From Saddle to Paddle - Kayaking Marina Del Rey


One of my favorite things to do is go to sites like Groupon and Living Social to find new adventures. There's always something completely random like pilot lessons, race car experience, or hot air balloon wine tasting. Sure, sign me up for all of them! My latest adventure took my kayaking at Marina Del Rey. Believe it or not, this Michigan girl had never been kayaking! For $15 at Marina Paddle, I got two hours of ocean fun! This groupon is still going on the last time I looked, so check it out at Kayak. Simply to test out how cool California is, I hiked up to the Hollywood sign in the morning and hit the seas by noon! Marina Del Rey is about 20-40 minutes from downtown Los Angeles depending on traffic. Marina Paddle is located right next to the main parking lot in a tiny shack at 4601 Admiralty Way. The girl there showed up how to use the kayaks and do our best not to fall in the water and wished us luck. From the starting canal, the marina opened up to waters filled with sailboats, fishing boats, condos, and waterfront shops.

My favorite part of being in the marina was the sea life. We saw seals, sea lions, and pelicans everywhere. Female sea lions can be up to 6ft. long and 220lbs and a male sea lion can be up to 8ft. long and 660lbs! While they are mostly harmless, they are very territorial if you come too close. While shooting my video, my kayak floated closer than the recommended paddle's length away and there was a bit of growling and barking. Never a dull moment on my adventures!

Kayaking was a beautiful and fun outing that I highly recommend.


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