A Red Carpet Experience

In life, there are all different types of adventures. Recently I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Oscars Red Carpet. Every year Oscars.com has a drawing for bleacher seats, but I got to experience so much more than a good view! Sponsored by People Magazine and Maybelline, we were given the true "Hollywood" experience. Everything from manicures and makeovers to photo booths and swag bags; we were treated like stars. IMG_6140IMG_5842IMG_5852

As the real stars began arriving on the red carpet, it was a ball of energy in a rain-soaked tent. Everyone yelling their favorite stars name while media outlets from everywhere in the world interviewed them. The spotlight was stolen from the movie stars though as the tent began leaking and security, news anchors, and even actors started tried to push the water from the tent roof. My personal favorite part of this experience was seeing how excited the celebrities were; Actors like Andy Samberg and Jared Leto became cheerleaders getting the crowd going, Meryl Streep danced along as everyone chanted "Meryl! Meryl!" and others like Reese Witherspoon and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson posed and took selfies with us. It was exciting to see everyone's personalities off-screen and the joy they got from their fans.

IMG_6155  11021346_982102338474592_6714135376610967917_oIMG_6128IMG_5956IMG_6105

Once the last A-lister entered the Dolby Theater and the show began we were ushered across the street to the illustrious El Capitan Theater where popcorn and soda awaited us as well as a candy bar and full dinner buffet. We watched the Oscars live on the big screen while feasting on chicken piccata and cookie cobbler.


The most surprisingly wonderful part of this day was the incredible staff and how smoothly everything ran, as well as the incredible fellow bleacher-seaters. People won from all over the world and watching everyone's joy and excitement was a real honor. How often do we get to experience hundreds of people having one of the best days of their lives and soaking in every minute simultaneously? The collective happiness that we all shared combined with witnessing actors dreams coming true was a Hollywood adventure like no other!

IMG_5848IMG_5884 IMG_5951 IMG_6023 IMG_6064 IMG_6093 IMG_6157IMG_6129 IMG_6134

Special thanks to The Oscars, Oscars.com, People Magazine, Maybelline, all of the awesome bleacher winners, and the amazing Oscar Staff.