Adventure Chat #2 - National Parks


When I began participating in Twitter chats I loved the amount of interacting and great information I was seeing. I also noticed that most chats were about travel. While I love traveling, I am more of an adventure junkie and enjoy local activities like camping and hiking and the occasional road trip. So, about a month ago I started my own Twitter chat called #adventurechat on Monday's at 10 am pst. It's a fun and informative way for me to learn from everyone else's adventures. I've had more than one person ask me for a blog transcript so here we go. I've taken out all retweets and responses that are confusing as well as putting all Q and A's in order. While the pictures were beautiful I do not have the right to include them here but they are all a part of the full transcript on For week two, my co-host was @airstream2go who came up with the awesome topic of National Parks. Here are the questions they asked and a transcript of the second Adventure Chat.

Q1. Which National Park is your favorite for an adventure? 

Q2. What’s the best picture you’ve taken -- and where?

Q3. What’s the best thing you almost missed (split second detours, activities you almost wrote off your itinerary)?

Q4. What's the wildest activity you’re proud to say you’ve done (paragliding, white water rafting)?

Q5. Are there any activities you're gearing yourself up for? What about someone you know?

Q6. What do you do to relax after an adrenaline rush?

Q7. What are some of the best trails you’ve hiked?

@monicagoesshow Hey everyone welcome to #AdventureChat! Today we're talking National Parks with @airstream2go

• @Airstream2Go: Q1. Which National Park is your favorite? #AdventureChat

• @Airstream2Go A1: can I say #Yosemite if I've never been there yet? It's my dream hiking trip! #AdventureChat

• @Todd_the_Hiker  A1. That's like asking a parent which child is their favorite. Everyone I've visited, and some I haven't!

• @TravelPassionis A1. So far, Joshua Tree NP is the most amazing one I've stayed in! #adventurechat

• @mcnuttsc A1: Definitely @GlacierNPS in Northwestern Montana. Amazing views, easy and difficult hikes, animals everywhere

• @hovelstay our memories of Yosemite makes it one of our favorites. #adventurechat

• @TravelPassionis I’m going there next month! Can’t wait! #adventurechat

• @Gearminded @GlacierNPS still has our hearts #adventurechat #travel

• @KageraSafaris A1 my favorite National Park is #BwindiImpenetrableNationalPark in #Uganda #adventurechat

@hovelstay have heard great things about @GlacierNPS #AdventureChat would LOVE to visit!

@TravelPassionis A1. Abel Tasman National Park in #NewZealand is pretty special. #adventurechat

@hovelstay those jumbo rocks were a blast. #adventurechat

• @Todd_the_Hiker loved #Yosemite!

• @Airstream2Go What stood out about Joshua Park to you? #adventurechat

• @hovelstay Zion was pretty fantastic too #adventurechat

• @I_LOVE_PARKS A1. wow such a difficult task to pick one.. So many awesome gorgeous #nationalParks.. #AdventureChat

• @monicagoesshow Ahhh going there next week! This chat is getting me so excited! Could be the coffee too…#adventurechat

• @hovelstay yes. That half dome is your goal! #AdventureCHat

• @redhunttravel A1 hard to choose, but also hard to beat Yellowstone! #adventurechat @YellowstoneNPS

• @Todd_the_Hiker no matter how many photos you see it still overwhelms in person!!

@59NationalParks I have time to join for awhlie. 7 AM in Hawaii. #adventurechat

• @DonNadeau No way can pick just one! My first Grand Canyon, though, keeps pulling me back. #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak A1: It's hard for me to decide between @YosemiteNPS and @GrandCanyonNPS both are incredible! #adventurechat

@monicagoesshow I loved Yellowstone! #AdventureChat

• @PTWanderlust Yup, Yosemite is high on my list too #adventurechat

• @WhslWarranties A1: We really love @GlacierNPS! #AdventureChat

• @kenzie_lundberg I agree... How can you choose just one? Love them all. #adventurechat

• @mcnuttsc I was supposed to visit Grand Canyon for the 1st time in May but it got scrapped :(

• @DonNadeau Abel Tasman is a NZ national treasure. Shame not more offshore share what we experienced. #adventurechat

• @saunsea Q1. Which National Park is your favorite? #AdventureChat

• @AntiTourist Have you been? It's like miles of rock jumbles...but then you get up close and it's magical. #adventurechat

• @TravelPassionis I'd love to go again and raft through it! Have you done that? #adventurechat

• @Todd_the_Hiker definitely worth the trip! Go off season if you can to avoid the crowds!

• @KatieLinshits A1 Kruger Park in #SouthAfrica. Great memories!!! #adventurechat

• @hovelstay has anyone been to the Ozarks? They're on our #nationalparks list #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow oooh no but with a picture like that, I might have to soon! #adventurechat

• @redhunttravel put @YellowstoneNPS on your travel list if you haven't been. #adventurechat

• @CRMonkeyTours The #MonteverdeNationalPark and the #ManuelAntonioNationalPark in Costa Rica are beautiful #AdventureChat

• @Todd_the_Hiker on the list along with Grand Teton!

• @Airstream2Go It's on our bucket list but we love it from what we've seen. That surprise always makes the trip worth it! #adventurechat

• @PTWanderlust A1. Starting with a tough one! I love Fundy National Park - so many meadows 😊 #AdventureChat

• @Nicolette_O A1. Yellowstone & the Everglades! #AdventureChat

• @BGJensen A1: Zion and Black Canyon Of The Gunnison, then Arches and Yosemite, then... and then... I just love them all #adventurechat #hiking

• @roamingcurator A1: I was quite taken with Death Valley National Park, @I_LOVE_PARKS #AdventureChat

• @funkey_brewster A1 @RockyNPS #adventurechat

•  @eanddabroad A1 Arches in Moab #adventurechat

• @saunsea A1: Olympic National Park is quite stunning! Passed through here last month. #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A1: I loved the Blue Mountains in Australia - beautiful! #adventurechat

• @BenoicV A1. Grand Canyon National Park. Literally tear worthy. #AdventureChat

• @Airstream2Go Q2. Which National Parks are on your bucket list? #AdventureChat

@mcnuttsc  A2: Grand Canyon, Glacier Bay in Alaska, Grand Teton and any of them in Hawaii.

• @monicagoesshow A2: Definitely Yosemite! and Denali in Alaska. Can I just go to them all? #adventurechat

• @redhunttravel High on my 'must visit' list. @GlacierNPS still has our hearts #adventurechat #travel

• @Todd_the_Hiker A2. All the ones I haven't been to!

• @hovelstay A2: just mentioned the Ozarks in Arkansas and been dreaming of Arches #nationalparks #adventurechat

@DonNadeau Absolutely loved the Ozark National Scenic River. Even in the small towns around not a fast food chain in sight. #adventurechat

• @TravelPassionis I'm a sucker for anywhere with wild flowers! #Adventurechat

• @BRBearBait A2: Hard to pick just one, but at the top of my list is Joshua Tree National Park. #adventurechat

• @hovelstay we always #daydream about it. Can't wait to finally visit! #adventurechat

• @59NationalParks Jasper in Alberta. #adventurechat A2

• @SGSwritereditor Three-way tie between Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon. #adventurechat

• @HolidayFrance A2: The Camargue natural park in France - I want to see pink flamingos in the wild! #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak A2: I would love to visit Glacier Bay and Denali! #adventurechat

@KatieLinshits A2 Yosemite & Grand Canyon in Cali, Iguazú in Argentina and Mijet in Croatia #adventurechat

• @Todd_the_Hiker headed to @ArchesNPS this year! Can't wait!

• @ankit1989 A2 Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India #Tigers #AdventureChat

• @PTWanderlust A2. I would love to explore the national parks of British Columbia such as Jasper & Banff National day! #adventurechat

• @Nicolette_O A2. So many...:) Zion, Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, Rocky Mountain, Olympic National Park and it goes on and on! #AdventureChat

• @KageraSafaris A2 Kidepo Valley National Park also in #Uganda - the true African wilderness. Big herds of Buffaloes. #Adventurechat

• @PTWanderlust Oh yes, Yellowstone is also on my list! #adventurechat

• @TravelPassionis A2. I want to go to the Serengeti National Park to see the wildebeest migration. #Adventurechat

• @Todd_the_Hiker Banff is another great spot! All my photos are on film, though!

• @redhunttravel A2 Anything in Alaska, plus @GlacierNPS @CraterLakeNPS and @YosemiteNPS #adventurechat

• @saunsea A2: Yosemite for sure! #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak  I'd love to see Yellowstone, too! #adventurechat

• @roamingcurator there's so much to love in Death Valley #AdventureChat

• @BGJensen A2: Big Bend in Texas, I won't go to Texas without having a blast in #BigBend National Park. #AdventureChat

• @kenzie_lundberg A2: @ArchesNPS @YellowstoneNPS and @RedwoodNPS are on my list! #adventurechat

• @funkey_brewster A2 any one of them in Alaska #adventurechat

• @2happytravelers Q2 Glacier National Park is on the top of my list for sure! #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A2: Yosemite is right at the top of my bucket list, the pictures make me so jealous!! #adventurechat

• @BenoicV I'd love to see Mesa Verde, Mount Rainier, Glacier Bay, and Gates of the Arctic. #AdventureChat

• @Airstream2Go Q3. What’s your favorite way to travel? Train? Air? RV/Airstream? #AdventureChat

• @roamingcurator A3: Where to get adventure traveltips: a combo of photos, word of mouth & blogs, but I love random unplanned discoveries too. #adventurechat

• @mcnuttsc A3: If you couldn't tell by my new name, Cruising is my absolute favorite way to travel.

• @Rockys2v A3 Depends on how far we are traveling #Adventurechat

• @mcnuttsc  You certainly have seen some amazing places in your travels, Drew. Thanks for sharing with us!

• @schillerbikes The Schiller S1-a water #bike for our blue #planet is the perfect #adventure. #adventurechat

• @saunsea A3: Hiking, hands-down. There is no better way to really see and observe every inch of a place. #adventurechat

• @ankit1989 A3 Travel by Car/Jeep #AdventureChat

• @TravelPassionis A3. Where possible I prefer to travel overland as you see much more and are entrenched in a place. #adventurechat

• @hovelstay when it comes to places in California, we're willing to drive- #adventurechat

• @Nicolette_O Oh yeah! Had to wake up really early for it to be reasonable to roam :) #Adventurechat

• @shoptility Compare the best deals from your favourite #adventure companies. Check out now! #adventurechat #travel

• @HolidayFrance A3: On horseback is a great way to explore national parks without disrupting the natural beauty #horseriding #adventurechat

• @2happytravelers Q3 I love train travel, I feel so connected with my surroundings. #adventurechat

• @hovelstay but if it's further than 8 hours, we may be flying #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow a3: roadtrip! in any vehicle I can get! And my feet for hiking of course 😉 #adventurechat

• @59NationalParks We really enjoy traveling with our camper. Used it to go to 30+ National. Parks #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak @saunsea I agree 100% #adventurechat

• @SGSwritereditor Ships are underrated. #adventurechat

• @Todd_the_Hiker A3. Up to 8 hours by car, much farther than that by air. Though a long road trip would be awesome if I had time

• @monicagoesshow @hovelstay Let’s go!!! Sign me up for a hovel in a park! =) #adventurechat

• @KatieLinshits A3 Depends. Flying to a destination is usually more convenient. Then discovering it by train, car, foot... #adventurechat

ayFrance: A3: On horseback is a great way to explore national parks without disrupting the natural beauty #horseriding #adventurec…

• @Nicolette_O A3. Depends on the destination/trip! Trains can be wonderful. Bike, if safe. Air to go far :) Road trips are fun, too! #AdventureChat

• @HotelTeatro A3: Taking a train through the #Colorado mountains is never a bad idea! #AdventureChat

• @funkey_brewster A3 nothing beats a good old road trip, unless you need to go by air. #adventurechat

• @KatieLinshits I agree. You can chat to locals, look outside the window, savor some train food. Great fun! #adventurechat

• @DonNadeau Consider accessing via @BCFerries to Prince Rupert & then Alaska Marine Highway ferries. #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak A3: I prefer to see things on my own two feet. No roads or rails where I'm usually headed #adventurechat

• @HolidayFrance Yes! Going for a mule ride at the #GrandCanyon is a must, too. #AdventureChat

• @PTWanderlust Q3. If I could sail around the world I would! Something about being at sea just amazes me - star gazing at night especially! #adventurechat

@iamvagabond A3: #adventurechat RoadTrips definitely ..…

• @DonNadeau Especially love @BCFerries Northern Expedition because gets into waterways too narrow for regular cruise ships. #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow A3: I’m also going to say train through Canada and Cruise to Alaska! #adventurechat

• @Todd_the_Hiker once I'm there, by foot is the way I go, too!!

• @saunsea I have an aunt and uncle who do that. They sailed from Virginia to Australia a couple years ago. Go for it! #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak Yes! I want to take a sailboat from California to Hawaii at some point. #adventurechat

• @PTWanderlust  I love hiking too - with the right shoes (!) (if I had a pound every time I slipped over..maybe am just clumsy) #adventurechat

• @WhslWarranties A little late to the game on this one! Some of our team mentioned @ZionNPS @GrandCanyonNPS & @GrandTetonNPS! #adventurechat

• @ADK_Nomad_Camp try a portage and paddle in the Adirondacks… #adventurechat

• @DonNadeau  Monica, do Via Rail westbound. Runs really late & you'll run far less risk of missing #jaspernationalpark. #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow Just make sure to get the right ones if you do Zion! I'm already terrified for angels landing 😳 #adventurechat

• @I_LOVE_PARKS A3: #newengland during fall.. thats one thing u shud put on your #BucketList #adventurechat

• @saunsea I find it difficult to ride in cars, passing by so much to explore. #adventurechat

• @Nicolette_O Yes! kayak/canoe = such a fun way to get around! :) #adventurechat

• @Todd_the_Hiker  it depends, love to road trip or take a train, but time & distance usually dictate travel by air.

• @Airstream2Go A3 Might be a little biased, but RVing is the way to go! Seeing everything in between is the best part! #adventurechat

• @DonNadeau A3. Rail by far. You can access many major parks via rail or combo rail/bus like Banff, Grand Canyon, Lake District, etc. #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A3: I inter-railed Europe, I campervan-ed across Australia&hiked the Inca Trail don't have a fave as all r great experiences #adventurechat

• @BRBearBait A3: By foot if possible... But I'm a big fan of trains if I'm alone and cars if I'm with friends #AdventureChat

• @BenoicV A3. Air, for the efficiency and views. There's nothing quite like looking down on a mountain range. #AdventureChat

• @Airstream2Go Q4. What’s the best thing you almost missed (split second detours, activities you almost wrote off your itinerary)? #AdventureChat

• @Jessisawanderer Omg, I'm so late!! Going to catch up now! #adventurechat

• @DonNadeau At Jasper, you'll find bus service to Banff/Lake Louise via one of most beautiful highways in the world. #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow A4: Joshua Tree, I host @Stagecoach every year which is right next to it! Not missing it this year! #adventurechat

• @SGSwritereditor A4 The Great Smoky Mountains, on the way to do a story in #Tennessee. @Airstream2Go #adventurechat

• @Travel2HongKong Approx 3/4 of of HongKong is rural! Here are top 5 #outdoor #adventures ,all to be found in #HongKong! #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow Love the smokies! One trip and I moved to Tennessee for three years! #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak A4: I couldn't get a campsite in JoshuaTree so I booked at Indian Cove out of necessity. Its awesome! #adventurechat

• @TravelPassionis Thanks, I will add it to my list. I hiked around the Chamonix Valley last September not too far away. #Adventurechat

• @saunsea A4: I am unfamiliar with travelling by itinerary. Everything is a split second detour :) #adventurechat

• @Nicolette_O Absolutely! Driving through New England in the fall = one of my favorites. It's so breathtaking! :) #AdventureChat

• @Todd_the_Hiker A4. Almost missed seeing this grizzly at 30 yards while hiking in @GlacierNPS!

• @WhslWarranties Long road trips can turn out to be the best adventures, especially when stumbling across cool finds! #adventurechat

• @HotelTeatro A4: Choosing to stay in #KansasCity was the best detour – great city! #AdventureChat

• @mcnuttsc A4:We almost didn't do a 2nd hike in @GlacierNPS to Hidden Lake.Glad we did!

• @KatieLinshits A4 This beautiful river in #Kakheti #Georgia when we got lost riding bikes through nearby villages #adventurechat

• @I_LOVE_PARKS A4 almost missed this .. #adventurechat

• @PTWanderlust A4. Driving the Kancamagus Highway (still can't pronounce it) - it wasn't en route and we were late but totally worth it!! #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow If you would like to co-host an #adventurechat DM or tweet me!

• @AntiTourist A4. I almost missed all of Nepal-only flew in after a last-minute decision. Mind-blowing! #adventurechat

• @DonNadeau Gotta RT this! MT @I_LOVE_PARKS A4 almost missed this .. #adventurechat

• @BGJensen Getting lost is actually getting lucky :) #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A4: camping in the Amazon Rainforest, wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been mugged! #adventurechat

• @funkey_brewster went to @KalaupapaNPS on a whim. I learned a lot there. #adventurechat

• @TravelPassionis A4. Almost missed Gulf of Orosei National Park in Sardinia. So happy I didn't! Photo won't post :( #Adventurechat

• @BenoicV A4. Salt Creek Falls in Oregon. Such a pleasant little hike. #AdventureChat

• @roamingcurator A4: Being open for detours is such an important part of travel: that is how I ended up at Iwatayama Monkey Park, #Japan #adventurechat

• @KageraSafaris A4 A lioness in Queen Elizabeth National park because we were tired and wanted to return to the lodge #Adventurechat

• @DonNadeau A4: Salt Creek Falls in Oregon. Such a pleasant little hike. #AdventureChat

• @Airstream2Go Q5. What's the wildest activity you’re proud to say you’ve done (paragliding, white water rafting)? #AdventureChat

• @BRBearBait  A5: I'm terrified of heights so I'm proud to say I went zip lining last year! #adventurechat

• @mcnuttsc  A5:I will have to say hiking the Highline trail in @GlacierNPS.Never been that scared in my life, but worth it.

• @monicagoesshow a5: jumping off this beast! And hopefully hiking to the top of angels landing next week at #zion! #adventurechat

• @I_LOVE_PARKS A5: How about #Kayaking at #ChannelIslands #NationalPark #adventurechat

• @TravelPassionis A5. Tandem skydive over Lake Wanaka in New Zealand. (I'm scared of heights!) #Adventurechat

• @PTWanderlust A5. Spotting a polar bear on our Arctic sailing trip - we were not on land for this sighting, phew! #adventurechat

• @CharlesMcCool A5. My heart raced fastest when I slipped on Na Pali trail or a snake crossed my hike path in Australia @Airstream2Go #adventurechat

• @Todd_the_Hiker. Whitewater rafting the Gauley River in West Virginia.

• @trailtopeak A5: In a National Park, hiking from the South Rim to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in one day #adventurechat

• @SkyrosHolidays Join us on a creative adventure on Skyros island with our #RupertBrooke retreat. Poetry, creative writing and more! #adventurechat #poetry

• @I_LOVE_PARKS A5: How about #sleeping under the giants.. #adventurechat #travel #ttot

• @I_LOVE_PARKS A5. Whitewater rafting the Gauley River in West Virginia.

• @TravelPassionis NZ is beautiful for sailing too isn't it?! So many adventures to be had! #adventurechat

• @saunsea Snakes terrify me. Luckily I'm 'legally' blind so I rarely see them on the path :) #adventurechat

• @I_LOVE_PARKS Yes! Can't believe I missed Death Valley in Q1!! :) Loved it! #adventurechat

• @WhslWarranties Taking some back roads in the Arizona desert and finding a fun spot to take the Hummer! #adventurechat

• @funkey_brewster A5 spent a day deep sea fishing and on our way back we were surrounded by whales doing fun and tail slaps. #adventurechat

• @kenzie_lundberg A5: Hiking Angel's Landing in @ZionNPS was a little crazy, but the view is well worth the hike! #adventurechat

• @HolidayFrance A5: This bridge in the #pyrenees is also a challenge if you don't like heights! #adventurechat

• @CRMonkeyTours A5: Rafting and ziplining! :) #adventurechat

• @HolidayFrance A5: Foraging for wild food? Mushroom hunting is great but you need to know what you're doing or get a guide to be safe! #adventurechat

• @Morology  A5: Off route exploring, looking for a mountain in the jungles of Irian Jaya. Being lost #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A5: I did whitewater rafting in Thailand and that was fab! #adventurechat

• @KageraSafaris A5 White water rafting on River Nile #JInja #Uganda ...the Nile waters can be wild! #adventurechat

• @Airstream2Go Q6. Are there any activities you're gearing yourself up for? What about someone you know? #AdventureChat

• @Todd_the_Hiker planning to do some Jeeping in @CanyonlandsNPS on our trip this year!

@mcnuttsc A6: Looking forward to hiking St. Mary's pass in @GlacierNPS this July, and possibly kayaking in Alaska in Sept

• @monicagoesshow A6: I’m going to Joshua Tree next month and ZION next week! Any advice on not dying hiking angels landing? #adventurechat

• @trailtopeak A6: I'm training to hike the John Muir Trail this summer #adventurechat

• @saunsea A6: Walking this is pretty high on my list for later this year:… #CaminodeSantiago #adventurechat

• @Todd_the_Hiker A6. Planning a 4-WD adventure to the remote parts of @CanyonlandsNPS for part of our trip this year!

• @BRBearBait A6: Trying to get in shape to thru-hike the Mountains to Sea Trail in NC this fall. #adventurechat

• @TravelPassionis A6. I'm trying to psyche myself up to do the v. dangerous Caminito Del Rey.… #adventurechat

• @PTWanderlust A6. Am always planning my next adventure! Next stop..the island of Gozo (Malta) - def checking out some national parks there! #adventurechat

• @funkey_brewster  A6 just the usual camping, fishing, hiking trips for me. Might do a ridge hike with a friend #adventurechat

• @monicagoesshow Hey ya’ll we’re trending! #adventurechat

• @HolidayFrance I know! Mountain roads make me cringe there always seems to be a coach coming when you're on the narrowest bit! #adventurechat

• @SGSwritereditor Bring more water than you think you need and wear a proper but stylish hat. #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A6: geared up for Easter Island in two weeks and then Antarctica in December! #adventurechat

• @KageraSafaris thank you...Next is bungee jumping down to the Nile and Abseiling down SipiFalls #Adventurechat

• @Airstream2Go Q7. What do you do to relax after an adrenaline rush? #AdventureChat

• @mcnuttsc A7: Sort through and share photos/videos from the event! I love to share my experiences with friends & family.

• @monicagoesshow A7: DRINK! I’ll be having a nice cold beer after hiking Zion next week #adventurechat

• @Jessisawanderer A7: drink an ice-cold local beer and reliving the adventures! #adventurechat

• @I_LOVE_PARKS A7 How many of you are saying "Start thinking of next adventure" :) #adventurechat @Airstream2Go

• @monicagoesshow Thank you guys for joining this week's #adventurechat! See ya next week!