegourmet A9: For us, it's indefinitely! A year ago we made the decision to #worldschool & haven't looked back! #adventurechat

• @BenOnAdventures A long weekend is good enough imo b/c younger children can get bored after too long of an adventure #adventurechat

@SGSwritereditor A9: Long enough to allow at least a day to transition back to the normal schedule. #Adventurechat

• @Charkins71 I think 3 days is perfect with teens any longer and someone will end up grounded #adventurechat

@iTraqTag A9: We love them all. If time & budget permit, the longer the better. W/kids, packing for 1 day is the same as for 10 anyway! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow What an awesome hour! Thanks for joining #adventurechat everyone! And thanks to my guest co-host @ThatOutdoorGuy for the awesome questions!

@ajwinn20 Thanks for a great time! Ready to go adventuring!