Adventure Chat #8 - Mountain Adventures


When I began participating in Twitter chats I loved the amount of interacting and great information I was seeing. I also noticed that most chats were about travel. While I love traveling, I am more of an adventure junkie and enjoy local activities like camping and hiking and the occasional road trip. So, I started my own Twitter chat called #adventurechat on Monday's at 10 am pst. It's a fun and informative way for me to learn from everyone else's adventures. I've had more than one person ask me for a blog transcript so here we go. I've taken out all retweets and responses that are confusing as well as putting all Q and A's in order. While the pictures were beautiful I do not have the right to include them here but they are all a part of the full transcript on For the eighth chat, my guest co-host was @thegreat40eight talking about mountain adventures. Here are the questions and transcripts from that chat.


1. What was your first mountain summit? (Hike or Climb) Photos?

2. Highest peak you've hiked or climbed?

3. What was your favorite climb? Why? Share a pic!

4. Favorite US mountain range to explore?

5. Mountain outside the US you'd most like to climb?

6. Most strenuous/dangerous climb/hike?

7. Favorite piece of gear for climbing/hiking?

8. Funniest or Scariest story while climbing/hiking? Photos?

9. Coolest wildlife sighting while climbing/hiking? 

10. Favorite climbing/hiking companion?

•  @thegreat40eight Hello everyone! Who's ready for #adventurechat :-).

• @monicagoesshow Hey all, having a Disneyland adventure today and will miss #adventurechat but welcome today’s host @thegreat40eight can’t wait to catch up!

• @mcnuttsc  #AdventureChat Good morning!

• @kitastrophieyu Popping in for #adventurechat while on hold on the phone :)

• @vagabondslog Hello everyone at #adventurechat! Glad, I could make it. Joining from Berlin again after returning from excavation couple of days ago.

• @ADK_Nomad_Camp ADK Nomad Camp checking in- with pic of Vintage Button Pin #adventurechat

• @RadreiseNerd Hello, I try to join in. #adventurechat

• @thegreat40eight In 50 days my sister and I are attempting to break the speed record for highpointing the U.S. #adventurechat

• @NatureTourYukon Can't wait for this week's #adventurechat!

• @NavigatioOnline Joining from Alberta, Canada. #adventurechat

• @thegreat40eight Q1 today: what was your first mountain summit? Photo? #adventurechat

• @ADK_Nomad_Camp As a tot likely Mt Monadnock NH but that was BC or before cameras #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak A1: My first summit was Mt. Baldy at 10,064 ft. I've since been back 20-30 times #adventurechat

• @danielhuman A1 My 1st mountain summit was Debar Mountain in the Adirondacks with my parents when I was about 10 #adventurechat

• @theurbanenomad A1: A long time ago in China #adventurechat

• @NavigatioOnline A1: First summit was Birobong, Chiaksan National Park in SouthKorea. Modest peak/difficult scramble. #adventurechat

• @RadreiseNerd A1: Mont Chaberton, over 3100m, the highest motorized reachable point in the Alps, by bike: tiring. #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A1: In particular those at the doorstep, German uplands - some great rock climbing. ;-)

• @BRBearBait A1: my first solo mountain summit was Greybeard Mountain in NC #adventurechat

• @NatureTourYukon A1: The Watzmann in Germany ( 2,713 m), where my parents took me as a child. Now I prefer the mountains in the Yukon #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A1: But really like to recall our Watzmann crossing (Bavarian Alps) - failed 2 of 3 summits though.

• @Jessisawanderer A1: my first mountain summit was probably standing on top of the workd in the Sa Pa range of Vietnam #adventurechat

• @thegreat40eight Q2: What is the highest mountain you've climbed or hiked? #adventurechat

• @BRBearBait A2: I haven't made it out of North Carolina yet, but the highest peak so far is Mount Mitchell! #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak A2: My highest climb in the US was Mt. Whitney at 14,505ft #adventurechat

• @momfari Q2 Highest mountain u climbed/hiked? A2 #MtEvans elev. 14,265 ft. That's my friend Pat w/our husky. #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak A2: My highest international climb was a pass above 17,000ft in the Andes of Peru #adventurechat

• @danielhuman A2 #adventurechat Though it has been a few years, the highest I've climbed was Pikes Peak (14,114') in Colorado.

• @Unanchor A2: I think the highest I've hiked is Ha Ling Peak in Canmore, Alberta. The Canadian Rockies are gorgeous! @thegreat40eight #adventurechat

• @RadreiseNerd Great. We´ve climbed the Häntzschelstiege years ago there. #adventurechat

• @NavigatioOnline A2: Via Ferrata up Mount Norquay in Alberta. 2133 metres. Not very high but a lot of fun. #adventurechat

• @TETONsports We'd love to join, we even have a team called #MountainAdventurers. We're headed out today for adventures. #AdventureChat

• @Travelingwellfl A2: Does climbing over my teenagers' mountain of dirty clothes count? #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A2: I did the Inca Trail. Dead Woman's Pass was high and made me feel like a dead woman! #adventurechat

• @thegreat40eight Q3: What is your favorite mountain to climb? #adventurechat

• @thegreat40eight My favorite climb is half dome. Did it cables down last week and had the summit to myself. #yosemite #adventurechat

• @BRBearBait A3: Black Balsam Knob along the Art Loeb Trail. I have a lot of memories there #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak A3: My favorite climb is Half Dome, I love the cables #adventurechat

• @RadreiseNerd A3: Mindelheimer Klettersteig in Alps: 9! hours of via ferrata with great view. #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A3: Cresting Ben Nevis in winter was a lot of:! Total whiteout anyone? ;-)

• @NatureTourYukon A3: I love hiking in the Kluane National Park in Fall. So beautiful! #adventurechat

• @BGJensen A3: I'd like to do Half Dome again someday but as a multi-day hike in #Yosemite. #adventurechat #hiking #travel…

• @Jessisawanderer A3: I love mountain hikes in Wales. So beautiful! #adventurechat

• @thegreat40eight Q4: Favorite mountain range to explore? #adventurechat

• @thegreat40eight A4: My favorite range is definitely the Sierra Nevadas. I love Colorado but the high sierras amaze me #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak A4: It's not the most beautiful, but I love my home range, The San Gabriels #adventurechat

• @ADK_Nomad_Camp A4 High Peaks Adirondacks- Park size of Vermont at 6.1 million acres of wilderness #adventurechat

• @BRBearBait A4: I may be a little biased but I love the Blue Ridge Mountains #adventurechat

• @caliparksorg A.4 Hard to pick. The Cdn Rockies is a fav and Sierra Nevada #adventurechat

• @NavigatioOnline A4: I'm partial to Canadian Rockies now. Great scrambles,hikes,backpacking,alpining, rockclimbing.Not too crowded,good roads. #adventurechat

• @momfari Q4 Fave mtn range 2 explore? A4 Lucky 2 have #RockyMountains as my playground. Here at #MaroonBells. #adventurechat

• @RadreiseNerd A4: Our favorite are the Alps. A lot of trips, Via Ferratas and summits, but very overflow. #adventurechat

• @danielhuman A4 #AdventureChat Though I love the Adirondack High Peaks region, I am partial to the Dix Range.

• @Jessisawanderer A4: the Alps offers so much for the explorer within us! #adventurechat

• @thegreat40eight Q5: what mountain would most like to travel abroad to climb? #adventurechat

• @thegreat40eight A5: I REALLY want to climb Kilimanjaro! #adventurechat

• @momfari Q5 What mountain would most like 2 travel abroad 2 climb? A5 I dream of #Patagonia in the #Andes. #adventurechat

• @caliparksorg This would be my A.5 The Alps! #Adventurechat

• @trailtopeak A5: I would love to return to the Alps for Aiguille Du Midi and Mont Blanc #adventurechat

• @ADK_Nomad_Camp A5 Jotunheim Mts (any would do) & high huts of Norway #adventurechat

• @NavigatioOnline A5: Really interested in Ecuador Andes. Would like to do some lower alt scrambles before going for Cotopaxi. #adventurechat

• @BGJensen A5: Mount Aconcagua in Argentina. It's not cheap, but I bet it would be worth the money. #adventurechat #adventure

• @BRBearBait A5: Kilimanjaro. I've been dreaming of summiting that mountain since I was 12 #adventurechat

• @thegreat40eight the Alps and Andes would be so much fun. So many great mountains, so little time (and money :-) #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A5: Since I first saw Snæfellsjökull in Iceland it was on my list. :-D

• @Jessisawanderer A5: Kilimanjaro has a very special place on my bucket list. One day I'll climb it! #adventurechat

• @thegreat40eight Q6: Favorite piece of gear? What would NOT hike or climb without? #adventurechat

• @momfari Q6 Favorite piece of gear? What would NOT hike/climb without? A6 Our @Deuterpacks & @CamelBak. #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog A6: Once again. It's the hat. Just can't leave without! ;-)

• @NatureTourYukon A6: I would never go out there without my favorite boots! #adventurechat

• @thegreat40eight A6: I have a pair of Merrill hiking shoes that I use from alpine to dirt. Love them and always bring them #adventurechat

• @BRBearBait A6: My favorite piece of gear is my @OspreyPacks Ariel pack it fits me perfectly #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak A6: I have an unhealthy obsession with hiking shoes! #adventurechat

• @NavigatioOnline A6: Tough choice, but good backpacking or mountaineering boots. Warm jacket, breathable layers essential. #adventurechat

• @RadreiseNerd A6: A small bottle of Ouzo. It´s good against frayed nerves and it´s like the victory cigar when you reached the summit. #adventurechat

• @thegreat40eight Q7: (I want to get to this one before we run out of time) What is your favorite wildlife sighting while hiking/climbing? #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog #adventurechat A7: A huge (seriously, huge!) capricorn in the Alps. Just staying there, blocking the path, staring.

• @trailtopeak A7: I always find myself in awe of the bighorn sheep and the environments they live in #adventurechat

• @caliparksorg A7. Favorits so far: The biggest MOOSE I have ever seen in my life #couldwalkunderit #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer Thought I was going to miss today's #adventurechat but managed to finish work just in time! Phew!

• @BGJensen A7: I get overly excited every time I see a #rattlesnake. #adventurechat #wildlife

• @NatureTourYukon A7: Bears, and always bears #adventurechat #NatureToursYukon

• @BRBearBait A7: Birds of prey! Especially the peregrine falcon #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A7: I love watching the birds. So free! #adventurechat

• @thegreat40eight #adventurechat this mule deer was just hanging out in Zion national Park

• @momfari Q7 Fave wildlife sighting? A7 Away from home, bear w/cub in @GrandTetonNPS. Home, moose in RMNP. #adventurechat

• @NavigatioOnline A7: Black bears in Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada. Huge creatures. #adventurechat

• @ADK_Nomad_Camp A7 Gray Jay at treeline Crawford path White mt NH #adventurechat

• @vagabondslog #adventurechat A7: There were these whales emerging next to our kayaks at Greenland's coast ... #kayakingishikingtoo

• @vagabondslog Great fun over there at #adventurechat. Thanks a lot everyone. I really dug the bears! Got to move on to next round. Hope to see you soon!

• @thegreat40eight thanks everyone! Please follow my Great adventure to break the US high pointing world record starting in 50 days! #adventurechat